Selenski Sentenced In Monroe County

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Hugo Selenski was sentenced Monday for terrorizing a jewelry store owner in Monroe County.

 Selenski was sentenced to 32-and-a-half to 65 years in state prison.

 At one point during the sentencing, Selenski had an outburst in court, telling Judge Margherita Worthington to “just get to the sentence already.” The judge said he needed to calm down and told him to “shut your mouth.”

 Judge Worthington also said, “Your lifestyle is best described as criminal” and, “clearly you have absolutely no respect for any type of authority.”

 It took a jury in Stroudsburg about two hours to convict Selenski on all charges during his trial in July.

 He was convicted of robbing and terrorizing a jewelry store owner at a home near Brodheadsville in 2003.

 The jeweler, Sam Goosay, talked about the crime shortly after the robbery. “One guy shoved a gun in my head. The other guy grabbed me and shoved me in a corner on the floor. I certainly would not want to go through it again,” Goosay said at the time.

 Investigators said evidence found at the home in Monroe county links Selenski to the murders of two people in Luzerne County.

 The Luzerne County district attorney said zip ties used in the Monroe County home invasion are the same ones used in the 2002 murders of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett.