Victim Testifies in Selenski’s Trial

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Hugo Selenski is back in court, this time in Monroe County for armed robbery charges.

 Testimony started Wednesday in the armed robbery and kidnapping trial for Hugo Selenski, a trial that could affect another trial for Selenski later down the road.

 It’s been about six years since the armed home invasion and robbery in Monroe County.

 Police said Selenski, 35, broke into Sam Goosay’s Chestnuthill Township home, bound him, beat him and stole $50,000 of jewelry.

 Wednesday Goosay testified about the break in for almost two hours.

 “He didn’t make me seem scared although he kept threatening, threatening to kill me,” Goosay said.

 Selenski was cleared of two murders in Luzerne County last year. He has yet to stand trial for the 2002 murders of Michael Kerkowski and girlfriend, Tammy Fassett.

 Police said the zip ties they found on the bodies are the same zip ties used on Goosay during the armed robbery.

 Selenski’s ex-girlfriend, Christina Strom, testified she saw zip ties, a gun and handcuffs similar to those used in the kidnapping in the home they shared in Luzerne County.

 She testified against her ex-boyfriend as part of a plea agreement she entered in 2006 for money laundering. Strom will not be sentenced until Selenski’s trials are over.

 Selenski’s alleged accomplice in the armed robbery, Paul Weakley, is set to testify against him in this trial.

 He pleaded guilty to the Luzerne County murders as well as the home invasion.

 Weakley was not in court Wednesday but there is a good chance he could be on the stand Thursday, when prosecutors said they expect to wrap up their portion of the testimony.