Still Digging for Clues in Luzerne County

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Could there be more bodies buried near a home in Luzerne County? Investigators were back out at the scene in Kingston Township Monday. It’s the same place where they uncovered two bodies last week.

Newswatch 16 found state police investigators back ay 479 Mount Olivet Road in Kingston Township Monday.

That’s where police discovered the remains of two people buried in a shallow grave last week.

The victims are now identified as 37 year old Michael Kerkowski, Jr. and his girlfriend, 37 year old Tammy Fasset. The couple, from Wyoming County, has been missing since May of last year. That’s when Kerkowski didn’t show up in a court for his sentencing on a drug conviction. Investigators say the victims were strangled.

Now investigators reveal they may have uncovered even more human remains at the Kingston Township site. But more testing must be done to confirm that.

In the middle of the on-going investigation, police arrested Hugo Selenski. Court papers show he lived at 479 Mount Olivet Road and was best friends with Kerkowski. He’s jailed for robbing Kerkowski’s father at gunpoint last year.

Now Newswatch 16 has learned this isn’t the first time Selenski has been in trouble with police. In 1994 Selenski robbed a Mellon Bank in Plains Township, turned himself in to the F.B.I. and ended up serving nearly six years in a federal prison.

Right now the district attorney and state police won’t comment on what, if any, connection Selenski has to the murders. The district attorney says there is no one charged or even in custody for the killing at this point and he won’t comment if there are any suspects.