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When things are at their worst I find something always happens.

-W. Maugham

Clouds will give way to some breaks of sun today as we begin to close out the month of October.  Oh yes, this month has been nearly 5.0 degrees above normal with plenty of great outdoor living opportunities—-Did you maximize your opportunities!?!?  Tomorrow is Halloween, the last day of the month and the last weekday of DST until next Spring!  We should stay dry and partly sunny through Friday with temps in the 50s by day and 40s into the evening for your Friday night/ Halloween Pleasures!  By Saturday, a deepening spike of atmospheric energy will dive in from the north and cloud us up.  We’ll have an east wind, temps in the 40s and a few scattered rain showers, but nothing steady for your Saturday plans!  Temps will drop as the winds pick up into Saturday evening and early Sunday with the possibility of a few showers and even a flake or two.   Sunday afternoon will bring in a chilly north wind, temps in the 40s and clearing skies and some November sunshine.  Speaking of the sun, it’ll be going down by 5pm on Sunday with the clock going back!  Quite a change for the worst if you’re a daylight person.  Then again, see the quote above—Something will happen—And it might be good!






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