Hurricane Tracker: Follow Maria’s Powerful Path

Stormtracker 16 Meteorologist John Hickey

The tropics are heating up and so too are our temperatures.  Tuesday was yet another day spent in the 80s and that’s something we’ll be enjoying for at least the next 7 days.  A very warm ridge of high pressure has setup over the eastern United States and it don’t be shifting anytime soon.  The result will be continued warm and somewhat humid days right into the weekend.

Hurricane Jose is churning off of the New Jersey coastline.  It’s expected to only slowly drift to the east.  It will be in the neighborhood enough on Wednesday to throw some clouds our way.  Far eastern Pennsylvania has just a slight chance for a shower.  Outside of that slight shower chance, we’re dry through at least early next week!  Temperatures will remain 10-15 degrees above average too.  There aren’t any signs of fall in this forecast.

Wednesday:  Partly sunny, stray shower east.  High 82.

Thursday:  Partly cloudy.  High 83.

Friday:  Mostly sunny.  High 85.

Saturday:  Mostly sunny.  High 85.

Sunday:  Mostly sunny.  High 85.

Monday:  Partly cloudy.  High 85.

Tuesday:  Partly sunny.  High 87.