***Evening Update by Kurt Aaron***

The “air you can wear” returns this weekend.  Starting tomorrow the dew point will creep back into the 60s and remain there through the weekend.  Along with the humidity comes scattered showers and thunderstorms this weekend as well.

Tonight – Mostly clear and calm.  Low of 57.

Friday – Morning sunshine followed by scattered showers PM.  High of 83.

Saturday & Sunday – Partly sunny, warm and humid with scattered showers.  Highs in the 80s.

Kurt Aaron



Previous Discussion:

Our July this year was a little warmer than normal and rainfall was below normal.   At the Avoca airport the July rain deficit was around 1.27″.   We will have an increasing chance for showers and storms heading through the coming weekend.  For a time next week temperatures will trend back up into the mid 80’s.  For our area in August this year temperatures are projected to be near normal along with near normal rainfall.30 day fcst