Stormtracker16 Forecast by Noreen Clark

Saturday – is mostly sunny & hot, high 88.

Tonight – is clear to partly cloudy, low 66.

Sunday – is partly sunny, hot & more humid with late-day & night-time showers & maybe a thunderstorm, high 88.

Monday & Tuesday – are partly to mostly sunny, highs in the mid 80’s.

Wednesday – starts partly sunny followed by increasing afternoon clouds with risk of a late-day shower or thunderstorm, high 85.

Thursday – could have an early shower & morning clouds clearing to sunshine & cooler temperatures, high 75.

Friday – looks sunny, high 75.


Previous Discussion:

For those who desire having a refreshingly cool, dry Canadian air mass to arrive know that your ship won’t come in until next Thursday.   For the near future the forecast is dedicated to those of us who like it hot.  Expect to see a good deal of sunshine again tomorrow with afternoon temps in the upper 80s.  The record is 96.  Sunday looks hot as well with skies turning partly cloudy by late in the day.  Our next chance of rain will hold off until Sunday night.

That bright reddish ‘star’ in the southwest just after sunset tonight is Mars.  Just above Mars you’ll see Saturn.

Early tomorrow morning fog will shroud some of the river valleys where warmer air above the water has cooled after mixing with colder air adjacent to the river.  It won’t get hot enough tomorrow afternoon to break the record which stands at 96 degrees but readings in the upper 80s are 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.



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