Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil.

Henry Fielding

English dramatist & novelist (1707 – 1754)

Hey, I’m no fan of cold or snow, but the beauty of an electric blue sky combined with a fresh white coating of snow is good, good, good!!!  That’s what you get today with temps in the 20s and winds generally under 15mph–Not bad for the coldest period of the year (on average).  Tomorrow it will cloudy up and give way to snow showers into dark.  Showery snow will continue into early Friday morning with accumulations of a trace to a couple inches.   Into Friday afternoon, expect a cold wind, flurries and some breaks of sun with more cold temps.   Making big plans for the weekend??  Saturday looks quiet and sunny, but a developing storm system will be heading our way for late Sunday and Monday.  Snow may break out by Sunday night (looks like after 6pm?) and continue through the night.  Ice and rain may try and mix in by early Monday, but this snow/mix will surely impact travel and your plans into the late Sunday/ Early Monday time frame!!!  Then, let it all end and let February 2nd begin and settle on you into Monday afternoon.  Think about this….our average high temp starts increasing into the first week of February and keeps going UP through the Spring and Summer!!!!  All great journeys start with the first step!





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