Our current cold snap has lowered the running average temperature this month down to 50.2 degrees.  The warmest on record for all of November is 49.0 set back in 1931.   With slightly warmer temperatures here the next few days followed by colder weather over the weekend it’s hard to say at this time whether or not this month will remain in first place at the end of the month.  I feel that it will at least end up in the top 3 warmest.    A warmer than normal December here is still a distinct possibility and perhaps the most intense cold of the coming winter will hold off until February.

A very strong anticyclone or high pressure area centered just east of Maine will continue to nose down over PA keeping our weather dry thru Thursday.  The location of the high will direct ocean air inland which could spread some cloudiness over our area on Thursday.   A cold front approaching from the west will pass thru Friday evening.  This will behave as an anafront whereby any precip. associated with the front will occur immediately behind the front Friday night in the form of very light rain or drizzle.

A north to northeast wind will strengthen Friday night to deliver colder weather for Saturday.  Skies should turn at least partly sunny on Saturday with dry weather thru Saturday night.



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