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***Evening Update by Kurt Aaron***

Light rain and drizzle are falling over eastern PA tonight.  Central PA is seeing clearing skies and breezy conditions at this hour.  The low pressure zone near the coast responsible for the cloudy, wet weather we’ve had this week is slowly moving away from our region.  As it pulls away, it will take the clouds and rain showers with it.  The sun returns this weekend and will stick around most of next week!  Along with the sunshine, we will experience above average temperatures as well.

Kurt Aaron


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The sun returns tomorrow… and that’s a promise.  In fact partial sunshine is occurring this afternoon over central PA.  As the storm slowly spins away skies over eastern and most of central PA will remain cloudy.  In the east occasional mist or drizzle will continue.  Clearing skies will occur in all areas tomorrow for a brilliant afternoon with a gusty breeze.  Our weekend weather is still looking good.




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