• 3d mammogram

    Healthwatch 16: 3D Mammography in the Poconos

    EAST STROUDSBURG — Officials at Pocono Medical Center say in the two years they’ve been offering 3D mammograms, they’ve seen an increase in the breast cancer detection rate. “10 years ago, we had old film screen mammography, so it was actually films that needed to be developed, which left out a lot of detail,” says […]

  • promo288397198

    Audit Reveals ChildLine Understaffed

    HARRISBURG — A state hotline intended to report suspected child abuse and neglect is under scrutiny by the state auditor general. He held a news conference in Harrisburg Tuesday to announce that thousands of calls to the child abuse hotline went unanswered last year. A Newswatch 16 investigation discovered those same startling numbers. Thousands of […]

  • leanna walker

    Body Identified as Missing Teen in Pike County

    MILFORD — Human remains found earlier this week have been identified as a missing teen from Pike County, according to state police. Leanna Walker, 17, of Milford, had been missing since April. Her body was discovered on a former llama farm in Milford Township on May 15. Walker’s boyfriend Sky McDonough used to work  at […]

  • vape

    Vaping Explosion Knocks Out Man’s Teeth, Rips Hole in Tongue

    Albany, N.Y. – Kenneth Barbero of Albany, NY was enjoying a nice millennial vaping session when the hand-held device he was using blew up in his face; knocking out teeth, ripping a hole in his tongue and leaving his hands covered in burns. “[It was] like an M80 bomb went off in my mouth,” Barbero […]

  • 2016 presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton wins Kentucky, Sanders takes Oregon, CNN projects

    (CNN) — Hillary Clinton will squeeze out a cliffhanger victory over Bernie Sanders in Kentucky’s Democratic primary Tuesday, CNN projects, a result that keeps her on track to win the nomination but also highlights deep divisions in the party. Clinton won the state by half a percentage point with nearly all the votes counted. She […]

  • Dollars

    New rule expands overtime pay to millions of workers

    Starting later this year, millions more workers will become eligible for overtime pay. Under a new rule announced by the White House Tuesday, anybody making a salary of less than $47,476 ($913 a week) will automatically qualify for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week. That’s roughly double the $23,660 threshold […]

  • keystone college

    Two Former College Students Suspected of Growing Hallucinogenic Mushrooms in Dorm Room

    FACTORYVILLE – State police announced a drug bust from back in February at a college in Wyoming County. State police say two students from out-of-state were growing hallucinogenic mushrooms in a dorm room at Keystone College in Factoryville. Troopers were contacted by campus security about suspected of drug manufacturing in the dorm room. School officials […]

  • cancer-survivor-penis-transplant

    Doctors Perform First U.S. Penis Transplant

    BOSTON, Mass. — Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital performed the first U.S. penis transplant, they said Monday, calling it a “landmark procedure.” Thomas Manning, 64, is recovering well after the 15-hour procedure performed by a team of over 50 surgeons, doctors and nurses, this month, according to the hospital. Manning, of Halifax, Massachusetts, had his […]

  • schyl trees

    Tree Removal in Schuylkill County Troubles Residents

    SAINT CLAIR — People in Schuylkill County are trying to find out why trees along Route 61 in St. Clair were cut down. It seems crews have been cutting down the trees for weeks, and people say it’s created an eyesore. But the crew that’s been cutting down the trees apparently did not notify anyone. Officials in […]

  • PennDOT_Interview_Wall

    Wrong-Way Drivers: The PennDOT Interview

    HARRISBURG — The problem of wrong-way driving in our area lately has received so much attention, and so much reaction from our viewers, that Newswatch 16 traveled to Harrisburg to talk with the head of PennDOT. It appears as though Pennsylvania is in the middle of elaborate research studies on an issue Newswatch 16 has […]

  • fox_attack

    Fox Attacks At Least Two People Near Hazleton

    HAZLE TOWNSHIP — People who live along Old Street in Hazle Township are used to seeing wild animals roam in their yards, but a crazed fox that attacked at least two people has left the community in shivers. Melissa Wilkinson was doing yard work with her 13-year-old son, who was in between his home-cyber school […]

  • Your_Vote_Fullscreen

    Primary Election Results: West Virginia, Nebraska

    (CNN) — Bernie Sanders will win the West Virginia primary Tuesday, CNN projects, besting Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Sanders’ victory serves as a reminder to Clinton that despite her looming showdown with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, she has yet to formally wrap up her own party’s presidential nomination. But the Vermont Senator’s triumph will […]