• coroners_inquest

    Man’s Death Ruled Homicide, Neighbors React

    COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP — A man’s death has been ruled a homicide after a coroner’s inquest in Monroe County. It was back in December when 92-year-old William Collins was found dead inside a home on A Country Place Drive near Tobyhanna. The home belongs to his caregiver, Judith Marc, who investigators say is now being linked […]

  • pocono mountain west

    Four Pocono Mountain West Students Facing Charges

    COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP — Police say four students at one Pocono Mountain school are in trouble with the law. Two students from Pocono Mountain West High School are facing aggravated and simple assault charges. Two others are being charged with possession of a weapon on school property. It all happened in just one day at the […]

  • landfill

    Health Study of Neighborhoods Near Keystone Landfill

    UPDATE — The Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed the study and said it is working with DEP to take air and water samples to see if the dump has had any effect on the health of residents living nearby. The agency released the following statement: “We are working with the Department of Environmental Protection on […]

  • scr fire engine 10

    Firefighters Adjust With Station Closure

    SCRANTON — The city of Scranton wants to make sure that a neighborhood has fire coverage even though a firehouse remains closed. The facility is closed while it is being tested for mold. The hum of a running fire engine and the rush of water from a hydrant are sounds neighborhoods on part of East […]

  • Renovo Residents Want Answers in Missing Woman Case

    RENOVO — Officials still have not released the identity of the woman’s body found Saturday near Renovo. Kelley Jo Snyder went missing Easter Sunday in Clinton County. Saturday night, Kelley Jo Snyder’s husband admitted to dumping her body. Then, he admitted to reporting her missing and even faking a ransom note. William Snyder sits inside the Clinton County […]

  • Fire Station Closed Because of Possible Mold

    SCRANTON — A fire station on Scranton’s East Mountain is closed because of a possible mold problem. And in the meantime, the city has come up with an idea to make sure the neighborhood is covered. Air quality specialists were at the Engine 10 station for several hours collecting samples to determine whether or not […]

  • Sequence 3

    Gas Company Part of Solution for Decimated State Road

    BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP — State transportation officials have a plan to overhaul a badly damaged Route 167 in Susquehanna County. PennDOT officials said there were already plans to repair Route 167, then this winter took its toll and so did countless heavy trucks used by the natural gas industry. The result is 11 miles of road […]

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    40 Years of ‘Holy Grail': The Best of Monty Python

    (CNN) — Monty Python in a movie? What a silly idea. But the timing was right for the gang of British comedians (along with their token American, Terry Gilliam), who were looking to hit the big screen after four seasons of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” their groundbreaking British TV series. “Monty Python and the Holy […]

  • Williamsport Police Hold Open House To Improve Community Relations

    WILLIAMSPORT — The Williamsport Police Department held its first open house Tuesday night, inviting the public to tour its station. It’s all part of improving relations between Williamsport officers and the community they serve. Police say the driving force behind this effort comes from serious national issues, including the police-involved shootings in Ferguson, Missouri and other […]

  • Troopers To Carry Lifesaving Meds

    SCRANTON — Governor Tom Wolf announced Tuesday that Pennsylvania State Police will now carry a lifesaving medication to combat overdose deaths. The governor said troopers are being trained and soon all state police vehicles will have two doses of the prescription medication. It is called Naloxone, also known as Narcan. It is an antidote to heroin […]

  • officer

    South Carolina Police Officer Charged with Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Man in Back

    Editor’s note: The video is graphic. Viewer discretion advised.  CHARLESTON, S.C. — A South Carolina officer has been charged with murder after a video surfaced that appears to show him shooting an unarmed man who was running away. Michael Slager, an officer with the North Charleston Police Department, was arrested Tuesday, according to a statement […]

  • booze

    Clinton County No. 1 in State For Excessive Drinking

    CLINTON COUNTY — On this Easter weekend, some folks will be home celebrating with family, but police expect some to be out drinking. And if you can believe some new statistics, Clinton County will definitely see its share of people using alcohol to celebrate. Have you had more than four or five alcoholic beverages in […]