• Compuhack

    Health Systems Computer Hack: What Can You Do?

    WILKES-BARRE — The huge data breach on Community Health Systems and Commonwealth Health means that some patients have an increased risk of being victims of identity fraud. If you believe your personal information may have been hacked, an area cyber security expert says the advice is simple: keep calm and check your credit on a […]


    Couple Dead After Early Morning Fire

    TROY — A young couple were found dead after a fire in a home in Bradford County. Authorities say the smoke and flames spread quickly and the fire left behind a lot of damage. The fire started just before 1:30 a.m. Monday and two people inside the house were not able to make it out […]

  • Woman’s Jaw Surgery: “Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before”

    A woman from Columbia County had no idea that- when she sought treatment for some swelling on the side of her head- she’d soon be discussed around the country.  It turns out what she had is something doctors have rarely seen before, but a medical issue doctors at Geisinger could fix. Kathleen Wells from Stillwater […]

  • dirw does it really work

    Does It Really Work? Phantom Saucer

    This is the Phantom Saucer! The maker claims, it’s the illusion that’s out of this world! Any child age 6 and up can make this magic saucer float in mid air simply by reading the instructions and assembling the saucer. To test the phantom saucer Newswatch 16’s Kurt Aaron went to the Wayne County Fair […]

  • lacka abuse widdick

    Murder Charges Filed In Death of Baby

    SCRANTON — A man from Lackawanna County is now charged with murder and may face the death penalty for the beating death of a 10-month-old child. Eddie Widdick of Jermyn was arraigned Monday morning on first degree murder charges. Widdick has been locked up since March when he was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly […]

  • luz fire sarah

    Family Plans to Sue 911 System over Dispatching Mistake

    MOCANAQUA — Newswatch 16 has learned the family of a woman who died in a fire in Mocanaqua plans to sue Luzerne County’s 911 system. An investigation revealed it was human error that caused fire crews to be sent to the wrong location back in May and not a problem with the county’s computer dispatch […]

  • sanutti spencer franklin homicide

    Ex-wife, Father-in-Law Charged In Columbia County Homicide

    HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP — State authorities announced homicide charges have been filed in the case of a man found shot to death two years ago. The state attorney general said the victim’s ex-wife and her father will be charged with the killing. Frank Spencer, 46, was found shot to death in his home in Hemlock Township, […]

  • Capture

    Residents Urge Drivers to Slow Down

    WILKES-BARRE — While the speed limit is going up on several highways in our area, residents of one neighborhood in Wilkes-Barre are pleading with drivers to slow down. On Thursday, they went to city hall and demanded results. A small group of women have a big mission. Armed with a folder filled with pictures and […]

  • Fire Dispatching Mistake Not Blamed on 911 System

    MOCANAQUA — Luzerne County 911 has finished an investigation into the mistake made dispatching fire companies to a fire in Mocanaqua in May that turned out to be deadly. The investigation revealed that the mistake dispatching crews to a wrong location was human error and had nothing to do with the county’s computer dispatch and […]

  • natural gas drilling

    Report Finds DEP Comes Up Short On Gas Drilling

    HARRISBURG — A report out Tuesday from the Pennsylvania Auditor General slams the Department of Environmental protection for how it’s handled the natural gas industry. The report found the DEP wasn’t ready for the industry when it started drilling in the state and it’s not ready now. The auditor general said state environmental regulators need help. […]

  • Scranton Commuter Tax Passes First Round Of Votes

    SCRANTON — Scranton is one step closer to imposing a commuter tax on non-residents who work in the city. City council approved the first reading of the ordinance with a vote of two to one at its meeting Thursday night. “The ayes have it, so approved,” said council vice president Pat Rogan. With a vote […]

  • Way to Wellville

    The city of Scranton is in the running to win five million dollars in the competition “The Way to Wellville”. The contest promotes health, wellness, and fitness across the nation. The competition is sponsored by HICCup, a nonprofit founded to encourage community-led innovation that results in healthier people and places. Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey has […]