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    World-Famous Giraffe Dies in Accident at Dallas Zoo

    DALLASĀ — The Dallas Zoo’s famous baby giraffe Kipenzi, whose birth on Animal Planet Live captured hearts worldwide, died on Tuesday. Zoo officials say Kipenzi ran into the perimeter edge of the habitat. Preliminary results indicate three broken vertebrae in her neck and that she died immediately, according to KDAF. “This is a huge loss for […]

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    Brady Slams ‘Deflategate’ Suspension, Defends Breaking His Cell Phone

    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Wednesday morning blasted the National Football League for suspending him four games in the “Deflategate” scandal and defended the breaking of his cell phone — a key piece of evidence in the investigation. “I did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either,” Brady said […]

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    Cell Phones and Risk of Brain Tumors — What’s the Real Science?

    BERKELEY, Calif. — The city of Berkeley, California, passed a law that goes into effect next month requiring cell phone stores to inform customers about safety recommendations. The move reopened a decades-old debate about whether mobile phones cause brain tumors. The ordinance, called the Right to Know law, will start to require retailers to give […]

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    Netflix Arrivals, Departures August 2015

    Here's a look at what movies and tv shows are coming... and going from Netflix in August.

  • FILE -- Hulk Hoagan appears on CNN's "Larry King Live" on June 10, 2008.

    Hulk Hogan Apologizes for Racist Remarks

    Legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan issued an apology Friday after the National Enquirer released a transcript of statements he made that included racial slurs. The remarks were recorded in an “unauthorized sex tape,” according to the Enquirer, and included the n-word in reference to the dating life of his daughter, Brooke. He has since apologized. “Eight […]

  • Car Smashed into Business Near Bloomsburg

    SCOTT TOWNSHIP — There’s damage to a business and a man’s in the hospital after a crash in Columbia County. The damage was done just after 11 p.m. Wednesday at Roberts Automotive Service on Light Street near Bloomsburg. Authorities said a red car swerved off the road and hit the building, then slammed into a […]

  • Beebe basics to Lakeland Chiefs lifting program

    It’s an early morning workout for the Lakeland football team. Guiding some 50 football players is strength and conditioning coach Meade Beebe. “So the main focus of our program is to obviously get the kids stronger, so by getting them stronger helps them increase their performance, decreases their chances of getting injured,” said Meede Beebe. […]

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    Are Bananas Going Extinct… Again?

    Fifty years ago, we were eating better bananas. They tasted better, they lasted longer, they were more resilient and didn’t require artificial ripening. They were — simply put — a better fruit, because they belonged to a different species, or cultivar in banana parlance. It was called Gros Michel and it remained the world’s export […]

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    Dashcam Video of Sandra Bland’s Arrest Released

    Anger over Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas jail has boiled over after newly released video showed what happened at the traffic stop that led to her arrest. Now, many question whether she should have been arrested at all. The dashcam video shows Texas state Trooper Brian Encinia pulling Bland over July 10 for allegedly […]

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    Family in Mourning After Father Hits, Kills Toddler with SUV

    COURTDALE — A family is dealing with the death of a 16-month-old little boy after his father hit and killed the little boy with the SUV he was driving Monday morning. While there is some suspicion about whether the father was under the influence, the family is adamant it was nothing but a freak accident. […]

  • Locals React To Deadly Shootings in Chattanooga

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY—Four Marines are dead and three other people injured, after suspected killer Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez opened fire at a Naval Operation Support Center and an Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Northeast Pennsylvania, people are reacting to news of the tragedy. “It’s not safe, you know what I mean? At any given […]


    UPDATE: Scranton Police Confirm Officer Dies from Injuries

    SCRANTON — Scranton’s police chief said early Sunday morning officer John Wilding, who was critically injured Saturday morning while chasing robbery suspects through the city’s west side, has died. According to police, Wilding died at 1:28 Sunday morning at Geisinger Community Medical Center as a result of injuries suffered in the line of duty. Scranton […]