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  • Selenski Trial Date Set

    The trial date has been set in Luzerne County for a well-known accused double murderer.  A judge said the trial for Hugo Selenski will begin June 3. Selenski faces murder charges for the death of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett in 2003. Police found their remains buried in Selenski’s backyard in the Back Mountain. In September Selenski was sentenced to at least 32 years in prison for robbing and terrorizing a jewelry store owner in Monroe County.

  • New Judge Coming To Luzerne County Courthouse

    The corruption scandal in Luzerne County has landed a few judges in hot water. Now the courthouse in Wilkes-Barre is scrambling to find enough judges to handle all the cases, but help is on the way.  Luzerne County’s president judge said he got the news Thursday afternoon that the state appointed a retired judge from Lycoming County to help with the caseload in Luzerne County.  Senior Judge Kenneth Brown starts next week. The retired president judge from Lycoming County replaces […]

  • Retired Judge to Hear Luzerne County Cases

    There is new information about how Luzerne County will handle cases at the courthouse after a fifth judge was removed from the bench.  Judge Kenneth Brown, who just retired from Lycoming County, will sit on the Luzerne County bench beginning Tuesday.  He will handle a number of the cases suspended Judge Joseph Rehkamp was supposed to hear. Luzerne County President Judge Thomas Burke said Brown could start hearing cases as early as Tuesday.  “I spoke to him today. He’s very […]

  • Selenski Sentenced In Monroe County

    Hugo Selenski was sentenced Monday for terrorizing a jewelry store owner in Monroe County.  Selenski was sentenced to 32-and-a-half to 65 years in state prison.  At one point during the sentencing, Selenski had an outburst in court, telling Judge Margherita Worthington to “just get to the sentence already.” The judge said he needed to calm down and told him to “shut your mouth.”  Judge Worthington also said, “Your lifestyle is best described as criminal” and, “clearly you have absolutely no […]

  • Selenski Guilty in Home Invasion

    An accused double murderer in Luzerne County is facing life in prison for an unrelated crime.  A jury in Monroe County decided Hugo Selenski was guilty on all counts. He was on trial for a 2003 home invasion.  It was a confident Selenski who walked into Monroe County court Friday morning, waiting for a verdict.  “I’m comfortable. I’m confidant. I’m innocent so let’s let a jury decide,” Selenski said.  About two hours of deliberations later, the jury found Selenski guilty […]

  • Jury to Deliberate in Selenski Trial

    Testimony wrapped up Thursday in the armed robbery and kidnapping case that happened six years ago in Monroe County.  A judge has ruled the jury will not start deliberations until Friday morning.  Day two of the trial for Hugo Selenski started with two expert witnesses for the prosecution.  One testified a shoe print found in the snow near the crime scene matched a sneaker belonging to Selenski.  He is on trial for allegedly tying up, beating and robbing jewelry store […]

  • Victim Testifies in Selenski’s Trial

    Hugo Selenski is back in court, this time in Monroe County for armed robbery charges.  Testimony started Wednesday in the armed robbery and kidnapping trial for Hugo Selenski, a trial that could affect another trial for Selenski later down the road.  It’s been about six years since the armed home invasion and robbery in Monroe County.  Police said Selenski, 35, broke into Sam Goosay’s Chestnuthill Township home, bound him, beat him and stole $50,000 of jewelry.  Wednesday Goosay testified about the […]

  • Selenski’s Home Invasion Trial to Begin

    In Luzerne County he was cleared of a double murder, escaped from prison and is now charged with another double murder. Now it’s Monroe County’s turn to deal with Hugo Selenski.  Selenski is charged with kidnapping, robbery and a slew of other charges in connection with a 2003 home invasion in the Poconos.  Wednesday his trial is set to begin.  Selenski is facing charges that he and another man, Paul Weakley, tied up, beat up and then robbed a jewelery store […]

  • Prosecutors: Selenski Court Ruling a Victory

    The state superior court made a ruling Friday in the case against Hugo Selenski in Luzerne County and prosecutors call the ruling in a major victory.  Hugo Selenski of Kingston Township has been locked up for years and his murder trial has been long delayed. Now it could be underway in the next 120 days. Selenski is accused of killing Tammy Fassett and Michael Kerkowski and burying their bodies in his backyard.  Now, the state superior court has ruled that evidence from a Monroe […]

  • Accused Killers in Luzerne County Court

    There was a lot of courthouse drama in Luzerne County Tuesday with two high-profile murder cases on the docket.  Hugo Selenski is facing trial for the murders of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett. Their bodies were found buried in Selenski’s backyard in 2003.  Selenski wants new attorneys and his current attorneys want him moved.  They asked a judge to move Selenski from a state prison near Dallas to the Luzerne County jail in Wilkes-Barre. That’s the same jail he escaped from in […]

  • Weakley Pleads Guilty in Monroe County

    A man accused of a home invasion in the Poconos pleaded guilty Wednesday in Monroe County. Paul Weakley pleaded to robbery, conspiracy to commit kidnap and theft charges.  He and co-defendant Hugo Selenski were accused of forcing their way into a home and robbing the man inside. Weakley and Selenski are also accused of killing two people in Luzerne County.  They are awaiting trial on those charges. Weakley will be sentenced for the robbery and theft charges in January.

  • More Delays in Selenski, Weakley Trials

    Two accused killers in Luzerne County will have to wait at least another year before they head to trial. Hugo Selenski and Paul Weakley are facing double murder charges after bodies were discovered on Selenski’s Kingston Township property in June, 2003. The Luzerne County district attorney’s office filed appeals Tuesday to state superior court in the case of Selenski and Weakley. Those appeals mean another year or a year and a half before the men head to trial. Prosecutors filed appeals to decisions […]