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  • Scranton 9/11 Memorial

    SCRANTON — Tuesday, Americans remembered a tragic day in our nation’s history, the September 11 terror attacks of eleven years ago. People at an event in Scranton honored those who lost their lives. The event at McDade Park featured a bell ceremony and a wreath laying to honor first responders who lost their lives and those who serve in the military. The names of two soldiers from Lackawanna County killed in the war on terror were also added to the […]

  • Shelter Opening for Storm Victims

    HARFORD — The American Red Cross tells us a shelter will be opening tonight at 5 pm for anyone affected by power outages or storm damage in Susquehanna County.  The shelter will be located at the Harford volunteer fire department on Fair Hill Road in Harford. It will stay open through the night. Again, anyone in Susquehanna County without electricity is allowed to go to that emergency shelter in Harford.

  • Web Poll: The NCAA’s Sanctions, Tough Enough?

    The NCAA has penalized Penn State with: $60 million fine, a whole year’s football revenue that will fund child sex abuse prevention and victims. Football scholarships were reduced, 10 fewer scholarships for the next four years. All wins vacated from 1998 to 2011. That means Joe Paterno is no longer the winningest coach in college football. Five year probation for the football programs as the NCAA monitors the school’s progress. Four-year ban from bowl games and championships, a big blow […]

  • Reaction to NCAA Sanctions

    A look at some of the reactions to the NCAA sanctions against Penn State from around the web.

  • Storm Slideshow 7/18/12

    Check out photos from the storm and submit your own!

  • Web Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Catwoman?

    With the upcoming release of the highly anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises”, another installment of the “Batman” saga featuring Catwoman, we ask the question…

  • Virus Warning: Kicked Off the Internet Monday?

    ABC NEWS — Pay attention, or you could be booted off the Internet Monday. Facebook and Google are notifying users who have a certain type of malware on their computers and reminding users that if they don’t remove it, they will lose internet access on July 9th, when the FBI shuts down the malware. Both Facebook and Google created their own warning messages that showed up if someone using either site appeared to have an infected computer. Facebook users would […]

  • Another Delay in Selenski Murder Trial

    A judge in Luzerne County judge Friday morning rescheduled accused double murderer Hugo Selenski’s trial for September.

 It was supposed to be in April.

The defense attorneys asked newly-elected Judge Fred Pierantoni for a delay because they said they simply don’t have enough time to go over the thousands and thousands of documents related to this case.

 Selenski was in court Friday morning. 

 The defense attorneys who were recently assigned the case asked for the delay. Prosecutors objected and told the […]

  • Russin Sentenced In Luzerne County Court

    A man connected to the Hugo Selenski case was sentenced in Luzerne County. A judge sentenced Patrick Russin to 10 to 20 years in prison for his role in the murder of two people. Russin has already served eight years after pleading guilty to third-degree murder. In 2003, the two victims – Adieye Kieler and Frank James – were found buried in the backyard of the home where Selenski lived in Kingston Township. Russin testified against Selenski in 2006. At that trial in Luzerne […]

  • Selenski to Represent Himself in Murder Trial

    A judge in Luzerne County has ruled that accused double murderer Hugo Selenski will be allowed to represent himself at his upcoming murder trial. The trial date is set for September 19 in Wilkes-Barre. Hugo Selenski is one of our area’s most notorious criminals . He was cleared of two murders in Luzerne County back in 2008, but in just a few weeks, he will face another double murder trial. Selenski willl stand trial for the 2002 murders of Tammy Fassett and Michael […]

  • Selenski Pleads Guilty to Escape

    One of the area’s most infamous criminals pleaded guilty Thursday to escape charges. Accused murderer Hugo Selenski admitted escaping from the Luzerne County prison in 2003. Selenski admitted he escaped from the jail using bedsheets but he said that’s all he is admitting to.  “It was going on too long, it needed to be taken care of. It’s not like I didn’t do it. I’m in one day and gone the next,” Selenski said.  Selenski tied bedsheets together and managed to get […]

  • Selenski Trial Delayed

    The murder trial for accused double murderer Hugo Selenski has been postponed in Luzerne County.  Selenski was in court Tuesday morning for a pre-trial hearing. He was supposed to go to trial next month for the deaths of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett.  Senior Judge Chester Muroski said he has to rule on several more motions so the trial may not start until September.