Trish Hartman anchors Newswatch 16 at 7 and 11, and Newswatch 16 at 10 on WNEP2. She joined the station in January 2008, just in time for the opening of the Pocono Newsroom. Trish covered stories in Monroe, Pike and Wayne Counties before making the jump to Scranton in 2009. She covered Scranton and Lackawanna County for a year an a half before she was named anchor of the weekend newscasts in October 2010.

Trish grew up just outside of Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism. She started her news career in Great Falls, Montana as a reporter and photographer for the CBS affiliate there. In 2006 Trish traded her winter coat for a ticket to Savannah, Ga. That’s where she anchored and produced the morning newscasts for the ABC and FOX affiliates.

Trish loves to run and has completed five full marathons, including Run for the Red in the Poconos and the Disney World Marathon! She says her lack of coordination makes long-distance running the perfect sport for her.

Her hometown is just a short trip down the Northeast Extension, so Trish enjoys spending lots of time with her family and friends in Bucks County.

Recent Articles
  • Taste Test: Miracle Whip Burger Sauce

    WASHINGTONVILLE — Things were heating up last weekend in the kitchen of the Washingtonville Volunteer Fire Company hall near Danville. There were a lot of hungry mouths to feed during the two day festival and fundraiser for the fire company. So we figured some of those hungry festival goers wouldn’t mind helping us with this week’s taste test: new burger sauce from Miracle Whip! Both creamy sauces come in squeeze bottles. The flavors are Secret Sauce and Sweet Dijon.  When […]

  • Taste Test: Cookies & Cream Goldfish Grahams

    Goldfish Grahams from Pepperidge Farm aren’t just “grahams” anymore. Cookies and Cream is the new flavor for these fish-shaped snacks.   We needed some small hands to try out these tiny cookies, so we went to “Earth Connections” day camp near Moscow at the Lackawanna College Environmental Institute.   The kids here say it’s a great way to wind down the summer.   Dylan Campbell from Scranton described the activities: “The exploring that we do in the pond, the creek, the forest.”   So […]

  • “Paterno” the Book

    As the Penn State football team prepares for its upcoming season, a new book will hit shelves giving us an inside look at the scandal that devastated that community. The new authorized biography is called, “Paterno,” and it’s written by a former Sports Illustrated journalist as news of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal became public. For the first time, we’re getting a preview of the book that’s said to take the reader into Joe Paterno’s inner circle. The book […]

  • “Paterno” Preview

    GQ Magazine has published excerpts of the new biography, “Paterno,” by Joe Posnanski.  The book will be available for purchase August 21.  In the meantime, you can read passages of the book here. 

  • Taste Test: Bold and Spicy Wheat Thins

    Wheat Thins from Nabisco have been around for a while. Now, the simple, slightly sweet cracker is getting a makeover. Two new bold flavors are on shelves now: Zesty Salsa and Spicy Buffalo. We went to a place in Lackawanna County that’s known for some bold flavors of its own in this week’s Taste Test. At the Windsor Inn in Jermyn, folks have been making the same secret family recipe buffalo wing sauce for 35 years. “It takes special cooking, […]

  • Taste Test: Limited Edition Tastykakes

    The makers of Tastykakes have come out with four new varieties of baked goods for us to try: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Lemon Cupcakes, Chocolate Bells, and Peanut Butter Brownie Kandy Kakes. We took all of them to a place that’s known for indulgent treats: The Wayne County Fair. For 150 years people have been going to the fairgrounds near Honesdale for rides, competition and food. So for this week’s Taste Test we found some folks who keep fair-goers well fed with […]

  • Taste Test: Cinnamon Almond Raisin Bran

    WILKES-BARRE — Kids at the Food and Fun Program at the Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA spend their summer days playing with new friends and trying new foods. “They get to try a variety,” said Jill Price, the program manager. “There’s a fruit, there’s a grain, there’s a protein and they can go home well-fed.” So Newswatch 16 called on the campers to be adventurous and help us with this week’s taste test: Cinnamon Almond Raisin Bran from Kellogg’s. Now we know that […]

  • Taste Test: Jif Hazlenut Spreads

    SCRANTON — On a sunny day in Scranton, you’ll find lots of kids making a splash at the pool in Nay Aug Park in Scranton. But we convinced some swimmers and off duty life guards that it was snack time. This week: new hazelnut spreads from Jif are up for evaluation. Two flavors are available: chocolate and mocha cappuccino. “I think I like Nutella better, though. I like more hazelnut in it. I don’t feel like that has as much. […]

  • Hidden Treasures of the Scranton Cultural Center

    SCRANTON — The Scranton Cultural Center is an enormous building that has almost 100 rooms inside. Even if you’ve been to shows or a wedding there, there are some hidden treasures you may not know about. We got a behind the scenes tour to check out some of the Cultural Center’s secret spots! The doors officially opened in 1930. The building was designed by Raymond Hood, the same architect behind Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center in New York […]

  • Scranton Cultural Center: Home of the Masons

    SCRANTON — The Scranton Cultural Center is one of the areas most iconic buildings. You may have been there for a show, a wedding or a fundraiser, but many people forget about the driving force behind the center, the Masons. The cultural center is not just a theater. It’s a Masonic Temple that’s still used by Masons today. The section of the building used by Masons in our area was just recently renovated and unveiled. We got an inside look, […]

  • Scranton Cultural Center

    The Scranton Cultural Center is one of the area’s most well-known and iconic community theaters.  It’s also the meeting place for thousands of Masons throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.  If you would like to support the Scranton Cultural Center, click here.

  • Taste Test: Burger King’s Bacon Sundae

    PITTSTON TOWNSHIP — If you’ve been to Burger King this summer, you’ve probably done a double take at the sight of one of the new summer BBQ menu items: the bacon sundae. The desert, with vanilla soft serve ice cream, and chocolate and caramel sauces is pretty typical, until you add pieces of smoked bacon on top. We went to Burger King on Route 315 in Pittston Township to see if we could get folks to try it. Now we realize […]