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  • Victory for Kathleen Kane

    Posted on: 12:17 am, November 7, 2012, by , updated on: 01:15am, November 7, 2012

    SCRANTON — Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania’s first elected Democratic attorney general, and the first woman in the state elected to the...
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    kathleen kane 11-7
  • Storm Kills 8-year-old Boy

    Posted on: 12:16 am, October 30, 2012, by , updated on: 12:35am, October 30, 2012

    MONTROSE — A boy was killed in Susquehanna County after a tree limb fell on him. State police say an...
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  • Folks Seeking Shelter in Luzerne County

    Posted on: 10:44 pm, October 29, 2012, by

    NANTICOKE — Several shelters operated by the American Red Cross are up and running tonight and people are taking advantage....
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    Luzerne County
  • Taste Test: Hershey’s Simple Pleasures

    Posted on: 9:35 pm, October 23, 2012, by

    With Halloween next week, there’s going to be lots of candy floating around, especially chocolate. So this week we’re taste...
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  • Taste Test: Grahamfuls

    Posted on: 8:45 pm, October 16, 2012, by

    Nabisco’s Honey Maid is known for graham crackers. Now, the sweet cracker often used in s’mores and pie crusts, is...
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  • Honoring Former Teacher who was Murdered

    Posted on: 10:35 pm, October 11, 2012, by , updated on: 10:52pm, October 11, 2012

    A former teacher from East Stroudsburg who police said was murdered earlier this year will be honored Friday morning by...
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  • Taste Test: Chips Ahoy Gooey Caramel

    Posted on: 9:38 pm, October 9, 2012, by

    Dessert doesn’t get much more classic. Than the chocolate chip cookie. Well, the folks at chips ahoy thought they could...
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  • Taste Test: Jingos!

    Posted on: 8:14 pm, October 2, 2012, by

    Jingos! The folks at Pepperidge Farm say the little crackers are uniquely crunchy and have explosive taste! “Explosive” is a...
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  • Taste Test: Caramel Apple Milky Ways

    Posted on: 4:21 pm, September 26, 2012, by , updated on: 04:24pm, September 26, 2012

      It’s a new taste for an old favorite: Caramel Apple Milky Ways! We knew we wouldn’t have any trouble...
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  • Taste Test: Candy Corn Oreos

    Posted on: 9:10 pm, September 18, 2012, by

    With the cooler weather comes many delicious fall delicacies like kettle corn, candy apples, apple cider, and candy corn. For...
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  • Taste Test: Special K Popcorn Chips

    Posted on: 9:06 pm, September 11, 2012, by

    Other than getting those kernels stuck in your teeth, a nice big bowl of fresh popcorn can be the perfect...
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  • Taste Test: Emerald Sweet & Salty Mixed Nut Blends

    Posted on: 7:55 pm, September 4, 2012, by

    Natural, portable, and protein-packed… just a few reasons why nuts might just be the snack you’ve been craving. So this...
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