Watch Live: April the Giraffe Slowing Down, Belly Growth ‘Mind Blowing’

Suzanne lived in Monroe County when she worked for the Pocono Renaissance Fair, as well as Susquehanna County when she was an anchor at WICZ in Binghamton.

Suzanne had an unusual start to her broadcasting career. Her first full time TV job was as a shopping host. She pitched gems and everything else under the moon to insomniacs across America as a host on ShopNBC (then known as ValueVision.)

After a few years Suzanne ran out of synonyms for “sparkly” and got bit by the news bug.

Just in time to cover the millennium, Suzanne began her journalism career in the Twin Cities at Northwest Community Television’s 12 News where she was an anchor and reporter.

She then crossed the Mississippi and headed to Wisconsin as morning anchor at WGBA in Green Bay.

Other stops included WVII in Maine and WLNY in New York.

In 2001 she received a Minnesota Emmy Award for a news special comparing the experiences of different generations of veterans.

She also served on the Society of Professional Journalists National Ethics Committee.

Suzanne’s life was changed at the National Association of Broadcaster’s 2006 conference in Las Vegas when she met Ethan Harp, a reporter from San Francisco.

The couple was married 2 years later, just hours before the start of the 2008 convention.

When she is not working, Suzanne loves cold weather (really!), travel, and trying new recipes. In 2012 she won third place in the Spiedie Fest cooking contest in Binghamton.

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