Started here at WNEP in November of 1990 as a Video Coordinator then branched out into shooting news and operating our KU Satellite truck. Trips to the Democratic National Convention NYC and Woodstock made life interesting. I enjoyed the helicopter flights with Jack, Dave, and Randy. We once flew into NYC to JFK to pick up a tape. Wow what a flight! Time flew bye. From News to Sports I made the switch in 1997 when my great friend Dave Bertram left for NC. He was the best and taught me most of what I apply today. Jim Coles and I shared many trips up and down I81. Jim Coles is the best reporter/anchor in the business and a NY Giants fan. I like the Eagles. People always ask me what I like to cover. I usually say High-School Wrestling. These kids get little TV coverage, but more internet life than other sports besides football. Anthony Rivera from Shikellamy was my first true State Champion I covered. Zain Retherford and Ryan Solomon the last. From there I’ve enjoyed shooting, reporting and anchoring the sports all over Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. I have a beautiful wife (who teaches 6th,7th and 8th graders) and an 9 year old son(brown belt in American DoJo Karate and a great swing from the left side for baseball. I love dogs. We’ve gone from a yellow lab to a beagle.
Favorite sports moments covered include:
(1) Bucknell winning another Patriot League title 2013
(2) The AHL 2001 Calder Cup Finals in Canada with the Penguins. Trip to New Brunswick Canada and St. John with Bonvie. Great food and the reversing falls there. Outstanding.
(3) Gerry McNamara hitting the game winning shot against Notre Dame in the Carrier Dome in front of 33,000 people (2002)
(4) Brennan King of the Red Barons in 2006 hitting for the natural cycle and ending it with a grand slam on his last at bat-probably never see that live again in my life, and (5) covering the Governor’s Cup 2008 championship in Durham, North Carolina with Paul Kielbasa-first title for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 20 seasons of minor league baseball. Field of Dreams shot there and ran into the Black Widow-World Billiards Champion.
(6) Best hitter Chase Utley.
(7) Many moments in the football booth with George Curry and Steve Armillay.

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    Strong Nucleus Returns For Lewisburg’s AA State Championship Boy’s Soccer Team

    With a perfect (25-0) state championship season behind them the Lewisburg boy’s soccer team kicks off another journey. 48 goal scorer Joey Bhangdia is back at the attack, along with his brother Tommy, Adam Cole, Zachary Kratzer and the rest of the Green Dragons. “We are definitely looking to continue what we had going last year. I think it’s going to take a lot of players off the bench stepping up because we did lose some starters last year and […]

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    Wallenpaupack Golf Coach Bob Simons 46 Years Of Coaching And Approaching 600 Wins

    After another short trip in the school van Bob Simons and his Wallenpaupack golf team prepare for their match. This year is special. Senior Kyle Pillar won the school’s 1st Jackman title, and 600 career wins is fast approaching for this legendary coach. “I started in 1971 when I graduated from Bloomsburg University and then I ended up at Wallenpaupack Area High School, and I’m still technically there 46 years later. I’m still there. I taught there for 35 years […]

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    Bloomsburg Huskies Football Looking To Improve on (7-4) Record

    Red-shirt junior quarterback Chris Palubinsky from Shenandoah takes over the offense for the Bloomsburg Huskies. A team coming off a (7-4) campaign and it’s 17th consecutive winning season. “Things are going good. I’m excited that the first game is just around the corner. I think the team as a whole is just excited, so I can’t wait to see what we can do on the field,” said Chris. “We’ll in the spring he certainly separated himself with his consistent play […]

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    Super 16 Team #2 Wyoming Valley West Spartans

    The Spartans are ready to roll again and compete for a league and district title. Quarterback Aaron Austin returns for his senior season. In 2015 Aaron was awesome 600 plus yards on the ground netted 6 scores while 1,800 through the air another 27 touchdowns. Nobody could touch the Spartans offense putting up 44 points a game. “It’s always going to start with the offensive line. We have a couple of holes to fill. We have Sean back and some […]

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    Super 16 Team #4 Berwick Bulldogs

    As the paint dries on the outside wall of the Berwick field house a remembrance to George Curry as the greatest coach in Pennsylvania state history a new era emerges nearby with new head coach Frank Sheptock. His new look Berwick Bulldogs bring back Jared Marshman as the starting quarterback moving Mike Force to wide receiver. Kyle Pierce is the man in the middle anchoring a solid offensive line. “A good relationship and a lot of familiarity with the boys […]

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    Super 16 Team #5 Danville Ironmen

    Trent Hilkert ran for 1,300 yards a year ago on a team that went (7-4). The youth movement switched to experience as a core of players gained more time together. A solid line is emerging and Coach Keiser is excited about his defense. “We bring back almost all of our starters on defense. They we’re a really good aggressive group last year. They got bigger and they got stronger and they got more familiar with our defense and they should […]

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    Terry Gallagher Takes Over As New Head Football Coach At Scranton Prep

    Terry Gallagher is 32 years old. “Good..Stay close to that rope,” said Terry. Enthusiastic! “Try to get your toe, knee and chin lined up,” added Terry. Knowledgeable about football. “Here we go on set!!! Set!!!,” again said Terry. And hungry to win. He takes over for Nick Donato as the new head football coach at Scranton Prep. “Most of the guys that are here have been here for the last couple years. We have a great chemistry with each other. […]

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    89-Year-Old Irene Rodrigues Enjoying The Golden Girl’s Golf League

    Oh! I love it! I look forward to it. I mean who wouldn’t. look it. You don’t have to have a lot of money to be rich when you have friends like that,” said Irene Rodrigues. 89-year-old Irene Rodrigues from Scranton plays gold in the golden girls league at pine hills county club every Tuesday in the summer. “God she has determination and I have to play her today so she’ll probably beat me, but she is wonderful. She hits […]

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    20th Year Summer Recreational Basketball League In Kingston

    It’s a Wednesday night the first of four games on the summer basketball schedule at the Kingston rec center and director Tony DeMaranville is running the clock. “The summer league at the Kingston Recreation Center has been running approximately 20 years. How have you been able to do that?  We’ll it’s a lot of cooperation on everyone’s part obviously Greg at the Kingston Rec center he is the head of it and cooperation with them Paul Keating the administrator, and […]

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    32nd Year For The Benton Rodeo In Columbia County

    For 32 years the Benton Rodeo Association has put on quite a show. Country music fills the air while riders fill the arena. Rawhide Rodeo is behind all the pageantry and pizzazz. “Oh! I love doing it. It all flows well. It’s a professional rodeo,” said Doug Simcox. Doug Simcox is the rodeo announcer. “I love the sport of rodeo. It’s as simple as that. I simply enjoy rodeo. I love being entertained. I love the crowds that come here,” […]

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    4th Annual Precision Wrestling Camp In Towanda

    “We’re going to go backwards. I want to see you go back then coming up and oto you’re feet. Ok! That is what we are going to try to do. Lets try it one time each. Go ahead! Go!”, said Mike. Towanda assistant wrestling coach Mike Maurer shouts out instructions at the 4th annual precision wrestling camp for kids in Bradford county. “It’s always evolving. I can even remember things when I was wrestling years ago in high school. It’s […]

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    Decker And Kochmansky Hold Summer Camps At East Stroudsburg University

    Coming off a successful 1st season at East Stroudsburg-Warriors head basketball coach Diane Decker is back on the court instructing at her summer hoops camp for girls. “It’s going great. We have about 20 this year. It’s our 1st year and they are having a blast. We are doing a lot of different things and hopefully we build from this,” said Diane. “We’ll I’ve learned how to shoot a lot better and my passes pretty much everything is getting a […]