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Stacy is a local girl. She grew up in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County.

She joined the WNEP news team in July, 2011 first covering central Pennsylvania. Now she is the Lackawanna County beat reporter.

Stacy comes to Newswatch 16 from WWNY-TV in Watertown, NY where she was a "one-man-band," shooting, writing, and editing her own stories. There she covered the Thousand Islands region of New York, and the 10th Mountain Division of the Army based at Fort Drum.

Stacy honed her skills at Syracuse University where she graduated magna cum laude in 2010 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. In college, she was a member of the nation's oldest and largest entirely student-run TV station, CitrusTV.

Before her TV days, Stacy was on the 50-yard line as "Miss Comet" with the Abington Heights Marching Band. She's a sports "phanatic." She likes to cheer on all the Philadelphia sports teams and her beloved Orange.

When she's not working, Stacy is a judge and coach for Odyssey of the Mind teams in NEPA. Stacy lives with her cat, Utley.

If you have a story idea, or just want to say hi, send Stacy an e-mail.

Recent Articles
  • preate

    10-Year-Old Accused Killer Stuns Prosecutors

    SCRANTON — It seems so bizarre to mention “10-year-old boy” and “homicide charges” in the same sentence. What’s even more unfortunate is that our area has seen other youngsters charged with violent crimes. Each time, the cases prove to be difficult to deal with. Before attorney Ernest Preate did criminal defense, he was attorney general for Pennsylvania and before that, the district attorney in Lackawanna County. All that experience and he was still shocked to hear a 10-year-old boy from […]

  • lacka bridge

    Bridge Work In Moosic A “Positive Sign”

    MOOSIC — It’s been a long three years for folks who live on either side of a bridge in Lackawanna County. The Main Street Bridge in Moosic has been closed all that time, but this week crews started replacing it. Lackawanna County owns the bridge on Main Street in Moosic. Officials closed it more than three years ago, saying it wasn’t safe. But funding sources and utility work held up work to replace the bridge until Monday when crews started […]

  • Local food pantries are having a hard time keeping shelves stocked.

    Increasing Need, Decreasing Help

    SCRANTON — A new food pantry opened last month in Scranton and organizers say so far it has been “too successful.” The pantry has the same problem that many others in Lackawanna County have: a growing number of people in need, but fewer businesses that donate. Catholic Social Services opened its newest food pantry in downtown Scranton last month at the new St. Francis Commons facility. It’s a new kind of pantry, too. Families spend points on the types of […]

  • scrbuilding

    University’s Rehab Center Takes Shape

    SCRANTON — People in downtown Scranton are looking up, literally. Construction crews are in the midst of the University of Scranton’s tallest undertaking to date. It’s also stretching the campus limits. “It’s very visible for the ‘townies’, you know? You go around on Courthouse Square, and everything was tucked away up here, but now you have this massive building that everyone can see from down there. I like it,” said student Zach Shapiro. The building under construction on Linden Street […]

  • commuter tax

    Workers Catch Commuter Tax Mistake

    SCRANTON — Even though a judge struck down Scranton’s commuter tax last week, a few hundred people who work in Scranton but live elsewhere had the tax deducted from their paychecks anyway. Now, they’ll need to be reimbursed. Officials at the University of Scranton say faculty members who are commuters — possibly several hundred of them — had the commuter tax mistakenly deducted from their pay at the end of last week. We have learned that the university and at […]

  • elevator

    Taking The Stairs at City Hall

    SCRANTON — Scranton City Hall is like a trip back in time, maybe a reminder of the city’s better times. The elevator has the same retro feel, without the charm though. After stalling one too many times, the mayor decided to shut it down for repairs. “For years the elevator has broken down repeatedly. It’s broken down several times since I’ve been here. It’s painful to have it down, but it needs to be repaired. There’s no other way out,” […]

  • lacka dalton arson

    State Police Investigating Arson At Estate In Dalton

    DALTON — State police say a fire in the garage of a large estate is a case of arson, and now one of the owners of the home, and neighbors in Dalton have serious suspicions about why it happened. The estate on Lily Lake Road in Dalton has been empty for more than a year and has been for sale for many months. Neighbors say they remember the mansion in its heyday when its eight-bay garage housed classic cars. So, […]

  • you_owe_taxes

    Hefty Back Tax Bill For Postal Workers

    SCRANTON — Many employees of the U.S. Postal Service are getting quite a surprise right now: notices that they owe taxes that were supposed to be taken out of paychecks but weren’t. And now Scranton says pay up. About 50 current and former postal employees have received those tax bills, many of them work at the mail processing center on Stafford Avenue in Scranton. The Scranton Single Tax Office tells us that number may grow. Postal employees, the United States […]

  • New Field, New Name For Scranton Stadium

    SCRANTON — When Scranton and West Scranton’s football teams play in the annual Bell Game, they’ll be playing on a newly named field. Just before kickoff the field will be officially known as “Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium.” The Scranton School District sold the naming rights of the field to the credit union. It’s commonplace for professional teams and colleges, and school officials think it’ll soon become the norm for high schools, as well. Before the […]

  • parrot

    Parrots Prove Elusive in Scranton

    SCRANTON — Treetops in Scranton may have looked and sounded a bit more tropical over the past few weeks. Two parrots have had folks on a wild goose chase of sorts. They’ve flown a long way from home. Above the sound of kids playing, employees at the Day Nursery Association in Scranton heard a squawk Thursday. They looked up in a tree, and saw a macaw parrot looking down at them. “I was in the building and when I came […]

  • lacka accent

    Ugly Accent? What Ugly Accent??

    SCRANTON — If you’re a native of Scranton, you know there’s a special flair that only Scrantonians have with the English language. Now, the quintessential “Scranton accent” is getting national attention. It’s in the running for America’s Ugliest Accent in an internet voting contest. It may not sound complimentary, but some folks don’t mind all the attention. We know what they are: the special things we say that make us sound Scrantonian, “Coal Region speak” as it’s sometimes called. We […]

  • scranton city hall

    No Commuter Tax, What’s The Cost?

    SCRANTON — The first step in the mayor of Scranton’s plan to fix the city’s finances failed when a tax on commuters was struck down by a judge Tuesday. That leaves the mayor with a tough predicament: finding a new way to fill a $15 million hole in Scranton’s pension fund. Mayor Bill Courtright’s plan involved using a specific state law to tax commuters to make up for the deficit in the pension fund, but that part of the plan […]


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