Stacy is a local girl. She grew up in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County.

She joined the WNEP news team in July, 2011 first covering central Pennsylvania. Now she is the Lackawanna County beat reporter.

Stacy comes to Newswatch 16 from WWNY-TV in Watertown, NY where she was a “one-man-band,” shooting, writing, and editing her own stories. There she covered the Thousand Islands region of New York, and the 10th Mountain Division of the Army based at Fort Drum.

Stacy honed her skills at Syracuse University where she graduated magna cum laude in 2010 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. In college, she was a member of the nation’s oldest and largest entirely student-run TV station, CitrusTV.

Before her TV days, Stacy was on the 50-yard line as “Miss Comet” with the Abington Heights Marching Band. She’s a sports “phanatic.” She likes to cheer on all the Philadelphia sports teams and her beloved Orange.

When she’s not working, Stacy is a judge and coach for Odyssey of the Mind teams in NEPA. Stacy lives with her cat, Utley.

If you have a story idea, or just want to say hi, send Stacy an e-mail.

Recent Articles
  • Motel Worker Accused of Groping Girl

    DUNMORE — A motel employee in Lackawanna County is accused of sexually abusing one of his guests, a 13-year-old girl. Mayurkumar Shah is charged with corruption of minors and inappropriate contact with a minor, both felonies. He allegedly molested a 13-year-old girl staying at the motel in Dunmore where he both lives and works. The girl’s family was staying at Scottish Inns because they had been forced to leave their home during last week’s storm. Friday afternoon, the girl and […]

  • Did Falling Ice Smash a Car’s Rear Window?

    SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP — It was quite a scare for a couple from Scranton driving in Lackawanna County earlier this week. While stopped at a red light, their rear window smashed and they think something fell from high above. Patricia and Stephen Gary were stopped on Northern Boulevard close to the John Fitzgerald Bridge that sits more than 160 feet above the road when they heard a crash. They have a theory about what may have fallen from the bridge […]

  • Remembering Reddington 50 Years Later

    SCRANTON — A crowd came together in Scranton to honor a marine 50 years after he was killed in Vietnam As time has gone on, more and more people have participated in remembering Lance Corporal James Reddington. Reddington’s story is one of those that gets brighter and more detailed as time goes on because more and more people have lent their voices to it. The 19-year-old Marine from Scranton was killed on this 50 fifty years ago. Those who served with […]

  • Counting the Cost of the Storm

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Last week’s snowstorm is proving to be pricey for communities in Lackawanna County and county officials plan to ask for help from the state and the feds. Representatives from the townships, boroughs, and cities in Lackawanna County will meet Wednesday night at the 911 center in Jessup to start tallying up the cost of cleaning up from last week’s storm. They need a total of $775,000 to qualify for aid, and it’s looking like the county might […]

  • 10-Year-Old Boy from Scranton Shot and Killed in New Jersey

    SCRANTON — School administrators in Scranton had to break devastating news to elementary students Tuesday morning. A fourth-grader from Scranton was shot and killed by another child in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday. The news of the deadly shooting reached Scranton School District officials Monday afternoon. They came up with a plan to have counselors on hand at Prescott Elementary as they tried to explain something that’s even tough for adults to understand. Teachers at Prescott Elementary in Scranton say […]

  • Rev. Scott Pilarz to Return as University of Scranton President

    SCRANTON -- The University of Scranton introduced its new president Tuesday morning. Rev. Scott Pilarz, S.J. is returning as president.

  • Carbondale Digging out from Blizzard

    CARBONDALE — As people living in Carbondale continue to dig out from Tuesday’s big storm, the city had to hire private plowers after three of the city’s plow trucks broke down during the blizzard. Dennis Edgar and his neighbors on Terrace Street took to shoveling for the fourth straight day. Friday was the first time they’ve seen pavement on their street since Tuesday’s storm. “Yesterday they came through with the bucket loader again, clearing out some more snow. So yeah, […]

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel for Scranton

    SCRANTON — About a dozen front-end loaders and dump trucks descended on Scranton’s south and west sides on Friday to help clear snow in some parts that hadn’t seen a plow at all. Paul Emiliani saw no sign of a city plow on his block of Dorothy Street in west Scranton all week, but when they came, they came in force. “I shoveled my way all the way out to the road, and then people made paths and stuff on […]

  • Power to Save: Going Green with Green Blast

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — PennDOT is testing out a new method for melting ice on roads in Susquehanna and Lackawanna Counties. PennDOT tried out something called “Green Blast” Marshwood Road in Olyphant. It is a liquid added to the salt water mixture PennDOT already sprays on roads. It is supposed to make brine more effective in sub-zero temps, and PennDOT says it’s been working. “Right now, when you start getting below about eight degrees below zero, the brine starts to lose […]

  • Bucks, Cougars, and Spartans Get to Shoveling

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Turns out getting teenagers out of bed on a snow day isn’t as hard you’d think, especially when it’s your football coach calling. “He sent out a text this morning, and I was just waking up. I saw it and I was thinking, if it was my grandmother, I would come right out and help. So, called my friend, picked up Klein, and Rebar, we started driving around, and we ended up here. Because a lot of […]

  • Scranton to Haul Snow from Downtown

    SCRANTON — Snow-clogged streets halted business in downtown Scranton for a second day, so the city has plans to shut down those streets and haul the snow away overnight. Starting at 10 p.m. Wednesday, crews will start hauling away huge snow banks in the downtown area that are making it hard for Scranton’s main business district to be open for business. Mathew Donahue lives a few floors above Spruce Street in Scranton. He looked out in the morning and couldn’t […]

  • Delivering People, Necessities on Snow-Clogged Roads

    SCRANTON — It’s been quiet at Sheeley’s Drug Store in downtown Scranton, but owner Lori Hart says the customers who need their medication most often aren’t here. They have their pill boxes delivered each week, but there’s a problem. “Even my delivery cars are very small cars, so they can’t get around. We have a General. It’s a little ATV that my kids have. My kids are like, ‘We’ll help, mom!” said Lori Hart. Lori’s kids and her husband made […]