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Stacy is a local girl. She grew up in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County.

She joined the WNEP news team in July, 2011 first covering central Pennsylvania. Now she is the Lackawanna County beat reporter.

Stacy comes to Newswatch 16 from WWNY-TV in Watertown, NY where she was a "one-man-band," shooting, writing, and editing her own stories. There she covered the Thousand Islands region of New York, and the 10th Mountain Division of the Army based at Fort Drum.

Stacy honed her skills at Syracuse University where she graduated magna cum laude in 2010 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. In college, she was a member of the nation's oldest and largest entirely student-run TV station, CitrusTV.

Before her TV days, Stacy was on the 50-yard line as "Miss Comet" with the Abington Heights Marching Band. She's a sports "phanatic." She likes to cheer on all the Philadelphia sports teams and her beloved Orange.

When she's not working, Stacy is a judge and coach for Odyssey of the Mind teams in NEPA. Stacy lives with her cat, Utley.

If you have a story idea, or just want to say hi, send Stacy an e-mail.

Recent Articles
  • walk

    Students “Walk Up The Line” For Injured Trooper

    SCRANTON — Some students from Scranton started their Thanksgiving morning with a ten-mile walk from one county to another. They do it each year to raise money for a cause. This year’s cause had an extra special meaning for the West Scranton High School students. While most of their classmates were still in bed, the students put on their snow boots and sneakers and headed out for what would be a long morning. “The snow’s a little rough, I wore […]

  • colts_cuts

    Riders Thankful COLTS Cuts on Hold

    SCRANTON — People who ride the bus in Lackawanna County say they are relieved to hear massive cuts to bus service are on hold, at least for now. The County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) has convinced PennDOT to negotiate its repayment of almost $6 million. COLTS bus riders can begin the holiday weekend with a bit more hope. Massive cuts proposed earlier this month are on hold for now and might not end up being so severe. But, that […]

  • family to family

    More Snow, Fewer Volunteers For “Family To Family”

    SCRANTON — Every year on the day before Thanksgiving, volunteers pass out thousands of turkeys in Scranton to families in need. It’s a feat on a normal day and while this day was not normal, the Family to Family program went ahead, even in a snow storm. While the snow piled high in Scranton more than 3,000 families stood in the white stuff to wait, some for a half hour or more filing into the Scranton Cultural Center for the […]

  • gensiakmemorial

    Neglect Victim Remembered by the Arc of NEPA

    SCRANTON — It’s been about a year and a half since a man with down syndrome was starved and neglected by his family in Lackawanna County. Now, people who never knew Robert Gensiak are remembering him. About 20 people attended the memorial for a man they’ve never met. Robert Gensiak, whose name is now on this plaque outside The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania on Meadow Avenue in Scranton. Gensiak died at his home in Taylor in 2013. He had Down […]

  • drone_guys_wall

    The Drone Guys: Going Above And Beyond

    SCRANTON — Drones are small, unmanned aircraft. Think of them as mini-helicopters that can take pictures from hundreds of feet in the air. Two men from Lackawanna County see drones as less of a toy and more of a tool that could be used in dozens of ways in the future. John Culkin and Lee DeAngelis are IT specialists, technology gurus, and amateur pilots. They are equal parts of Access Aerial. It’s not quite a business yet. Consider them ambassadors […]

  • lackawanna county courthouse

    Woman Wins Her Home Back After Tax Sale Dispute

    SCRANTON — Newswatch 16 told you last week about homeowners suddenly finding out that their properties have been sold without them knowing it. Now, we have learned that a real estate company in Lackawanna County that was part of those tax sales owes taxes itself. On Monday in Lackawanna County court, a homeowner from Dunmore took Savana Realty, or S.A. Realty as it’s also called, to court. The homeowner says she, too, had her home sold without her knowledge to […]

  • taxsale

    Scranton Properties Sold Without Notifying Owners?

    SCRANTON — Some homeowners in Lackawanna County are being told that they no longer own their homes. Their properties were sold at a Scranton City Treasurer’s Sale without the owners even knowing about it. Since Newswatch 16 started looking into these sales, the city of Scranton has started looking into how or if some homeowners were properly notified that their homes were up for sale back in 2013. Two men who have lived in Scranton for many years both found […]

  • irondistrict

    Scranton’s “Iron District” A Step Closer

    SCRANTON — A project to renovate Scranton’s Historic Iron Furnaces, and develop the south Scranton neighborhood they are in, is a step closer to getting off the ground. More than a year ago, an architect had an idea to develop the Scranton Iron Furnaces into a small restaurant district. That idea has since grown and people in charge of the project are applying for grants they hope will get construction started. Scranton’s Historic Iron Furnaces are a big part of […]

  • PennDOT to Replace Peeling Signs

    DUNMORE — Overhead highway signs on a busy stretch of Interstate 81 in Dunmore aren’t holding up as they should. PennDOT says the signs were put up in the mid 1990s and even at their age shouldn’t be peeling like they are. “But that’s very hazardous to drivers. That’s hazardous to some people, especially people who are older and they can’t see,” said John Stela of Dunmore. Drivers have noticed it too, saying the peeling became worse after last winter. […]

  • cold workers

    Workers Brave The Freezing Cold

    SCRANTON — The cold weather on Tuesday felt more like January than November and because it is still technically fall, construction and road projects went on as planned. A contractor replacing a natural gas line along Meadow Avenue and River Street in south Scranton has a long week of work ahead, made all the more difficult by the freezing cold temperatures. Theresa Collins of Scranton put on long johns, three shirts, and two pairs of socks when she left for […]

  • gibbons

    Gibbons Ford Making Way For Development on Viewmont Drive

    DICKSON CITY — Gibbons Ford in Dickson City has seen a lot of ups and downs since it first opened in the 1940s. It moved to its current location about 20 years ago. “Right now the automobile industry nationwide is the best it’s been since 2008,” said Gibbons Ford owner John Grow. Gibbons is gearing up for its biggest expansion yet. A dealership three times the size of the one on Main Street. It will only be about a half […]

  • texting_911

    Texting 911: “what’s ur emergency?”

    JESSUP — In Lackawanna County, dialing 911 is now one of two options if you have an emergency. Now you can also text 911. Nearly all police patrol cars in Lackawanna County have the same phrase on them that now may seem a bit outdated: “dial 911″ in Lackawanna County. Dialing is now just one of two options to get help when you need it. At the Lackawanna County 911 Center in Jessup, director David Hahn took us into the […]


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