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  • Green Homes on the Market in Lewisburg

    There is a home for sale on one of Lewisburg’s busiest streets. The duplex looks like most of the houses on Market Street, but there is much more to it. “It’s been very specifically designed for energy efficiency and for people with limited incomes. It’s very unique. I can’t speak for all of central Pennsylvania but it’s definitely the only one in Union County,” said Union County Housing Authority Executive Director Jere Engle. There are four homes in Lewisburg that […]

  • Cleaner Water in Mount Carmel

    Several communities in our area are getting ready to spend state money on improvements to water and sewage systems. In Northumberland County Mount Carmel intends to use the money to separate storm drains and sewage lines. The project will mean cleaner creeks and less water going through sewage treatment plants. Thanks to a state loan, Mount Carmel borough officials can finish work that will keep area creeks cleaner and help save power at the municipal sewage treatment plant. “So, all […]

  • Getting Rid of E-Waste in Northumberland County

    There has been an overwhelming response this week to an electronic recycling event in Northumberland County. In part because people have been tossing appliances and electronics that were damaged in the flood. At the Coal Township Recycling Center near Shamokin, you’ll find technologies from times gone by, fom turntables, to TVs that aren’t flat. “Things like this, in 100 years they’ll still be TVs or whatever they are, they’re not biodegradable by any means so the environmental benefits are kind […]