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Scott joined Newswatch 16 in May of 1999 as an anchor and reporter. He is currently the co-anchor of Newswatch 16 at 6:00, 7:00, 10:00 and 11:00 pm.

He came to WNEP-TV following a stint as morning anchor at WJRT-TV in Flint, Michigan. He got his start in broadcast journalism at Service Electric Cable TV in Allentown, and also worked as an anchor/reporter at WHTM in Harrisburg, before heading to Michigan in 1996.

Since coming to WNEP-TV, Scott has anchored the weekend newscasts, as well as the 5:00 and 5:30pm newscasts. He also covered news stories in every county of the Newswatch 16 coverage area.

Scott is a native of Reading, and graduated from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, with degrees in Communications and Marketing.

Scott is an avid sports fan.

Recent Articles
  • tbfb 11-27

    Talkback Feedback: Thanksgiving Edition

    Newswatch 16’s Scott Schaffer shows us what he’s thankful for in this Thanksgiving edition of Talkback Feedback.

  • Dickson Family Flips Switch on Times Tower

    SCRANTON — The winter weather didn’t stop the annual tower lighting in downtown Scranton. For the 54th year, the Scranton Times newspaper has holiday lights on it’s radio tower, creating the area’s tallest Christmas tree. It’s a holiday tradition in the Electric City, but a tradition that took on new meaning this year. Flipping the switch to turn on the lights was Tiffany Dickson and her two sons, Bryon and Adam. “We’ve never had anybody, kind of a special guest […]

  • Talkback Feedback: Messing with Mom

    Once again a Newswatch 16 segment went viral. It got you talking. It got us talking. It even got mom talking. It’s all in this edition of Talkback Feedback.

  • Talkback Feedback: Computers and Criticisms

    Truth be told, we’ve been getting some complaints about Talkback Feedback in recent weeks. It seems it was getting a little too one dimensional. All that changes in this edition of Talkback Feedback.

  • Justice Stevens on State Supreme Court: “It’s a Difficult Time”

    WILKES-BARRE — A state Supreme Court justice came home Wednesday night to speak to a neighborhood crime watch in his home community. And for the former D.A. of Luzerne County, it was a welcome break in what has become a spectacularly controversial year for the state’s highest court. “Porn is a bad subject on the Supreme Court right now. I don’t know if you’ve been following the news.” Speaking at a meeting of Wilkes-Barre’s crime watch organization, state Supreme Court […]

  • talkback feedback 11-7

    Talkback Feedback: What Has Changed Since The Manhunt

    About a week ago, Newswatch 16 was in the middle of a busy night. A lot has changed in that week, especially the phone calls we’re getting at Talkback 16. In this Talkback Feedback, we take a closer look at what has changed since the manhunt for Eric Frein ended.

  • corbett wolf

    Long Trend in PA Governors Could Come to End

    Election day is Tuesday and it looks like it could bring an end to one of the nation’s longest and most unique trends in American electoral politics. It all started with Milton Shapp. In 1974, after a change in the state constitution, Shapp–a Democrat–became the first governor in modern Pennsylvania history to run for re-election. He won. Eight years later, Republican Dick Thornburgh ran for re-election and despite a bad economy, Thornburgh beat back a challenge from Lycoming County D.A. […]


    Joe Maddon Opts Out of Rays Contract

    HAZLETON –Hazleton native Joe Maddon has decided to leave his job as manager of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. Maddon spent the past nine seasons as Rays manager, and people in Hazleton are already wondering what’s in the future for their native son. In nine seasons as manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, Hazleton’s Joe Maddon has established himself as one of the best in baseball. We caught up with Joe Yamona at Third Base Luncheonette, the long-time restaurant […]

  • Talkback Feedback: Serious News

    Over the last month or so our area has seen a dizzying number of crimes that have attracted national attention. You’ve been calling our Talkback lines about those stories for weeks! And that’s what we’re looking at in this edition of Talkback Feedback.

  • Talkback Feedback: Trooper Shooting

    This week’s Talkback Feedback tackles the big story of the week here in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. That story is the murder of State Police Corporal Bryon Dickson.

  • inside the funeral

    More From The Funeral For Cpl. Dickson

    SCRANTON — For about 90 minutes, it seemed like all of northeastern and central Pennsylvania stood still. “We gather here in sorrow and disbelief, and anger. But most importantly, we gather here in faith,” said Rev. Thomas Muldowney, state police chaplain. And gather they did; friends, family, and police officers by the thousands. Those who couldn’t fit inside St. Peter’s Cathedral in downtown Scranton listened to the solemn service outside the church on Wyoming Avenue. They heard about a dedicated […]

  • 13 Years After 9/11, Terror Concerns Remain

    This week, for the 13th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, there are growing concerns about a new terrorist group of Islamic militants known as ISIS. Dr. William Parente is a political science expert at the University of Scranton. He teaches a course on Islam and has been to many parts of the Middle East, including Iraq and Syria. “I wouldn`t be surpised if another 13 years from now, we`re still dealing with this problem. There are 200 countries […]


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