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Sarah Buynovsky joined the Newswatch 16 team in July of 2006. She is excited to be back home in the Keystone State, close to family and friends.

Sarah is a summa cum laude graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University. While in school, she began working as a reporter and anchor at 570 WSYR. After graduation, Sarah landed a job at News 10 Now in Syracuse, where she first worked as the Cortland bureau reporter and then as the Syracuse morning reporter.
Sarah is a huge Orange fan and spends a lot of time heading up I-81 for football and basketball games with her husband, Josh and her three children.

Recent Articles
  • Recalled Fruit In Our Area

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Millions of peaches, nectarines and plums are being pulled from the shelves in stores in our area like Sam’s Club, Giant, and Wegmans. The Wawona Packing Company of California is recalling the fruit because of possible listeria contamination. Newswatch 16 called local stores, where employees said the recalled fruit has already been removed from shelves and replaced. “Those who are most at risk are the very young, the neonate population, less than two months old, the very […]

  • Fake Cops: How To Stay Safe

    CARBON COUNTY — State police in Carbon County are on the lookout for a man they said impersonated a police officer. Troopers said last week, a man who had a fake badge, demanded a woman’s license and registration. When she refused to hand them over, state police said the fake cop pulled out a silver revolver and the woman drove to safety. “If it’s just a single light or anything that doesn’t look like the high intensity strobe lights that […]

  • Thousands of Miles Away, Reaction to Gaza

    SCRANTON—As shells fall and smoke rises in Gaza, Dr. William Parente of the University of Scranton is paying close attention. He has traveled extensively in the region and has taught about conflict in the area for more than half a century. “I kind of suspected this would happen. The Israelis have been threatening they were going to retaliate big time in Gaza and the tunnels are the first place you want to hit because there are less civilian casualties there,” […]

  • Drinking Age: 30 Years Later

    SCRANTON — It was 30 years ago this week that President Ronald Reagan signed the Minimum Age Drinking Act into law, effectively setting the age of 21 as the legal drinking age across the country. Before July 17, 1984 different states had different drinking ages. In Pennsylvania it was still 21, but it was 18 in New York, and 19 in New Jersey. The act that President Reagan signed was based on a study that said by 21 the brain […]

  • In Bradford County: One Week After The Storm

    WILMOT TOWNSHIP — On Sturdevant Road near Wyalusing in Bradford County, storm damage is still everywhere. It has been a week since powerful winds and torrential rain pummeled the area. “I can’t wait to start cleaning it up actually,” laughed Ken Halk who lives on the road. For Halk, it has been a very difficult week. His home and property were hit hard by the storm, dozens of large trees snapped and downed. Lawn ornaments and furniture were tossed and […]

  • Frustration in Honesdale After Letter Stolen

    HONESDALE — High above Honesdale on Irving cliff, there used to be a letter H. It was a way to promote the Wayne County borough and an upcoming sidewalk sale. The theme of this year’s sale is ‘Honesdale Goes Hollywood.’ So a plan was made to spell out Honesdale on the cliff much like the Hollywood sign in California, but that plan fell apart. “We started last week, put an H up, to try to generate interest, get people talking […]

  • cdl party bike

    All Aboard the Party Bike in Carbondale!

    CARBONDALE — It was far from a typical day at work for a group of Carbondale city employees. They got a chance to ride a rare type of bike around the Pioneer City Friday morning. “It’s a lot of fun. It’s a great idea, it’s good exercise and it could be used for fundraising things, historical tours and I’m delighted it’s in Carbondale,” said S. Robert Powell of the Carbondale Historical Society and Museum. Mike Lisowski of Simpson owns the […]

  • Inne Receives Flack For Same-Sex Marriage Policy

    NORTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP — A controversy brewing in Lackawanna County is sparking quite a few comments on Facebook. A banquet hall in the Abingtons is turning away same-sex couples who want to have their wedding receptions there. An email written by a staff member at the Inne of the Abingtons in North Abington Township has gotten a lot of attention on Facebook overnight. It’s been shared about 1,000 times. It has to with the facility’s policy of not hosting same-sex […]

  • Tallying Damage and Waiting For Power at Harveys Lake

    HARVEYS LAKE — Instead of jet skis or boat engines, the sound of chainsaws filled the air along Harveys Lake in Luzerne County Wednesday. Powerful storms toppled trees, ripped down branches and utility lines Tuesday night. Power was knocked out to thousands. “This one was just unbelievably fast, it was the closest thing to a tornado that I could imagine,” said Olga Savage from the porch of her home overlooking the lake. No power at Grotto Pizza along the lake […]

  • bank

    Attempted Bank Robberies, Bomb Scares

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY—PNC Bank in Throop was closed for a time Tuesday afternon, signs taped to the doors, as police investigated an attempted robbery and bomb threat. They said someone called the bank, demanded that money be put outside or else, the place would be blown up. “Oh God, it’s terrible. I’m here, we’re here 30 years. We’ve never heard of anything like this. People have no jobs, probably I don’t know. Bored, don’t know what to do with themselves,” said […]

  • Locals React To Pope’s Meeting With Sex Assault Victims

    SCRANTON — In an historic move, Pope Francis met with six victims of clerical sexual abuse in Vatican City on Monday. He led them in a private mass, condemned sex abuse in the church and offered an apology. “I beg your forgiveness, also, for the sins of omission on the part of church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of abuse made by family members, as well as by abuse victims themselves,” he said. People in northeastern and […]

  • fourth

    Kirby Park Celebration Draws Crowd

    LUZERNE COUNTY—There were rides, plenty of food choices and vendors selling all kinds of things at Wilkes-Barre’s annual Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration in Kirby Park. “It’s a very good festival, they bring a lot of people in, i see this year they have more vendors, crafts. Lot of food,” said Jeremy Evans, a food vendor. “The people, the food, just everything about it is just wonderful,” agreed another vendor, Julie Antonik of Nanticoke. Wilkes-Barre’s celebration in Kirby Park […]