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Nikki Krize joined the Newswatch 16 team as the central Pennsylvania Reporter in November 2011, and she is no stranger to the area.
She comes to us from Hazleton, where she worked at News 13/SSPTV as a reporter and anchor for more than three years. Before that, Nikki interned at WFMZ in Reading.

Nikki graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in Communications/Journalism and a minor in Speech Communication. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and is one of several Berks County natives on the WNEP team.

Nikki is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan and doesn’t miss a Phillies or Eagles game. She also enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family, friends and beloved cockatiel Cinnamon.

Nikki is proud to be covering the news most important to the people of northeastern and central Pennsylvania. If you have any news tips or story ideas, feel free to send her an email at

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  • How to Cope with Mass Shooting Grief

    MAHONING TOWNSHIP — It’s news no one wants to wake up to: a man fired hundreds of rounds of gunshots into a crowd at a concert in Las Vegas. At least 58 people died and more than 500 people were hurt. “It’s sad. You can’t go nowhere anymore,” Jen Sarviss said. “You just kind of almost feel like you can’t step out and go places as a family because you don’t know what’s going to happen,” Jamie Keller of Danville said. Newswatch […]

  • Bloomsburg Fair Attendance Up Despite Weather Woes

    BLOOMSBURG — The Bloomsburg Fairgrounds look a lot different than last week at this time. Instead of cooking food, vendors packed up to leave. “It doesn’t take very long to set up, but it takes twice as long to tear down,” said vendor Rod Kile. Cleanup started Saturday night as soon as the fair was over. Vendors have two weeks to be out of here. “People just see you down here working and they don’t know what goes with it. […]

  • Bloomsburg Fair is a Longtime Tradition

    BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS — Every year people come to the Bloomsburg Fair for the first time. Usually, they leave with happy memories and want to come back. Bill May of Bloomsburg has 87 years of great memories. May owns three stands at the fair: May’s Barbecue, Hot Dogs and Sundaes. But he started working here when he was only two years old, in his dad’s white mice circus. “”That was when my dad painted me up like a clown and set […]

  • More than Food at the Fair

    BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS — If you’re a new food vendor and you have a unique item, you’re probably going to get a lot of business at the Bloomsburg Fair. But what about the people at the fair who sell things besides food? Everywhere you look at the Bloomsburg Fair, there are people walking around. Most of them are holding food. With around 1,300 vendors, the food is what draws many people to the Bloomsburg Fair. At a fair that seems to […]

  • Vendors Happy for Cool Fair Weather

    BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS — With five days of heat at the Bloomsburg Fair, it cooled off today about 20 degrees on Thursday. Fairgoers are happy and vendors are relieved. Earlier this week, temperatures were over 90 degrees. People did not want to eat. Business at Gage’s Concession was almost nonexistent. But now, business is back. Now that it’s cooler outside, people want fried food again. “Everyone’s starting to buy food, pick up, eat, and enjoy yourself, walk around. They aren’t sitting […]

  • 4-H For a Day

    BLOOMSBURG — Animals are a big part of the Bloomsburg Fair, and people bring the best of the best from their farms. Many of those animals belong to 4-H kids. “You’ve got to make sure you’re feeding them, working with them, water all the time,” Alyssa Yoder said. I wanted to see how hard it is to be a 4-H kid. “It is seven days a week, 365 days a year. We don’t ever get a break,” Betty Bronson said. […]

  • Warm Weather Wilts Attendance Numbers at Bloomsburg Fair

    BLOOMSBURG — There is something noticeably different about the Bloomsburg Fair this year. There are a lot fewer people walking around the fairgrounds. “It’s affected a lot of the vendors and attendance is down considerably,” said fair president Paul Reichart. It’s down by more than 36,000 people. Fair officials and vendors believe attendance is down because of the heat. “In the 14 years I’ve worked here, I don’t remember wearing shorts here ever,” said vendor Sean Thomas. Vendors believe three […]

  • Keeping the Fair Animals Cool

    BLOOMSBURG — You’ve heard the expression, “Happy as a pig in mud.”  It’s actually true. Mud helps pigs keep cool, but they do not have mud inside their pens at the Bloomsburg Fair. While plenty of people suffer from the heat at the Bloomsburg Fair, the animals feel it, too, especially the pigs. Melanie Adamski has 100 pigs at the Bloomsburg Fair, including 575-pound Katie and her piglets. Adamski tells Newswatch 16 pigs can’t be hosed down because it could […]

  • Ice Cream, Cold Drinks Keeping Fairgoers Cool

    BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS — In addition to cooling stations, people are finding ways to beat the heat at the Bloomsburg Fair. First responders have treated more than 100 people for heat-related cases over the last three days. While some attractions are not too busy at the Bloomsburg Fair, other places are pretty crowded. It depends on whether there is shade. “There’s not a whole lot you can do, but it’s a ritual, a tradition and you can see all the people […]

  • Record Hot Temps at the Bloomsburg Fair

    BLOOMSBURG — Monday is traditionally Senior Citizens Day where seniors get into the Bloomsburg Fair for free, but this year, the intense heat caused issues. Unless you go into one of the buildings, shade is pretty hard to find at the fair. Emergency officials say dozens of fairgoers passed out over the last two days. The fair stepped in to help with cooling stations, shade, and free water. With temperatures in the 90s and not a lot of shade, things […]

  • Vendors Deal with Heat at Bloomsburg Fair 

    BLOOMSBURG — The temperature hit 93 degrees Monday at the largest fair in Pennsylvania. Typically, when you think of the Bloomsburg Fair, you think of cool weather and rain. That’s not the case this year. Over the last two days, workers at the Bloomsburg Fair say dozens of people passed out from the heat. Monday was also Senior Citizens Day, so there was extra concern. People tried to beat the heat any way they could. People stood under fans that […]

  • Preview Day at the Bloomsburg Fair

    BLOOMSBURG–Bissinger’s Apple Dumplings, Grotto Pizza, Kohr’s Original Orangeade…and how about these cinnamon glazed almonds? Familiar vendors take up their usual spots at the Bloomsburg Fair. “Another year at the fair. It’s always great to be here,” Michele Fox said. It’s Preview Day at the 162nd Bloomsburg Fair. It’s a day for vendors to work out the kinks and for people to come to the fair before it officially opens this weekend. “Walking around, looking at all the sights and checking […]