Nikki Krize joined the Newswatch 16 team as the central Pennsylvania Reporter in November 2011, and she is no stranger to the area.
She comes to us from Hazleton, where she worked at News 13/SSPTV as a reporter and anchor for more than three years. Before that, Nikki interned at WFMZ in Reading.

Nikki graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in Communications/Journalism and a minor in Speech Communication. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and is one of several Berks County natives on the WNEP team.

Nikki is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan and doesn’t miss a Phillies or Eagles game. She also enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family, friends and beloved cockatiel Cinnamon.

Nikki is proud to be covering the news most important to the people of northeastern and central Pennsylvania. If you have any news tips or story ideas, feel free to send her an email at

Recent Articles
  • bump

    Helping Pets Beat the Heat

    UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP — With all the talk about this weekend’s hot weather, we can’t forget about our four-legged friends! John Pickin played with his dog Gunner at Shikellamy State Park near Sunbury. They live in Shamokin and drove about 20 minutes to the park, so Gunner could play in the water. “And it’s pretty hot there, so a lot of times, when we’re working we just come here so we can cool the dog down,” Pickin said. Temperatures are […]

  • shots_fired

    Two of Four Arrested for Shots Fired in Sunbury

    SUNBURY — Two men are in jail for allegedly firing gunshots in Sunbury, and police are looking for two more. The incident has witnesses shaken up but thankful that no one was hurt. People we spoke with in Sunbury say they heard fighting followed by at least four gunshots as they were about to go to bed Thursday night. Court papers show that a man was walking his dog on North Seventh Street around 10:30 p.m. when he was approached […]

  • col mont 911

    911 Centers to Merge in Columbia and Montour Counties

    BLOOMSBURG — By early next year, Columbia and Montour Counties will share a 911 center. They are the first two counties in Pennsylvania to make such a move, but they may not be the last. Each county typically has its own 911 center, but soon calls from Montour County will be handled by dispatchers in Columbia County. Commissioners from Columbia and Montour Counties sat side by side Thursday as they announced something that’s been in the works for more than […]

  • montour cleanup

    Cleanup from Storm Damage at Montour Preserve

    ANTHONY TOWNSHIP — Some people spent the day picking up branches after a storm knocked down trees at the Montour Preserve near Washingtonville. Children at the Danville History Camp played games at the Montour Preserve on Tuesday. The kids were by a creek on Monday when it started to storm, so they quickly ran inside the visitors center. “Once it stopped, we were down near the creek again and we actually saw one of the trees fall over. Remnants from […]

  • Capture

    People React to Trump/Obama Speeches

    LEWISBURG — People in our area are reacting to the controversy of possible plagiarism after Melania Trump’s speech Monday night at the Republican National Convention. Most of the people we spoke with agreed Melania Trump’s speech sounded a lot like Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008. But they also believe Mrs. Trump didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s the speechwriter’s fault. The Republican National Convention started off with Melania Trump as the keynote speaker. But to quote Mrs. Trump, […]

  • Capture

    Library in Mifflinburg Celebrates Grand Reopening

    MIFFLINBURG — Carol Bohn of Mifflinburg stopped by the Herr Memorial Library to sign up for a computer class. Classes like this are something new the library is offering starting this week. “As usual, I don’t use it as much as I should, or as much as I would like to. But this a great opportunity,” Bohn said. The classes are just one of the improvements that came with the library’s expansion. This week is the library’s grand reopening, after […]

  • mont therapist

    Talking to Your Children about Tragedy

    MIFFLINBURG — With the recent tragedies, it can be hard for anyone — especially children — to comprehend. The psychologist we spoke with says children pick up on what their parents are feeling and saying. That’s important to remember when you’re openly discussing the recent police shootings and other terrorist attacks. Stephanie Conner of Mifflinburg has four children including, a very outgoing 6-year-old daughter Emma. Emma and her siblings want to know about the recent shootings and terror attacks that […]

  • buttons

    TWA Flight 800: Forever in Our Hearts

    MONTOURSVILLE — If you live in and around Montoursville, you’ve probably seen the buttons. Some have teddy bears and some have doves. All of them read, “Forever in Our Hearts, Flight 800, July 17th, 1996.” Sunday marked the 20th anniversary the TWA Flight 800 crash. The plane went down in the Atlantic Ocean shortly after takeoff from JFK Airport in New York. 21 people in our area were killed in the crash. Over the last 20 years, thousands of these […]

  • Capture

    TWA Flight 800: 20th Anniversary

    MONTOURSVILLE — It’s been 20 years since TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 230 people on board. Today brings back those terrible memories for the people of Montoursville because 21 people from the community were on that flight. Sunday marked the 20th anniversary the TWA Flight 800 crash. The plane went down in the Atlantic Ocean shortly after takeoff from JFK Airport in New York. 21 people in our area were killed in the crash. In […]

  • Capture

    Restaurant Closes in Bloomsburg

    BLOOMSBURG — When people walked through the door at Speer’s Kitchen in Bloomsburg they knew two things were certain. They would get their food at a low price and they would be treated like family. Although being treated like family sometimes meant getting picked on. “Coming in and everybody knows your name and they ride you. It’s fun,” Steve Wright said. But now the customers will have to go somewhere else for their food and friendship. Speer’s Kitchen just closed. […]

  • susquehanna university

    Could Terror Attacks Abroad Influence our Election?

    SELINSGROVE — Many people in our area are upset and nervous after the attack in Nice, France. A professor at Susquehanna University even believes the attack could have an impact on our presidential election. The professor we spoke with believes the recent terrorist attacks in Europe could benefit Donald Trump’s campaign because a lot of his appeal is based on strength and keeping America safe. This professor also believes these recent terrorist attacks are only the beginning. It’s been more […]

  • twa stranger become friends

    TWA Flight 800: Strangers Becoming Friends

    MONTOURSVILLE– In the aftermath of the crash of TWA Flight 800, people from all over the world reached out to the community of Montoursville. Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the day TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island, New York. A group of cheerleaders from New Jersey and their coach made their first trip to Montoursville in 1996, and the group has made the five-hour trip each year since then. Skip Pulcrano and […]


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