WNEP TV’s Mike Stevens has been traveling the Pennsylvania Road for 30 years.

In all that time, Mike has never lost sight of the original goal of the Pennsylvania Road assignment: to travel the back roads and country lanes of northeastern and central Pennsylvania in search of interesting people doing interesting things.

The Pennsylvania Road has taken WNEP viewers to meet folks who whittle, carve, saw, fiddle, play, collect, draw, build and otherwise do things that Mike thinks TV 16’s viewers ought to know about.

In addition to his travels, Mike is also host of the Home and Backyard Show Saturday morning at 900 and contributes to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life program seen Sunday nights. He is a frequent guest speaker at church, civic and charitable functions in the WNEP coverage area. He also writes essay pieces that appear in area magazines as well and enjoys taking the photographs that accompany some of his stories. He has published four books under the “Life in the Slow Lane” title.

Recent Articles
  • Back Down the PA Road: Elusive Spring in 2006

    March has brought us one blast of snow after another and more could hit us in a couple days. It’s not the stuff spring is made of. We head Back Down The Pennsylvania Road with Mike Stevens to 2006, another year in which spring sputtered to a start.

  • Hope on the Horizon

    Mike Stevens closes out our week with his usual visit to the PhotoLink Library. it’s Where we’ll find that, despite the weather, there is hope on the horizon.

  • The Words to Tell the Stories

    Mike Stevens needs to find just the right words to tell his stories on the Pennsylvania Road. They can be found all in one place. He just needs to crack a book.

  • Celebrating St. Patrick in 1989

    There are some rituals on St. Patrick’s Day some folks just can’t do without, including corned beef and cabbage, and hanging out with close friends. We head out with Mike Stevens on a trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to St. Paddy’s Day, 1989.

  • Looking Back for Some Color

    We’ve hit the down time of winter: the dark and dreary days. Spring is so close yet it still seems so far away. Mike Stevens dug deep into the PhotoLink Library, and sure enough, found some color.

  • Wood Carved into Art

    Art comes in many shapes and sizes. Mike Stevens, On The Pennsylvania Road in Schuylkill County, says it can be created from some interesting material.

  • The Blizzard of 1993

    The blizzard of 1993 brought life in northeastern and central Pennsylvania to a halt. Back then, 19 inches of snow fell in Newswatch 16’s backyard; even more fell in other parts of our area. Mike Stevens takes a trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road on the snowy roads of 25 years ago.

  • Cheerful Images Brighten the PhotoLink Library

    If the nasty weather has you down, Mike Stevens can help cheer you up, as often happens each time he visits the PhotoLink Library.

  • Chocolate Eggs On The Pennsylvania Road

    The Easter season is a time for traditions. Mike Stevens went On The Pennsylvania Road to Luzerne County to look for one of his chocolatey favorites.

  • Da Vinci’s Horse

    Mike Stevens’ trips On The Pennsylvania Road take him far and wide. One trip ended up, eventually, in Italy. We start in Lehigh County in 1984. Mike found a man fulfilling his dream to fulfill one of Leonardo da Vinci’s dreams. It took 15 years, but Leonardo’s horse statue was finally unveiled in Milan, Italy in 1999. According to the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, the statue is 24 feet tall and weighs 15 tons. The statue still stands […]

  • Delightful and Frightful

    The weather, at least for part of this week, was delightful. But it has once again turned frightful. Mike Stevens sorted through the PhotoLink Library and found a few examples.

  • Some Thoughts on Florida

    Mike Stevens travels take him off The Pennsylvania Road this week. His visit this time is to a place we suddenly know too well and for all the wrong reasons.