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WNEP TV's Mike Stevens has been traveling the Pennsylvania Road for 30 years.

In all that time, Mike has never lost sight of the original goal of the Pennsylvania Road assignment: to travel the back roads and country lanes of northeastern and central Pennsylvania in search of interesting people doing interesting things.

The Pennsylvania Road has taken WNEP viewers to meet folks who whittle, carve, saw, fiddle, play, collect, draw, build and otherwise do things that Mike thinks TV 16's viewers ought to know about.

In addition to his travels, Mike is also host of the Home and Backyard Show Saturday morning at 900 and contributes to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life program seen Sunday nights. He is a frequent guest speaker at church, civic and charitable functions in the WNEP coverage area. He also writes essay pieces that appear in area magazines as well and enjoys taking the photographs that accompany some of his stories. He has published four books under the "Life in the Slow Lane" title.

Recent Articles
  • 167223

    Reminders Of Fall

    Fall isn’t quite over yet but it’s nearing an end. Mike Stevens has found a few last-minute views of that glorious season and what may lie ahead in the PhotoLink Library.

  • otr veterans

    Veterans Day On The Pennsylvania Road

    The official day for paying tribute to veterans may have passed but the time to do that never really does. It’s a Veterans Day story that demands a closer look.  Mike Stevens travels the Pennsylvania Road to Columbia County.

  • otr armistice

    Some Thoughts On Veterans Day

    It’s November, the month of Armistice Day and the end of the war that was supposed to end all wars. Of course, that didn’t happen. Mike Stevens takes us Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to a place in Lackawanna County where the proof of that is more than obvious.

  • “Pinball Wizard”

    Meet man who collects pinball machines.  Get a look at his amazing vintage collection. Classic Arcades Inc. 101 East Main Street Wilkes-Barre.  (570) 819-1570

  • Muted Tones of Autumn

    Mike Stevens opens up the doors to the PhotoLink Library. He may have found a different way of looking at the colors of autumn.

  • otr pinball

    Pinball Man

    Mike Stevens is fond of reliving his childhood moments, but perhaps you are, too. If you like the machines that go ding, clank, and bang in the night, then you will be quite welcome On The Pennsylvania Road in Luzerne County.

  • pottsville maroons

    Pottsville Maroons

    We’re going back 25 years to get a history lesson from Schuylkill County. It was in November of 1989, when Mike Stevens went to Pottsville to learn all about a professional football team called the “Maroons” and that’s this trip Back Down the Pennsylvania Road.

  • Mike Stevens’ Tribute to the Pennsylvania State Police

    Mike Stevens — ” I thought of them as the long, gray line before I saw this photo at the State Police barracks in Dunmore. Over the years, that line is all that’s separated us from those who wish us harm or who needed to be brought to justice. The men and women of the Pennsylvania State Police have drawn that line in the concrete of cities and the soil of rural areas, sometimes with their own blood. When Corporal […]

  • trail of treats

    Trail Of Treats On The Pennsylvania Road

    It is a WNEP-TV Halloween tradition that Mike Stevens is proud to be a part of. For more than a decade, the Trail of Treats has been a special stop On The Pennsylvania Road.

  • wooden toys

    Wooden Toy Maker

    As we travel Back Down the Pennsylvania Road to 2004, we meet a man Mike Stevens says is very talented with tools, creating wooden toys that are works of art.


    Photolink Library: Travel Adventures

    Mike Stevens is opening up the doors to the PhotoLink Library for another visit. This time, he says, it looks like travel is the order of the day.

  • otr mousetrap

    Mousetrap Maker

    Mousetrap builder to the world, and to think it started in Columbia County. Mike Stevens followed the Pennsylvania Road where he found the path to a better mousetrap.


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