WNEP TV’s Mike Stevens has been traveling the Pennsylvania Road for 30 years.

In all that time, Mike has never lost sight of the original goal of the Pennsylvania Road assignment: to travel the back roads and country lanes of northeastern and central Pennsylvania in search of interesting people doing interesting things.

The Pennsylvania Road has taken WNEP viewers to meet folks who whittle, carve, saw, fiddle, play, collect, draw, build and otherwise do things that Mike thinks TV 16’s viewers ought to know about.

In addition to his travels, Mike is also host of the Home and Backyard Show Saturday morning at 900 and contributes to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life program seen Sunday nights. He is a frequent guest speaker at church, civic and charitable functions in the WNEP coverage area. He also writes essay pieces that appear in area magazines as well and enjoys taking the photographs that accompany some of his stories. He has published four books under the “Life in the Slow Lane” title.

Recent Articles
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    Preserving a Piece of Fire Fighting History

    Sometimes one story leads to another as Mike Stevens found when he took us back down the Pennsylvania Road to Schuylkill County. The story that time needed an update, so Mike again traveled the Pennsylvania Road, catching up with what you might call fire history in Schuylkill County.

  • bdpr luna park

    Luna Park

    It was a place of summer fun, a place to go and while away a warm day. Yet it is a place that holds but a footnote in Lackawanna County history. Mike Stevens takes us Back Down the Pennsylvania Road to 2006 and a one-time destination for summer fun.

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    Picture Perfect 4-2-2016

    Here is your Picture Perfect for April 2nd, 2016.

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    Curious Characters of Spring

    Some birds and other friends are waiting in the PhotoLink Library. Mike Stevens says, this week, the curious characters of spring are finally coming out.

  • otr hotel edison

    The Hotel Edison

    Mike Stevens made a stop recently On The Pennsylvania Road in Northumberland County, and he really likes this story because he gets to shine a little light on history.

  • bdpr fire engine

    Steam Fire Engine

    Twenty years ago, an item went up for sale in Schuylkill County, an item interesting enough to draw the attention of Mike Stevens. The same item brings the story here for another viewing as we go Back Down The Pennsylvania Road.

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    The Return of Color

    It’s the season of Easter and the season of spring and Mike Stevens had both in mind when he stopped by the PhotoLink Library.

  • otr delaware river

    Upper Delaware River, Picture Perfect

    The National Park Service is in its 100th year of preserving our natural treasures.  One of them is the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and that’s where we find Mike Stevens On The Pennsylvania Road. Click here for more information on how to enter the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River photo contest.

  • bdpr doll house

    A Doll House on a Grand Scale

    We travel Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to the year 2005. Back then, Mike Stevens stopped in Luzerne County to meet a home builder whose work is not measured in feet or yards, but rather in inches.

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    Picture Perfect 3/19/16

    Mike Stevens looks at some of your photos, in this week’s Picture Perfect

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    Trying to Think Spring

    Even with the forecast for snow this weekend, it is still time to settle back and think spring. And to help us with that, we head to the PhotoLink Library with Mike Stevens as our guide.

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    The Tanks of Berwick

    It is a symbol in the fight for freedom. It was made here and it’s coming home. Mike Stevens made a stop in Columbia County for what is the start of a homecoming.


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