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WNEP TV's Mike Stevens has been traveling the Pennsylvania Road for 30 years.

In all that time, Mike has never lost sight of the original goal of the Pennsylvania Road assignment: to travel the back roads and country lanes of northeastern and central Pennsylvania in search of interesting people doing interesting things.

The Pennsylvania Road has taken WNEP viewers to meet folks who whittle, carve, saw, fiddle, play, collect, draw, build and otherwise do things that Mike thinks TV 16's viewers ought to know about.

In addition to his travels, Mike is also host of the Home and Backyard Show Saturday morning at 900 and contributes to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life program seen Sunday nights. He is a frequent guest speaker at church, civic and charitable functions in the WNEP coverage area. He also writes essay pieces that appear in area magazines as well and enjoys taking the photographs that accompany some of his stories. He has published four books under the "Life in the Slow Lane" title.

Recent Articles
  • paroad_organ

    The Music of a Restored Verbeeck Fairground Organ

    The music of yesteryear is still some pretty good music. Mike Stevens found just how good when he made a stop on The Pennsylvania Road in Wayne County to see a machine that thinks it’s an orchestra and has the pipes to prove it.

  • bdpr sull rocks

    Worlds End State Park

    Mike Stevens leaves no stone unturned when he travels Back Down the Pennsylvania Road. His trip 10 years ago took him to Sullivan County.

  • PL Lib 7-25

    For the Birds!

    This edition of the PhotoLink Library is truly for the birds! Mike Stevens shows us your pictures of our fine-feathered friends.

  • pll 7 18

    Small, Unusual, Interesting

    In the PhotoLink Library this week, we consider the notion that up close can give us a remarkable view of the world and what lives in it. Mike Stevens takes us to a place in the world that we often don’t see. Mike says the view is small, unusual, and most interesting.

  • otr apollo

    Taking The Pennsylvania Road To The Moon

    It was 45 years ago that the crew aboard Apollo 11 was on its way to the moon. It was a thrilling time in our history and Mike Stevens takes us On The Pennsylvania Road to Lackawanna County to meet a man who had a part in it.

  • bdpr horsepower

    Logging With Horse Power

    As we travel Back Down the Pennsylvania Road to 1994, Mike Stevens takes a look at the way things used to be, when horsepower was just that: horse power.

  • State Park Summers: Fun Facts

    Mike Stevens shares some history on Pennsylvania’s State Park system.

  • pll 7 11 light

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Wrapping up an unforgettable week for many folks in northeastern and central Pennsylvania, Mike Stevens shows us the beauty of it all — with your help, of course – in the PhotoLink Library.

  • otr troy barn

    Troy Cattle Sale Barn

    The old place is right there in the heart of Troy and the heart of town is where it ought to be. Folks there will tell you that for a long time, the old barn in Bradford County played its role very well. Mike Stevens takes a look at the old cattle sale barn on this stop along The Pennsylvania Road. There will be tours of the building and refreshments at the barn sale in Bradford County July 10 from […]

  • bdpr owl art

    Owl Art

    Every so often you can find an artist making a statement about nature and wildlife. We go Back Down the Pennsylvania Road to 2004 when Mike Stevens found such a person during a stop he made in Carbon County.

  • pll 4th

    Celebrate The Fourth in the PhotoLink Library

    The PhotoLink Library is open for business on this holiday. Mike Stevens says before you begin to look up at the fireworks, why not try looking down. And you can take a look back at spring in the PhotoLink Library with gallery of your best photos:

  • otr shohola train wreck

    Remembering The Shohola Train Wreck

    A train wreck from 150 years ago is our destination this time when The Pennsylvania Road makes a stop in Pike County. July 15 is a historic day in Pike County, for 150 years ago it was as if a little of the Civil War came to visit. There are ceremonies in Shohola July 12 and 13 to mark the 150th anniversary of the wreck. Visits to both the cemetery and the site are offered on July 13. Admission is […]


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