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WNEP TV’s Mike Stevens has been traveling the Pennsylvania Road for 30 years.

In all that time, Mike has never lost sight of the original goal of the Pennsylvania Road assignment: to travel the back roads and country lanes of northeastern and central Pennsylvania in search of interesting people doing interesting things.

The Pennsylvania Road has taken WNEP viewers to meet folks who whittle, carve, saw, fiddle, play, collect, draw, build and otherwise do things that Mike thinks TV 16’s viewers ought to know about.

In addition to his travels, Mike is also host of the Home and Backyard Show Saturday morning at 900 and contributes to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life program seen Sunday nights. He is a frequent guest speaker at church, civic and charitable functions in the WNEP coverage area. He also writes essay pieces that appear in area magazines as well and enjoys taking the photographs that accompany some of his stories. He has published four books under the “Life in the Slow Lane” title.

Recent Articles
  • otr go joe

    Go Joe 19 On The Pennsylvania Road

    Mike Stevens is talking about Go Joe 19 On The Pennsylvania Road. No matter the crowds along the way, Mike points out that for Joe, it’s a fairly lonely road.

  • bdpr sawmill

    Old Sawmill in Wayne County

    Mike Stevens spent a day in Wayne County 20 years ago. It was one of many days Mike has spent in that lovely corner of northeastern Pennsylvania, to be sure. But on that particular day, he found something left over from the Civil War era, so we go Back Down The Pennsylvania Road for another look.

  • promo293499317

    Looking Up

    If it’s too hot outside for you, enjoy summer through a camera lens in the PhotoLink Library. How do we feel about summer? Mike Stevens spells it out in this visit to the PhotoLink Library.

  • promo293314672

    A Hike Through Ricketts Glen State Park – Part 2

    As promised last week, Mike Stevens has made another stop at Ricketts Glen in Luzerne County. The Pennsylvania Road, you might say, has taken a fall this time.

  • bdpr dog days

    The Dog Days of Summer

    We have been experiencing some hot weather lately, much like we did in 2001. Mike Stevens reminds us of those dog days of summer as we travel Back Down The Pennsylvania Road.

  • pll small subjects

    Big Pictures and Small Subjects

    Time for Mike Stevens to swing open the doors to the PhotoLink Library. You might miss some of what he has found this time, unless you look very closely.

  • otr ricketts glen I

    A Hike Through Ricketts Glen State Park – Part I

    Time to pack up all your cares and woe and join Mike Stevens for a break from it all. It is easy enough to do once you get to a special spot On The Pennsylvania Road in Luzerne County. This is the first part of his visit to Ricketts Glen State Park.

  • promo292530158


    With hot summertime temperatures this week, we thought it fitting to look back at a hot summer day decades ago. Mike Stevens paid tribute to the summertime heat back on July 8th, 1988  and that’s this trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road.

  • promo292265030

    The Happiness of Summer

    We want to try to end the week on an uplifting note, and who better to do that than our own Mike Stevens. Perhaps the pictures this evening in the PhotoLink Library will find you some comfort as Mike takes a look at the happiness of summer.

  • otr butterflies

    The Butterfly House

    Mike Stevens found himself On The Pennsylvania Road in Wyoming County recently. He visited a house the likes of which you don’t find very often, but one that, in the end, can be hard to leave.

  • promo291917946

    Grand Old Flag

    We celebrate the Fourth of July by turning to all things red, white and blue. About five years ago, Mike Stevens thought it appropriate to take a look — a long look — at the colors that started it all. So on this Independence Day, we go Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to see what Mike saw.

  • ut_hkthath4eww8x4xmdoxojbro-i4w8

    Lovely Lavender

    Mike Stevens shares an essay on the plant that has many uses from food to relaxation…lavender. For more information on Hope Hill Lavender Farm, click here.


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