Newswatch 16 Anchor Marisa Burke, a native of central Pennsylvania, was born and raised in Danville, Pennsylvania. She graduated in 1982 from Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio and Television Communications.

Marisa began her broadcasting career in June of 1980, as an anchor, reporter, and producer for WHLM AM/FM radio in Bloomsburg. Later that summer, Marisa accepted a position as a reporter for WSLS-TV in Roanoke, Virginia and worked there for two years. She was quickly promoted to weekend anchor/producer and then to weekday co-anchor of the 6 and 11 pm newscasts.

Marisa joined WNEP-TV in April, 1984 as an anchor/reporter of the morning and midday newscasts. She is now producer and co-anchor of Newswatch 16 at 6.

Marisa is involved in all kinds of station-sponsored charity events including St. Joseph’s Telethon, the Race-for-the-Cure, Feed-a-Friend, Toys-for-Tots, and Coats-for-Kids. She is also host for the Greater Scranton Jaycee’s Santa Parade.

Marisa has two daughters, Rachael and Sarah.

Recent Articles
  • Wrong-Way Drivers: The PennDOT Interview

    HARRISBURG — The problem of wrong-way driving in our area lately has received so much attention, and so much reaction from our viewers, that Newswatch 16 traveled to Harrisburg to talk with the head of PennDOT. It appears as though Pennsylvania is in the middle of elaborate research studies on an issue Newswatch 16 has been reporting on this month: wrong-way driving on interstate highways. Pennsylvania is among nearly a half dozen states in the northeast taking part in research […]

  • Wrong-Way Drivers: Prevention and Notification

    SCRANTON — Two more wrong-way crashes on Interstate 81in our area have once again raised the issue: is the state doing enough to prevent them from happening? And is Pennsylvania doing enough to notify innocent drivers going the other way? Coincidentally, these two crashes happened less than a week after a Newswatch 16 report that showed how the state of Rhode Island is one of a few states that now has new technology to detect wrong-way drivers getting on highways. […]

  • Stopping Wrong-Way Drivers

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Could a system that detects wrong-way drivers now being used in Rhode Island be put into use in our area? The New England state is one of the few across the country that has installed a wrong-way driving detection system. After all the recent crashes in our area involving wrong-way drivers, Newswatch 16 traveled to Rhode Island to see how its warning system works¬†and to see if the same kind of device could prevent wrong-way crashes in […]

  • St. Joseph School Marks 125th Anniversary

    DANVILLE — This is a very special week for parochial schools in our area. National Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate Catholic education. In Danville, the week is even more special because St. Joseph School along Ferry Street is celebrating 125 years. The bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg made St. Joseph’s Church and School in Danville one of his first stops during Catholic Schools Week. After celebrating Mass with the school’s faculty and students, Bishop Ronald Gainer […]

  • ‘Truck after Truck’ Shake Up Luzerne County Communities

    NEWPORT TOWNSHIP — Construction on a new natural gas-fueled power plant in Luzerne County is barely a few months old and already the work is upsetting communities around the project — specifically neighbors in the Mocanaqua area who have to deal with nonstop heavy truck traffic that starts at 6 a.m. and goes until 7 p.m. Truck after truck full of stone travel through an area called the “Lee” section of Glen Lyon in Luzerne County. Only about 20 homes […]

  • Selling Big-Ticket Dream Homes

    MOOSIC — When you consider that the average price of a home for sale in our area is around $170,000, selling a home listed at a half million dollars or more can be a challenge. But there are plenty of homes like that for sale right now. A home along Glenmaura Drive in Moosic is listed at $899,000. It’s one of about 60 homes for sale in Lackawanna County right now that are $500,000 and up. A 7,000-square-foot home with […]

  • Interstate 81 Pavement Problem Runs Deep

    LUZERNE COUNTY — PennDOT engineers were out Tuesday taking core samples from Interstate 81 in Luzerne County. It’s where holes have opened up in the same highway that was just resurfaced two years ago. Newswatch 16 was allowed unprecedented access to see the work, and now we know what started out as a microseal mystery has revealed another mystery and one perhaps much more serious. The machine cuts out a six-inch wide, 14-inch deep core from Interstate 81 near the […]

  • The ‘Microseal’ Mystery on Interstate 81

    LUZERNE COUNTY — When you make repairs to your home, you expect them to last, especially if you invest a lot of money. The same thing goes for roads. That’s the reason PennDOT is now investigating why pavement less than two years old on Interstate 81 is already breaking apart. Newswatch 16 drove on a stretch of Interstate 81 near the Pittston exit that was paved over less than two years ago. Anywhere you see blacktop – approximately 20 miles […]

  • Aggressive Driving Crackdown In Lackawanna County

    ARCHBALD — If you drive with a lead foot, then you’d better watch if you’re going through one part of Lackawanna County. Newswatch 16 was allowed to be with officers as they were pulling over drivers suspected of speeding on Betty Street in Eynon. Officers in Archbald use a system called ENRADD. It is a Pennsylvania-approved, non-radar speed-timing device.¬† And on this day, officers used the system to clock drivers on Betty Street in Eynon. “The rules are the rules. […]

  • Enjoying The Last Day Off Of Summer

    SCRANTON — Many folks in our area didn’t have to work on this Labor Day so they used the opportunity for one last hurrah of summer. Labor Day is kind of bittersweet. You are happy to have the day off, but you know this is the last holiday of the summer. A family from Scranton wanted to spend one more summer day outdoors at Lackawanna State Park. “We wanted to camp for the last couple days, and here we are […]

  • From Farm Land to Frack Land

    If there is one part of our area that has seen dramatic change in the past 10 to15 years it is the northern tier. It has gone from farm land to frack land. In the 1990s I was assigned daily stories in Susquehanna, Bradford, and Wyoming counties, a rural area known for the beauty of the Endless Mountains and agriculture. Now the area is filled with natural gas drilling sites. This month I returned to see how the region has […]

  • Second Suspect in Machete Attack Arrested

    Authorities have found the second suspect in a machete attack in Wilkes-Barre. Police picked up Juan Borbon in Passaic County, New Jersey. Wilkes-Barre police are now working to get him returned to our area to be charged. It was last month when a student had his hand nearly severed when he was attacked outside G.A.R. High School. A 16 year old has already been charged in the case because police believe he supplied the weapon. Detectives think the suspect found […]