Kurt Aaron was actually born Kurt Aaron Carichner. When he arrived in Texas in the mid 90s, many News Anchors struggled with the correct pronounciation of his last name, which is pronounced “care – ick – ner”.

Kurt is a native to this area. He went to elementary school in Dallas, Pennsylvania before his family moved to central Pennsylvania and settled in Hughesville. A proud Hughesville “Spartan” all through high school, Kurt played numerous sports and was involved in many school activities. He also worked part-time in radio in the Williamsport area.

Kurt attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology where he majored in Broadcast Communications. He got to know Route 118 very well while he interned right here at Newswatch 16 during his college days. He received an academic excellence award in broadcasting. Kurt continued to work part-time in radio while attending college.
After college Kurt hosted a morning radio show on 103.9 Hot-FM in Williamsport before accepting his first television job at WENY-TV in Elmira, NY. While in NY Kurt began to develop a love for weather and took meteorology courses through MSU.

In the summer of 1997 Kurt was offered a full-time meteorologist position at KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas. After a successful two-year stay in Corpus Christi, Kurt and his family accepted a meteorologist position at KBMT-TV in Beaumont, Texas. They returned to Northeast PA in early 2002. Kurt and his wife, Teresa, have been married since May 1989 and have two beautiful children. Joshua is in the United States Air Force and Amber is a full-time college student.

If you don’t happen to catch him on WNEP, you may find him enjoying a nice round of golf.

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