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    Talkback 16: Iron Furnaces, Immigration Debate

    On Friday’s Talkback 16, viewers commented on the proposal for Scranton’s historic Iron Furnaces, and a police shooting near Wilkes-Barre.  There was also reaction to the immigration debate.

  • Church Opens Closet to Those in Need

    WILLIAMSPORT — Members of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Williamsport dug through bags of donated clothes at the church here. “We’ve been really lucky for seven years that people have brought us clean seasonal clothing.” The church is opening up its closet to the community. Members hope to help folks bundle up for the colder months. They are giving away the donated clothes for free! “There is no fee for anything they give everything away for free no questions asked.” It’s […]

  • President Obama Speaks on Immigration Reform

    President Obama says it’s something he has to do. Using executive order, he says he will protect millions of undocumented immigrants from being deported. If they have been in America for more than five years and have children who are U. S. or legal residents, he says they can register for protection. It’s a move some are applauding. “I just think its brilliant and i think president obama is truthfully trying to fix the immigration system but i think at […]


    Talkback 16: A Drug Sweep and a Police Shooting

    Talkback 16:  Newswatch 16 viewers share their thoughts on a big drug sweep,  and a police-involved shooting.

  • Does It Really Work? Slip Stone Pan

    This is the Slip Stone Pan! The maker claims, it’s made out of high-end aluminum and will cook without using any oils, butter or non-stick cooking spray.  It has a four layer stone-like surface that retains heat, then evenly releases it to the food. It even has a bendable handle for easy storing. To test the Slip Stone Pan, Newswatch 16 went to City Cafe in downtown Scranton.  They specialize in Mediterranean food and they agreed to help us with […]

  • More Traffic Troubles After Truck Takes Down Signal

    JENKINS TOWNSHIP — Drive on Route 315 north, and signs warn drivers to slow down for construction. Another sign warns a stop sign is ahead. That stop sign sits 100 yards ahead where Route 315 meets the off-ramp of I-81 north, and several cars never stop. “It`s like people don`t know what to do, they just stop in the middle of the road,” said Kisha Johnson of Wilkes-Barre. The reactions of frequent commuters range from confusion to anger. “Absolutely horrible.” […]


    Talkback 16: Bomb Threats in Schools, Theft of a Crucifix

    TALKBACK 16 — Folks deliver their commentary on a stolen crucifix, recent bomb threats in schools, and the reopening of the state police barracks at Blooming Grove.

  • Woman Living in Monroe County Remembers Escape From East Germany

    MOUNT POCONO — After all these years, Simone Colón still keeps a piece of the Berlin Wall in her home in Mount Pocono. Simone and her boyfriend had the courage to get out of East Germany before the wall came down even after so many died trying. “By the time I left my hometown, I left with the understanding I will never be able to return, never to see my family again,” she explains. While vacationing in Hungary in 1988, […]

  • Gas Prices Drop, SUV and Truck Sales Rise

    KINGSTON –  Newswatch 16 found gas for $2.99 a gallon at a Sunoco station in Kingston, and drivers were filling up their pickup trucks. A few blocks down Market Street Patrick Del Balso says customers who downsized in the past are considering an SUV or a truck  at Del Balso Ford. “We definitely see a spike in business when gas prices are on the decline. Once we see the gas prices going down, sales definitely do take an uptick,” said […]

  • More Testimony in Monroe County Homicide Trial

    STROUDSBURG — Testimony continued Friday in the trial of a man accused of killing and dismembering a woman, and then tossing parts of her body along the highway. Charles Hicks is on trial for first degree murder and could face the death penalty. Investigators demonstrated to the jury on Friday how both of the victim’s hands were found wrapped inside the walls of his home in the Tobyhanna area in 2008. Prosecutors have called more than 20 witnesses to testify […]


    Talkback 16: Cuts to COLTS, Former Fire Co. President Admits to Theft

    In Friday’s edition of Talkback 16, callers had something to say about potential cuts to the COLTS service. They also had some thoughts about a former fire company president who admitted to stealing from his department.


    Talkback 16: Rockefeller Center Tree, Layoffs at Schott Glass

    TALKBACK 16: In Thursday’s Talkback 16, callers sounded off about the layoffs at Schott Glass, and they had comments about the family who claims they were roughed up by Wilkes-Barre Police.


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