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You can catch evening anchor Julie Sidoni for two hours each weeknight, on Newswatch 16 at 4 and Newswatch 16 at 5. She is also currently responsible for the station's Healthwatch 16 reports.

Julie has been part of the WNEP team since February of 2002. She comes to WNEP from WJAC-TV in Johnstown, where she reported for a year and a half after graduating from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Before that, Julie worked as an associate producer at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh. She got her start as a reporter for National Public Radio affiliate WDUQ-FM, also in Pittsburgh.

Julie grew up in St. Marys, PA and lives with her family in Kingston.

Recent Articles
  • hw depression

    Healthwatch 16: Talking About Depression

    The death of actor and comedian Robin Williams has brought to the forefront the topic of depression. Mental health experts say depression is very common, but that arming yourself with some facts, and being aware of common signs that someone is struggling, could help save a life. The news that celebrated actor and funnyman Robin Williams took his own life this week at the age of 63 hit his fans hard. It also prompted the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention […]

  • ne regional cancer screening

    Colorectal Cancer Screening

    SCRANTON — Colorectal cancer is often diagnosed in northeastern Pennsylvania at a rate 20 percent higher than the rest of the state and the country. Getting more people screened to catch it early is the goal of a program in Lackawanna County. We met with the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute’s director of community and patient services Laura Toole. She told us about a program going on now for those who fall into certain low-income and under-insured guidelines. It’s a way […]

  • Woman’s Jaw Surgery: “Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before”

    A woman from Columbia County had no idea that- when she sought treatment for some swelling on the side of her head- she’d soon be discussed around the country.  It turns out what she had is something doctors have rarely seen before, but a medical issue doctors at Geisinger could fix. Kathleen Wells from Stillwater says for years, every few months, she’d feel a strange pain down the side of her head.  She described it as “not all that severe.”  […]

  • full brain

    Full Brain Theory

    The next time you forget something you were supposed to do, consider this: scientists say it’s not that you’re forgetful; your brain may just be too full. The next time you see grandma or grandpa struggle to remember a name or a word, think about all the information they need to sift through to get there. That’s the thought behind the “full brain theory.” In a report published earlier this year called “The Myth of Cognitive Decline,” some scientists suggest […]

  • hw lab

    Telegenomics Center

    What’s now a big, empty space is about to be a state of the art genomic facility in Luzerne County. Officials with Geisinger Medical Center announced plans for a new center in Forty Fort, Which will be home to researchers and others in the genomic field. Construction work will soon begin at a Geisinger medical facility on Welles Street in Forty Fort. Officials showed images of what the new genomic medicine center will look like when it’s done. “This really […]

  • Saving a Leg

    A man from Luzerne County and his wife had already gone through the transition needed after he lost a leg.  Then they realized he could lose the other one too.  But a team at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center was able to save it. If you’ve ever come across WVIA-TV’s Ballroom Show, you may have seen David and Ellen Tosh of West Pittston, showing off their fox trot.  Dancing is one of the things they liked to do best a […]

  • Assessing the Risk of Breast Cancer

    Treating breast cancer is one thing.  Figuring out if you’re at a higher risk of developing it is another, and a new clinic at Geisinger aims to help women do just that. Jody Shepperson has worked at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville for 34 years as a colorectal nurse specialist.  She started getting regular mammograms when she was 35, knowing that since her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50, she herself was at a higher risk. “As […]

  • Introducing The Corset Body Lift

    Patients who lose a significant amount of weight, whether it be through bariatric surgery or other methods, say they feel happier and healthier than before.  But in some cases they’re also left with a lot of excess skin.  A surgeon at Geisinger has created a technique for dealing with all of that skin, if you’re interested in getting your shape back but don’t mind scars. Debbie Benkoski of Plains Township says she has struggled with her weight for as long […]

  • The Gift of a Future (Part 2)

    We’re going inside the operating room in this Healthwatch 16 report.  We already introduced you to two grade-school classmates, who hadn’t seen each other in decades, reunited as organ donor and recipient at Geisinger Medical Center.  Doctors allowed us to follow them into the OR for a better understanding of the process of live organ donation. “I’m so overwhelmed by the whole thing.  I don’t even know what to say,” Danny Tighe told us on May 23rd, just before he […]

  • The Gift of A Future (Part 1)

      It’s estimated there are 100,000 people on a national kidney transplant list.  They’re likely on dialysis indefinitely, waiting for a phone call that a compatible donor kidney is available.   A man named Danny Tighe from Luzerne County was one of those people, until just a few weeks ago.  That’s when a woman he knew as a girl- a grade-school classmate he hadn’t seen in 31 years- offered to give him one of hers. The tanned and healthy-looking Danny Tighe […]

  • Help For First-Time Moms

      Pregnancy and childbirth are two experiences that can lead to many questions for parents, especially for first-timers. Some moms ask their own mothers.  Others seek help from friends.  But there’s a program in Central Pennsylvania giving some first-time moms their own visiting nurse to help see them through. We got the chance to meet 5-month-old Travion, who seems like he really wants to start crawling.  Notice his hip hair-do?  His mom, 22-year-old Cheyenne Arnold of Mifflinburg, is studying cosmetology […]

  • Estate Planning: Start Early

      The topic of what happens after you’re gone isn’t really a fun one to dive into.  But experts who work with the area’s elderly population say just a bit of planning now can save your family a lot of heartache down the road. We recently sat down for an interview with Maria Maletta-Hastie at LIFE Geisinger, a day facility for elder care.  But this time, she was the one asking the questions: how will I protect my assets from […]


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