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You can catch evening anchor Julie Sidoni each weekday on WNEP-TV, on Newswatch 16 at Noon, 4 and 5. She is also currently responsible for the station’s Healthwatch 16 reports.

Julie has been part of the WNEP team since February of 2002. She comes to WNEP from WJAC-TV in Johnstown, where she reported for a year and a half after graduating from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Before that, Julie worked as an associate producer at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh. She got her start as a reporter for National Public Radio affiliate WDUQ-FM, also in Pittsburgh.

Julie grew up in St. Marys, PA and lives with her family in Kingston.

Recent Articles
  • Healthwatch 16: Little Hats, Big Hearts

    SCRANTON — “Little Hats, Big Hearts,” is the name of a nationwide effort to get parents thinking about congenital heart disease. This is “Go Red for Women Day,” a campaign by the American Heart Association to bring attention to the prevalence of heart disease and stroke, and in Scranton, even the littlest among us got in on it. Beautiful little Esther Rose is just 2 days old and already she is well accessorized. Esther was born at Moses Taylor Hospital […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Doctor’s Advice for Cold and Flu Season

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — There are a number of illnesses going around in workplaces right now, and schools can be even worse. It’s cold and flu season, so we thought we’d ask a pediatrician about some guidelines you can use when your little one brings a bug home. Dr. Kathryn DeHart is a pediatrician at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. We wanted to know her advice on when to keep your child home sick, and when they can go to […]

  • Helping Your Heart with The Watchman

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Atrial fibrillation, or AFib, is an irregular, sometimes rapid heartbeat. A doctor at Geisinger Medical Center says as many as one-third of people who have AFib won’t have symptoms, just like a man we spoke to from the Poconos. He recently had a procedure to help prevent a problem often caused by AFib, something the doctor says his patients have been waiting for. It’s in the state-of-the-art cardiac cath lab at Geisinger Wyoming Valley’s Pearsall Heart Hospital […]

  • Help Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

    DANVILLE — This week, the talk is all about New Year’s resolutions. Two popular ones deal with eating better/working out more and quitting smoking. Neither is easy, but both are attainable if you’re really serious about making the changes. It seems a lot of people have good intentions this time of year. Losing weight and getting fit are popular New Year’s resolutions. It’s where Heather Specht of New Columbia was last year. “Getting in shape was kind of a dreadful […]

  • Favorite Stories 2016: Music As A Healing Art

    Newswatch 16’s Julie Sidoni introduces us to some musicians sharing their time and talents in the halls of a hospital intensive care unit.

  • Grant Pays for Tuition of Nursing Students

    SCRANTON — What if you were working hard on getting your degree and someone told you out of the blue that the bulk of your tuition bill was taken care of? That happened to students in the graduate nursing program at the University of Scranton. And it wasn’t Santa Claus behind it; it was the federal government. As a nurse practitioner, you get to practice with a little more autonomy, see patients independently. Kelly Babinski, 48, of Scranton spent more […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Hunter Heart

    THOMPSON — Heart attacks often happen in the middle of doing something strenuous–shoveling snow or hunting, for example. One man in Susquehanna County wanted to share what happened to him to warn others and to thank the people who saved his life. John Butts, 61, was lucky that he lived to come back and hug the nursing and tech team at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale. The man from Thompson, in Susquehanna County, told us what happened November 28, the […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Coping with Holiday Stress

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — No doubt the holidays can be filled with fun, friends, and family, and lots of joyful moments, but there’s a fair amount of stress associated with the holidays, too. Whether you’re dealing with some personality conflicts or just looking to stay healthy through the end of the year, Healthwatch 16 has a few tips. It’s mid-December, which means no matter what holiday you celebrate, you are probably knee-deep in making your lists and checking them twice. This […]

  • Transitions in Care – Hospital to Home Pharmacy

    SCRANTON — A few months ago, two faculty members at an area university learned they’d received a grant from a National Health Foundation. The instructors at the School of Pharmacy at Wilkes University will use the money to expand a program already in place at several hospitals in Scranton, and if you’re a patient there, you might just see it at work. It’s a room a lot of people never even think about — the pharmacy at a hospital, in […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Smoking is a common risk factor for lung cancer, but doctors say women with no history of smoking are increasingly developing lung cancer. February in northeastern and central Pennsylvania is cold and plenty of colds are going around then, so Dr. Denise Prislupski from Old Forge didn’t think a thing of it when she found herself with cold symptoms. “I developed a cough,” Dr. Prislupski recalled. “At that time, it was February, it was cold and […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Smoking and Lung Cancer

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Each year, on the third Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society encourages smokers across the nation to take part in the Great American Smokeout. And it turns out its message is one we here in northeastern and central Pennsylvania need to hear. There’s no better day than the Great American Smokeout — a day set aside to focus on quitting smoking — to talk about lung cancer. It isn’t the most common cancer, but it […]

  • Treating Breast Cancer with 3D Imaging and Genetic Testing

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Mammograms, along with self-exams, have long been the standard for screening for breast cancer. 3D mammography is taking that to the next level, allowing doctors to see even the smallest tumors. That, plus the use of a new genetic test, is what a woman from Monroe County credits with saving her life. Caroline Graham says her friends, coworkers, even total strangers continue to amaze her with their kindness. The woman from the Poconos showed us the blankets […]