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….Just the Facts……

Born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Carbondale, PA on February 19, 1966. Grew up a mile north of there in Simpson, where bars and churches outnumber country clubs by a factor of fifty. Attended Fell Elementary School in the 70s. At recess got hit in the head by a metal swing while looking at green bug in swing’s path. Graduated with honors and bump on head in 1978.

Age 12, tried to be football star, failed. Attended Carbondale Area High School, but stayed loyal to Simpson friends. Joined football team, didn’t start. Age 14, got golf clubs as present. Sold golf clubs for $200, bought personal Computer. Took apart computer and Mom’s stereo, got grounded. Went to senior prom…Hated It! Acted like sheep following herd, ended up in wrong direction. Slowly became individual, being true to oneself! Graduated in 1984, skipped ceremony, threw gown away, looked for new sheep, or NO SHEEP!

Left home at 18 to attend Millersville University. Majored in Earth and Space Science! Great sheep! Didn’t join football team. Graduated in 1988….Solid B student! Drove around in rusty 1978 Ford Fairmount looking for job. Changed oil every 3000 miles on Ford. Landed teaching job at Carbondale Area High School in 1988. Bump on head cleared up.

Age 22, bought new car, no rust, began science teaching career. Courted pretty brunette just a few miles down the road! Explained bump and sheep issues!

The 20 somethings..Got married to Dawn (pretty brunette), reproduced (Joseph, Luke, Aleah), stuccoed house, got hernia. Played touch football, hockey, cycling and worked at WNEP-TV on weekends. 1999, became full time at WNEP-TV. Left teaching science career, hernia cleared.

The 30 somethings…Masters Degree in Biology/Environmental Science from East Stroudsburg University. Solid B student. Got another degree and hernia! Being DAD, best thing ever done with body! Offspring…Better, smarter, faster…Must be pretty brunette. The 40s somethings…Instructor at Marywood University. Cycling more, less football, more nose and ear hairs. Being DAD, still best thing ever…Offspring may not agree! Pretty bruenette still pretty. More on inside than outside! Thank you Uniiverse!

Continues to live in peace, love, and happiness.

Recent Articles
  • Wham Cam: Waves

    We hear it mentioned all the time in Stormtracker 16 forecasts: jet stream waves. But what are they and how to they affect the weather? That’s the question Joe Snedeker has for people in this week’s Wham Cam.

  • wham north pole

    Wham Cam: North Pole

    When children talk about the North Pole this time of year, they probably think of Santa Claus. He lives there, of course, but what else is there? That’s the question Joe Snedeker has for folks in this week’s Wham Cam.

  • wham

    Wham Cam: What Never Rolled Into the Native American World

    Meteorologist Joe Snedeker kept the Thanksgiving category rolling in this week’s Wham Cam.  Joe heads to Lackawanna County to ask some people perusing a hardware store a tool related question.  What common gadget did Native Americans do without that other parts of the world invented thousands of years ago?

  • Wham Cam: Origin of Lackawanna

    There are a number of locations, cities, and counties throughout our area with unique names. Meteorologist Joe Snedeker heads to Lackawanna County to ask people there about the origin of Lackawanna.

  • Wham Cam: Putting a Bag on Daylight

    It’s that time of year when the sun starts going down earlier.  But how much sunlight per day do we end up losing? Meteorologist Joe Snedeker takes to the streets to ask folks in Dunmore.

  • wham cam moon

    Wham Cam: Halloween Full Moon

    Is there ever a full moon on Halloween? And if so, how often does it occur? Joe Snedeker heads to Wilkes-Barre to find out if anyone knows the answer!

  • Wham Cam: Hoagies?

    Others call them subs or heroes but in Pennsylvania, they are hoagies. But what is the origin of the word hoagie?

  • in-34tu_cnna-st1-100000000254e8b5-320x180_300k-1-thumb

    Lunar Eclipse Slideshow, Time Lapse

    On Wednesday morning, the Moon traveled over 2,000 miles an hour into the Earth’s shadow!  Above is a time lapsed video of the lunar eclipse.   Below is a photo gallery of pictures sent in by our viewers!

  • Wham Cam: What is the Scientific Name for Rain Clouds?

    Meteorologist Joe Snedeker heads to Wilkes-Barre to ask a question about rain clouds.  Specifically, what is the scientific name for the dark grey clouds that produce downpours?  Could it be cirrus, cumulonimbus, or, as one person suggested, “Batman” clouds?

  • wham latitude

    Wham Cam: All About Latitude

    You’re probably familiar with the term latitude. It’s the distance, in degrees, from the equator. But do you have any idea what the latitude is here in Northeastern Pennsylvania? That’s the question Joe Snedeker poses in this week’s Wham Cam.

  • Wham Cam: Can You Identify This Device?

    It’s a Wham Cam mystery. Joe Snedeker hit the streets with a weather tool to see if anyone knew what it was.

  • Wham Cam: Mosquitoes

    We’re talking about those annoying little insects that bite us and make us itchy. In this week’s Wham Cam, Joe Snedeker sets out to ask folks about the biting habits of mosquitoes.


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