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  • New Grocery Store Opens in Wilkes-Barre

    Posted on: 4:51 pm, September 26, 2012, by , updated on: 07:09pm, September 26, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — A new supermarket in Wilkes-Barre has also provided job opportunities for dozens of people. For customers, it means...
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  • Teen Suicides

    Posted on: 7:56 pm, September 25, 2012, by , updated on: 08:21pm, September 25, 2012

    Three students in Luzerne County have taken their own lives in the past two weeks. Two of them went to...
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    pitts suicide
  • Could the Hotel Sterling Finally be Demolished?

    Posted on: 7:53 pm, September 24, 2012, by , updated on: 08:34pm, September 24, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — Could the Hotel Sterling in Wilkes-Barre finally be demolished? A vote at tomorrow night’s Luzerne County council meeting...
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  • Wilkes-Barre Candle Company Wants to Export Overseas

    Posted on: 3:33 pm, September 21, 2012, by , updated on: 06:48pm, September 21, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — A candle manufacturing business in Wilkes-Barre is taking its product international, and dozens of other businesses hope to...
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  • Wilkes-Barre Closes Two Group Homes

    Posted on: 4:28 pm, September 20, 2012, by , updated on: 06:00pm, September 20, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — The city of Wilkes-Barre ordered two homes for recovering drug addicts to close. Officials there said they didn’t...
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    wb group homes
  • Car Smashes Into Building on Public Square

    Posted on: 5:29 pm, September 18, 2012, by , updated on: 07:45pm, September 18, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — A car slammed into a building in Luzerne County Tuesday afternoon. The crash happened just after 1:00 p.m....
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    wb atm crash
  • Suspects In Fatal Hit And Run In Court

    Posted on: 12:14 pm, September 18, 2012, by , updated on: 06:53pm, September 18, 2012

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — New charges were filed Tuesday in a deadly hit and run in Luzerne County. Police believe they...
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    hit and run raven antonini
  • New Life Possible for Old Silk Mill

    Posted on: 4:42 pm, September 17, 2012, by , updated on: 06:38pm, September 17, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — A developer in Wilkes-Barre plans on bringing new life to the city’s last remaining silk mill. The more...
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  • Investigation Underway into Former Sanitary Director

    Posted on: 7:00 pm, September 13, 2012, by , updated on: 07:03pm, September 13, 2012

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Just a few weeks after its executive director retired, it appears the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority is...
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    luz sanitary 9-13 fred desanto
  • Alleged 14-Year-Old Shooter in Court

    Posted on: 4:26 pm, September 12, 2012, by , updated on: 06:32pm, September 12, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — The alleged 14-year-old shooter who police believe critically injured a man Monday evening in Wilkes-Barre made his first...
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    tony ransome wilkes-barre shoot
  • Police Arrest Juvenile in Connection with Wilkes-Barre Shooting

    Posted on: 5:58 pm, September 11, 2012, by , updated on: 07:19pm, September 11, 2012

    WILKES-BARRE — Investigators have charged a 14-year-old boy in connection with a shooting that happened in Wilkes-Barre Monday evening.  Around...
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    wb shooting 9-11
  • Second Shooter Identified in Plymouth

    Posted on: 12:18 pm, September 10, 2012, by , updated on: 09:15pm, September 10, 2012

    PLYMOUTH — Amanda Luzetsky writes a farewell message to her brother Scott on the sidewalk outside Bonnie’s Bar on Main...
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    ply shooting bonnie's bar