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Jim Hamill has covered a lot of territory in his time at Newswatch 16. In 2006, he started producing and reporting at the TV station he watched while growing up. By 2008, he joined the Central PA Newsroom and picked up the camera to report stories from all over the map. Then, Jim became Newswatch 16's weekend anchor in 2013.

James, as he's been known for most of his life, grew up in Honesdale - birthplace of the American Railroad. He got his first taste of news while working for the local radio station during high school. Jim graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in 2004. Soon, he was off to an even cooler climate: Bangor, Maine. After two years at WABI-TV5, Jim came home to The News Station.

In his time covering news in central Pennsylvania, Jim reported extensively on the development of the Marcellus Shale, state government and politics in Harrisburg, as well as the Penn State sex abuse scandal including Jerry Sandusky's criminal trial.

A big Orange(men) fan, you can find Jim out on the golf course, bike trail, or listening to some live music. From classic rock to dubstep and just about everything in between, his taste in music knows few boundaries. He shares that love of good music and traveling with his wife, Melody, and now their son, Cagney. Well, at least for now, the little guy doesn't have a choice where they go and what they listen to...

Recent Articles
  • lincoln building

    Historic Lincoln Nomination Meeting: Fact or Fiction?

    HONESDALE — 150 years ago, America’s 16th president was assassinated at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. But was the idea for Abraham Lincoln’s entire presidency actually hatched right here in northeastern and central Pennsylvania? Depending on who you ask, a small, one-story building tucked away on 9th Street in Honesdale played a big role in U.S. history. A state historical marker in front tells the story of the 1859 meeting between political leaders that led to the presidential nomination of […]

  • Sequence 3

    Gas Company Part of Solution for Decimated State Road

    BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP — State transportation officials have a plan to overhaul a badly damaged Route 167 in Susquehanna County. PennDOT officials said there were already plans to repair Route 167, then this winter took its toll and so did countless heavy trucks used by the natural gas industry. The result is 11 miles of road that’s now a safety hazard with a fix on the way, according to PennDOT. Unsuspecting drivers on Route 167 between Montrose and Hop Bottom have […]

  • PennDOT, Cabot to Repair Road in Susquehanna County

    BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP — PennDOT said Cabot Oil and Gas has agreed to help repair a road in Susquehanna County that has severely deteriorated this spring. There is massive heaving along Route 167 in Brooklyn Township. Even though the state is responsible for any repairs to routes like this, PennDOT says Cabot will overhaul the road for several miles due to the heavy truck traffic on the road. PennDOT will also pay for some other emergency repairs to the road. There […]

  • Neighbors Blame Litter on Natural Gas Workers, Call It ‘Disrespect’

    BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP — The roadside is full of trash in the Hop Bottom area and residents blame the gas drilling workers. Hundreds of trucks go in and out of a Cabot Oil and Gas well pad north of Hop Bottom every day. Recently, neighbors say some of those drivers have been leaving something behind. All kinds of empty drink bottles and cans littered along a back road just off Route 167. The trash has been left there presumably by truck […]

  • Sequence 2

    Changing Business Landscape in Historic Downtown

    HONESDALE — Recently, as many as a half-dozen longtime businesses closed in downtown Honesdale, including a bakery, a gift shop and more. But in that time, new businesses have been springing up. Just this weekend, Day’s Bakery on North Main Street closed up shop after more than 60 years in business. Country Dawn is closing soon. Several other businesses also shut their doors in the past year and a half in the borough. But as fast as they close, new […]

  • Sequence 3

    Police: Second Case of Sex Assault in District

    HONESDALE — Police say a student in the Wayne Highlands School District sexually assaulted another student at the middle school in Honesdale. It happened back in February, according to investigators, around the same time another student in the district is accused of sexually assaulting a student on a bus. School officials said they contacted police after that alleged sexual assault at the middle school more than a month ago. In light of both cases, victims advocates said it’s important for children […]

  • Snowy End to March in Susquehanna County

    BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP — It has been a wintry last day of March around our area. In Susquehanna County, it snowed most of the day Tuesday. Still it’s officially spring and folks in the Montrose area are looking forward to putting all this cold, wintry weather behind them. As construction season gets into full swing these next few weeks, workers near Montrose found themselves dressed in layers and contending with a nuisance snowfall. “This is horrible. It’s the beginning of our […]

  • Sequence 12

    Students Shine at White House Science Fair

    PALMYRA TOWNSHIP — One week ago, the leader of the free world saw first hand what students from Wallenpaupack Area High School are capable of inventing. Corine Peifer and Kristian Sonsteby were two of the 14 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam members who showed off their wave powered electric generator at the White House Science Fair, the kind of device that can power a light on the end of a dock. “It’s incredible. Personally it’s a huge honor to be invited not only to […]

  • daniel acker

    Feds, State Investigating Quarry After Death

    BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP — One day after the accidental death of a man working at a quarry in Susquehanna County, we’re learning more about the victim and the quarry where he was working. State officials say the quarry did not have a permit. The coroner says Daniel Acker, 48, was working at the stone quarry near his home in the Montrose area Monday when he accidentally fell and a saw fell on top of him. Now state and federal officials are […]

  • Sequence 2

    Parents Drown Out Cruelty on Burnbook App

    COVINGTON TOWNSHIP — After students in our area were targeted on the social media app Burnbook, some parents started posting positive messages. Newswatch 16 first told you about the controversial smart phone app last week. Things got so bad at North Pocono High School that the district appealed to parents over the weekend to talk to their children about the cruel things posted on Burnbook. Since then, parents have taken the initiative to drown out the bullies and be cheerleaders for […]

  • IMG_7338

    Surprise Snow Hits Part of Northern Tier

    SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY — There are still a few more days left of winter and Wednesday reminded people in Susquehanna County of that fact. Folks at Elk Mountain can’t complain with some fresh snow this late in the season. But the saying goes: location, location, location. Some folks around the county didn’t see a flake and others got quite the surprise snow. Fighting swirling winds and pesky snowflakes, Greg Davey kept clearing the sidewalks in downtown Susquehanna Borough. Davey and his fellow […]

  • Sequence 1

    Olympic Rings Violate Trademark

    PIKE COUNTY — A school district in the Poconos will have to find a new way to show its pride in athletics. Officials said the Olympic rings have been on Wallenpaupack’s crest for decades, but the U.S. Olympic Committee called asking the district to stop using the rings. Every two years, those familiar five rings make a big splash around the world at the summer or winter Olympic Games. They’re the trademark of the International Olympic Committee, not the Wallenpaupack Area […]


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