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Jim joined WNEP-TV as a part-time member of its sports department in 1989. Soon afterward he was hired full-time. In April, 2005 he was named main sports anchor.

Before a career in television Jim spent 9 years in radio at WSCR/WILK. "Colsey"is a life-long resident of Lackawanna County. Jim graduated from North Pocono and Penn State University. He married Valerie in 1988 and has a daughter named Melanie. Jim enjoys playing basketball, softball and golf. If he wasn't in sports Jim would have been a history teacher. Jim enjoys reading biographies and anything involving history

Favorite sports moments: Pete Giftopoulus interception giving Penn State their 2'nd National Championship. Chris Chambliss' home run in 1976 ALCS putting NY Yankees in World Series. Scott Norwood...wide right...NY Giants win Super Bowl XXV.

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    Get the latest high school football scores here.
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    High School Football
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  • Battle Of Gettysburg: 150 Years Later Part Two

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  • Battle Of Gettysburg: 150 Years Later Part One

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    battle of gettsburg part one
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    A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Central Columbia High School, making way for an upgrade to the school’s football field...
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    paterno statue