Jacqueline Lewandoski was born and raised in northeast Pennsylvania. Her family resided in Duryea where she attended grade school with her brother. Jackie graduated from Seton Catholic High School in Pittston, and went to King s College in Wilkes-Barre where she earned a B.S. in Communications. She later a received a Master s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Scranton.

Jackie began her career in broadcasting working as a Master Control Operator at WVIA-TV in Plains. Shortly after, she was hired at WNEP-TV as a weekend camera operator. Then she took a position in the promotion department and became the Promotion Manager in 1989.

Jackie began working on the WNEP s Home and Backyard program in 1994. She and her husband David came up with the idea for the show. Jackie resigned from her Promotion Manager position in 2002 and currently works as an on air host for local programming at the station.

She enjoys gardening, reading, decorating and spending time with her family and friends. Jackie resides in Lackawanna County with her husband and son.

Recent Articles
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    An Easter Basket for Your Door

    We drop by Inspired Designs By Keith Phelps in Mifflinburg and create a lovely “Easter Basket” for a door or buffet table.

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    2016 Philadelphia Flower Show: Explore America Part 1

    The Philadelphia Flower Show celebrates 100 years of our National Parks. Paul Epsom will take you through the Big Timber Lodge entrance way into the show with all its floral displays and animals. Jackie visits the Redwoods at  Redwoods (Inspired by Redwood National and State Parks) and the great displays in The Tulip Library.

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    2016 Philadelphia Flower Show: Explore America Part 2

    Home and Backyard visits the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show.  This years theme is a tribute to America’s National Parks. Mike Stevens goes off the  main road to show us some train layouts that take us for a nice ride. Paul Epsom shows off two of the major areas starting withYellowstone – After the Fire and then going to The People’s Promenade that has the Liberty Bell as its main exhibit.

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    2016 Philadelphia Flower Show: Explore America Part 3

    Explore America during the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show, and celebrate 10 years of our National Parks. Jackie Lewandoski will take us on a visit to Pele’s Garden in Hawaii, Wander Inn to the Valley (Inspired by Valley Green of the Wissahickon), and Acadia Park in Maine. Paul Epsom steps back in time to look through the lens of Ansel Adams in  Ansel Adams and the National Parks.

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    Philadelphia Flower Show: Explore America Part 4

    The Philadelphia Flower Show salutes 100 years of National Parks in a tribute called Explore America. We say one last Good-Bye from the Flower Show along with checking in with our winners about their views on the show.

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    ABC’s The Chew-Behind the Scenes

    Home & Backyard heads to ABC Studios in New York City for a taping of The Chew.  See this exclusive behind the scenes tour of what it takes to get the show ready for air.  Get a glimpse of what viewers never see during the show.  Michael, Mario, Daphne, Carla and Clinton talk to us exclusively about the show and how they prepare each day.

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    New York Botanical Garden 2

    Visit the New York Botanical Garden with Paul Epsom and get a preview of what magnificent events are coming up this season and how to get your tickets.

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    Lenora’s Cookies

    Lenora Edwards of Lenora’s Cookies in Danville creates the most amazing Colossal Chocolate chip cookies for Jackie Lewandoski to sample.

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    Creative Sisters Jewelry

    Creative Sisters make several lovely handcrafted items.  See how they create custom-made jewelry pieces.

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    Wildflour Eatery and Desserts- Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones

    Join Jackie Lewandoski at the Wildflour Eatery and Desserts in Daleville for a delicious Valentine’s Day Scones. Cherry Chocolate Scones  Makes 8 1 c. cold butter 3 c. flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1/2  c. sugar 1 c. half and half 1/2 c. mini chocolate chips 1/2 c. Maraschino cherries Chocolate Drizzle 1 c.  chocolate chips 1 teaspoon vegetable oil Melt and Drizzle over bakes Scones Mix together first 4 ingredients with hand to resemble bread crumbs. Toss in chocolate […]

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    Cleaning Tip: Glass shower doors with Arrow Glass

    Glass shower doors are not only very popular, but are luxurious too.  Keeping them looking clean and shining doesn’t have to be a challenge.  We visit Arrow Glass to get tips on keeping your glass shower doors like new.

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    North Slope Brewing : Enjoy a Louisiana Blackened Tilapia and Fine Craft Beer

      Jackie Lewandoski visits the North Slope Brewing Company in Dallas where the chef prepares a fantastic Blackened Tilapia Angel Hair. We also get to sample some of their unique craft beers. Louisiana Blackened Tilapia Bailey Cooper of North Slope Brewing Company Blackened Seasoning: 2tsp Smoked Paprika 4tsp Dried Thyme 2tsp Onion Powder 2tsp Garlic Powder 1tsp Sugar 1tsp Cumin 1tsp Dried Oregano 1 ½ tsp Cayenne (or to taste) 2tsp Salt Shake Ingredients to mix. Tilapia 2 Garlic cloves […]


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