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Emmy award-winning Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman focuses on breaking major stories, uncovering government corruption and waste, holding public officials accountable and telling the kind of in-depth investigative stories that help make Newswatch 16 one of the highest-rated television news operations in the US.

Dave’s stories hold public figures accountable, expose the depths of the region’s drug crisis, and act as a watchdog of state and local government. Here are just some of his major stories:
• He exposed a local car dealer who sold a new car to a woman but did not tell her that the salesman wrecked the car and had it rebuilt.
• He showed how the federal government cut off more than a million dollars in funding to a domestic violence program in Schuylkill County just because it used an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and” in its application.
• He showed how a local lawmaker got free luxury box tickets to a Penn State football game for this family trip, and how the lawmaker billed taxpayers for gas and mileage to and from the game.
• His investigative report, “The Faces of Meth” used two decades’ worth of mug shots to show how methamphetamine addicts aged drastically from drug use.

Before making Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania his home, Dave was on the “ Discover America” program, working as a reporter, anchor, and news manager at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, and Florida.
In nearly four decades of television news, Dave has won more than 40 broadcast awards, including six Emmys, and a national award for reporting on religious issues.

Dave also does a lot of work for community organizations, and uses his time to promote healthy activities, which is why you will likely find him golfing in tournaments, or running in road races that benefit local non-profits. His hobbies include cooking and reading, and this former high school shortstop follows his hometown Boston Red Sox, Celtics, and New England Patriots.

Dave is a graduate of Syracuse University after majoring in Broadcast Journalism He now lives in Drums with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

You can reach Dave at

Recent Articles
  • Sewer Authority Says No to Auditor General

    SCRANTON — Members of the Scranton Sewer Authority voted against bringing in the state auditor general to review the multi-million dollar deal and the legal fees surrounding the agency’s sale to Pennsylvania American Water. The vote comes just three weeks after a Newswatch 16 investigation into the legal fees showed 50 lawyers were getting paid in the deal. Both the Scranton city council and the Dunmore borough council recently voted in favor of bringing in the state auditor general to […]

  • Newswatch 16 Investigates: Should Board Members Vote on Contracts for Family Members?

    MOSCOW — Your local school board may have at least one member with a spouse who is a teacher or who works in the school system. When it comes to voting on pay raises and benefits, are these board members enriching themselves? Newswatch 16 found one school board in Lackawanna County where three members have immediate family working in the district. This past February, three members of the North Pocono School Board who voted in favor of a new contract […]

  • PFA Reveals Details of Alleged Abuse by Rep. Haggerty

    DUNMORE — The wife of a state lawmaker from our area claims he threw water bottles at her, hit her in the head, and has abused her in the past. State Representative Kevin Haggerty of Lackawanna County has not spoken publicly about the protection from abuse order filed by his wife, but more details about what she says happened last week are becoming public. Haggerty was in Harrisburg Monday afternoon, voting on several bills at the state Capitol. He did […]

  • Painful Parking: Elevator Repairs to Begin Next Month

    SCRANTON — It seems good news is on the way in regards to a painful parking situation in the Electric City. Sources tell Newswatch 16 that the parent company of the non-profit that runs a pair of parking garages in Scranton promises to fix the broken elevators at its Washington Avenue facility. This response comes after a recent Newswatch 16 Investigation, highlighting the consequences of those elevators remaining in disrepair for over eight months. In a statement, the National Development […]

  • Painful Parking: No Elevators in Public Parking Garage

    SCRANTON — Two elevators at a downtown parking garage in Scranton have not worked for at least eight months, and people who have a hard time using stairs often don’t learn the elevators are out until they’ve parked on an upper floor. A recent trip for a medical appointment left a 77-year-old man from Wayne County angry after he paid to park in a lot and then had no choice but to walk down a flight of stairs. John Lilley […]

  • No Police Force, No Police Bills

    Many communities that rely on state police for coverage don’t have enough people to support and maintain a local police department, but two area townships that are among the largest and wealthiest in our area simply choose not to have their own departments. Loyalsock and Hazle Townships have a police budget of zero. And people in neighboring communities say because the townships use the state police to enforce the law, taxpayers foot the bill. Loyalsock Township in Lycoming County is […]

  • Auditor General Asked to Review Scranton Sewer Authority Sale

    SCRANTON — Scranton City Council is now asking the state auditor general to review the sale of the Scranton Sewer Authority to Pennsylvania American Water, including the sky-high legal fees. Council members came to that decision Thursday night with a vote of 5-0. Those who spoke want the review because of concerns too many lawyers were involved and too much money was spent. Council members also want a better accounting of the upgrades to the system that were paid for […]

  • Wilkes-Barre Area School District Putting Locks on Dumpsters

    WILKES-BARRE — Schools in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District will now make it harder for people to use school dumpsters for their own household trash. Following a Newswatch 16 investigation, the school district put locks on its dumpsters outside GAR High School and will soon lock them at other schools as well. This comes after our investigation found that neighbors and school employees avoided paying trash pickup fees by using school dumpsters.

  • Sewer Authority Sale Costs $3 Million in Legal Fees

    SCRANTON — How many lawyers does it take to sell a public sewer authority to a utility? The answer is 50, according to the billing invoices Newswatch 16 obtained from the Scranton Sewer Authority But whatever those lawyers did to earn those fees, is being kept private. Scranton City Council member Bill Gaughan calls the legal fees staggering. He says when Scranton chose to sell the Scranton Sewer Authority to Pennsylvania American Water for $195 million, no one told city […]

  • Airbag Parts Recall: Waiting for Months

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Millions of drivers have been told their cars have faulty parts that could make their airbags dangerous, but they’re also learning the replacement parts may not be available for several months. And that has some worried. It is the largest automotive recall in American history. The federal government blames 11 deaths and almost 200 injuries on the faulty airbag parts, making what is supposed to be a safety device now labeled so dangerous, the airbag parts have […]

  • Auditor General: Unemployment Compensation System on the Brink

    HARRISBURG — A program to help jobless people get their benefits is coming under scrutiny. Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says taxpayers have a right to be frustrated by what his office found. The auditor general says his investigation found “major accounting and oversight problems,” with the state’s unemployment compensation system. He says the problems need to be fixed immediately. Take the layoff of 500 call center workers in December, add a computer network running on a system designed in […]

  • Jury Selection for Inmate Accused of Killing Correctional Officer

    SCRANTON — Jury selection is underway for an inmate accused of killing a federal correctional officer in Wayne County. Convicted murderer Jessie Con-ui was serving time at a federal prison in Wayne County when he allegedly attacked and killed correctional officer Eric Williams in 2013. Con-ui is now on trial at the federal courthouse in Scranton. On Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys spent the morning interviewing potential jurors for the trial of Jessie Con-ui. Con-ui was an inmate at the […]