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Emmy award-winning Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman focuses on breaking major stories, uncovering government corruption and waste, holding public officials accountable and telling the kind of in-depth investigative stories that help make Newswatch 16 one of the highest-rated television news operations in the US.

Dave’s stories hold public figures accountable, expose the depths of the region’s drug crisis, and act as a watchdog of state and local government. Here are just some of his major stories:
• He exposed a local car dealer who sold a new car to a woman but did not tell her that the salesman wrecked the car and had it rebuilt.
• He showed how the federal government cut off more than a million dollars in funding to a domestic violence program in Schuylkill County just because it used an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and” in its application.
• He showed how a local lawmaker got free luxury box tickets to a Penn State football game for this family trip, and how the lawmaker billed taxpayers for gas and mileage to and from the game.
• His investigative report, “The Faces of Meth” used two decades’ worth of mug shots to show how methamphetamine addicts aged drastically from drug use.

Before making Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania his home, Dave was on the “ Discover America” program, working as a reporter, anchor, and news manager at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, and Florida.
In nearly four decades of television news, Dave has won more than 40 broadcast awards, including six Emmys, and a national award for reporting on religious issues.

Dave also does a lot of work for community organizations, and uses his time to promote healthy activities, which is why you will likely find him golfing in tournaments, or running in road races that benefit local non-profits. His hobbies include cooking and reading, and this former high school shortstop follows his hometown Boston Red Sox, Celtics, and New England Patriots.

Dave is a graduate of Syracuse University after majoring in Broadcast Journalism He now lives in Drums with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

You can reach Dave at

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    PIKE COUNTY — The trucker who crashed his rig into the back of a state trooper’s car early Wednesday morning remains in the Pike County jail, charged with driving under the influence. A Newswatch 16 investigation finds the driver and truck have been written up for a series of safety violations. If Cecil Lipscomb of Massachusetts was driving under the influence of beer and cocaine, as the police claim, he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. But a police report […]

  • Busy Signal — Unemployment Benefits Line Jammed

    HARRISBURG — Thousands of unemployed Pennsylvanians calling for help are getting busy signals instead. These busy signals follow the layoff of more than 500 state workers who answered phone calls from the jobless to help them file unemployment claims. The state laid off call workers and closed down three call centers when a four-year program that paid for them expired last month. Governor Tom Wolf wanted to extend the program, but state senate Republicans claim the governor needs to be […]

  • State Trooper Laid to Rest

    ALTOONA — A funeral service was held Thursday for fallen Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon Weaver. The long procession of police cars ended on the main road outside the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona. A line of troopers in black and gray representing all barracks in the state stood in silence in the parking lot as the procession carrying Trooper Landon Weaver and his family to the facility stopped outside the main door. Weaver was killed in the line of […]

  • Former Attorney General Kane Begins Appeals Process

    NORRISTOWN, PA — Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has started the process of appealing her perjury conviction. Kane was convicted and resigned last year. Prosecutors accused her of leaking confidential grand jury information to a newspaper and lying about it. After that conviction, a judge sentenced Kane to 10 to 23 months in jail. She quickly posted bail and now the first papers in her appeal have been filed. In August, it took just four hours for a jury […]

  • 2017: New Taxes, New Laws

    HARRISBURG — The new year brings with it some changes in state and local laws. Many gas stations list the price of regular at more than $2.50 per gallon. Last year at the time, a gallon averaged $2.16. The eight cents per gallon hike that took effect in 2017 is the last of three gas tax increases in Pennsylvania to raise money for road and bridge repair. License plate registration stickers are on the way out. The stickers are being […]

  • ‘Christmas Miracle’ – Family Survives Crash under Truck

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Rescuers are calling it a Christmas miracle — a family from Ohio survived a crash on Interstate 81 in Luzerne County. Their car was wedged under a tractor trailer, dragged for a quarter mile and all four walked away from the wreck. A family car was destroyed but the couple and their two children walked away from the crash with only minor injuries. Hanover Township’s fire chief saw a mangled Kia Sorrento stuck under a tractor trailer […]

  • Remains Found in Luzerne County are Teenage Homicide Victim

    DOYLESTOWN, BUCKS COUNTY — A body found Halloween night in Luzerne County has been identified as a teenage girl who was reported missing from the Philadelphia area. Investigators are calling it a case of homicide. Authorities from several counties outlined the developments at a news conference in Bucks County. Three district attorneys say what was a missing persons case is now a homicide. But investigators still don’t know who killed the 14 year old whose body was found in our […]

  • Protesting the Electoral Vote in Harrisburg

    HARRISBURG — Because Donald Trump won the popular vote here in Pennsylvania, the state’s 20 electors are Republicans and all cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump. That vote took place as hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators protested at the Capitol in Harrisburg. The Electoral College likely never received this much attention in Pennsylvania. Neither have the 20 electors, who’ve been besieged with mail, email, and a capitol rotunda full of protesters — none of which persuaded them to vote for […]

  • Belated Thanks for Tunkhannock Vet

    HAZLETON — Just in time for the holidays, Congressman Lou Barletta handed long-overdue medals to five military veterans from our area. One vet says the ceremony brought back memories of a dangerous time in American history. Jim Rosengrant’s medals and recognition come 53 years after his service at the center of a tense conflict that had the world on the brink of nuclear war. “We didn’t know how close it was to what was going on, really, until it was […]

  • Lawsuit Seeks Rebates for Scranton Trash Fees

    SCRANTON — People who think they pay too much for trash pickup in Scranton could soon get some help. Thursday afternoon, lawyers filed a class-action suit against the city, claiming Scranton broke its own rules and jacked up its garbage collection fees to pay other city bills. According to the lawsuit, city law reads, “the fees cannot be used by the city for anything other than the costs directly associated with trash removal.” That’s why the suit claims people who […]

  • Murderer Joann Curley Freed from Prison

    WILKES-BARRE — After murdering her husband with rat poison 25 years ago, convicted killer Joann Curley walked out of a state prison Monday morning and is now a free woman. At midnight Sunday night, Curley left the Cambridge Spring’s Women’s Prison near Erie to an escort van that took her to where she will stay for at least the short term.  She served 20 years at the state prison for killing her husband Robert Curley. Joann Curley admitted she put […]

  • State A.G. Office Drops Insurance Fraud Charges Against Bolus Family

    The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to dismiss insurance fraud charges against five members of a family from our area. Authorities charged the members of the Bolus family–including Lackawanna County businessman Bob Bolus, his fiancée, three children, and ex-wife–in June 2014. The attorney general’s office says Brian and Bob Bolus falsely claimed the others worked at family-owned companies so they could all get health coverage. Brian Bolus still faces more than 40 counts related to his business, Minuteman […]