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Dave Bohman is Northeast and Central Pennsylvania’s most accomplished investigative reporter.

When Dave won a 2014 Emmy for Government/Politics reporting on how an ampersand “&” cost a Schuylkill County social service agency consideration for a million dollar grant, he became the only reporter in this region’s history to ever be awarded two Emmys for individual stories. And he has won the last two Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award for Investigative Reporting, making him the only local reporter to ever win that award.

Dave is now in his fourth decade of television news, having worked as a reporter, anchor, and manager in the business. He has worked in six television stations, but distinguished himself as the weekend anchor of the WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio and as a reporter at WTSP-TV in St. Petersburg, Florida where he won more than 30 local and national awards for broadcast excellence. In the Tampa Bay region, Dave established himself with his coverage of the 2000 disputed Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, the Terri Schiavo “Right-to-Die” saga, and he was the lead reporter for a half dozen hurricanes.

He is excited to be part of the Newswatch 16 team because of the station's reputation for excellence, and where investigative reporting is his primary job. "My passion is to put together quality, in-depth news stories that connect with viewers, and in some cases, bring out stories that might otherwise never be told," he says.

Dave is a native of Cape Cod, and was an all-Massachusetts shortstop in high school before attending Syracuse University, and graduating in 1979 with a major in Broadcast Journalism. Dave is married and has two daughters. When he is not on the job, you might find Dave exploring his other passions that include gourmet cooking, running, reading, and golfing.

Recent Articles
  • commonwealth_health

    Commonwealth Health Hack, More ID Safety Concerns

    Newswatch 16 has learned that several of the medical clinics in our area that Commonwealth Health said were victims of a cyber attack have actually been closed for years. At least five of those six facilities that Commonwealth Health said had patient information stolen have no working phone, no listed address, and in some cases, folded or merged with other medical clinics several years ago. Wyoming Valley Surgical Associates is listed at the Kingston Medical Building. A worker at another […]

  • Compuhack

    Health Systems Computer Hack: What Can You Do?

    WILKES-BARRE — The huge data breach on Community Health Systems and Commonwealth Health means that some patients have an increased risk of being victims of identity fraud. If you believe your personal information may have been hacked, an area cyber security expert says the advice is simple: keep calm and check your credit on a regular basis. Wilkes-Barre General Hospital is one of the area`s largest medical facilities run by Commonwealth Health. Commonwealth Health’s doctors also see patients at several […]

  • webpix

    PA’s Contractor Registry: Does it Protect Consumers?

    WEST PITTSTON — The recent spike of criminal charges against home improvement contractors around our area has focused attention to the state’s home improvement contractor registry and the contractors who sign up. Many contractors on the state’s Home Improvement Contractor list have criminal convictions or owe thousands to customers who feel cheated. During the flooding of September 2011 neighborhoods near the Susquehanna River in West Pittston were under several feet of water. And when the water receded, it left homeowners […]


    Jail Time for Former “Scranton-Area Realtor of the Year”

    SCRANTON — People from California to Clarks Summit trusted Peter Lamandre to manage their rental properties in Lackawanna County. Valerie Altuna of Long Island wanted the man who managed her rental homes in Lackawanna County for four years, to go to jail. When court adjourned, Peter Lamandre was led away in handcuffs. “Justice finally happened,” said Altuna. From 2008 to 2012, six people with properties in Lackawanna County say they had a property management contract with Lamandre. He was supposed […]

  • luz elder abuse

    Police: Elderly Man Ripped Off by Tenant

    KINGSTON — A tenant is accused of ripping off his 84-year-old landlord in Luzerne County. The elderly man’s neighbors on South Loveland Avenue in Kingston called him polite, generous, and a little too trusting. “He does seem a little bit slower lately, within the last year.  Yeah, I think he would be able to be taken advantage of,” said John Benning of Kingston. According to police, the elderly man was taken advantage of by Ernest Taylor, a tenant who rented […]

  • pikeconstruction

    Highway Construction Workers Nervous About Higher Speed Limits

    DICKSON CITY – When Penndot raises the speed limit to 70 miles per hour on two area interstate highways next month, it will also raise the speed limit in work zones to 55. Area construction workers call that move frightening. “One thing between me and you is this barrier wall,” says worker Gene DeGraffenreid of Kingston.  “And if someone hits it at 55, we`re both gone.” DeGraffenried and his colleagues told Newswatch 16 they were nervous at a highway construction […]

  • penndot

    Speed Limit Raised on Sections of Interstate 80, Interstate 380

    Drivers on one section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Harrisburg can now drive 70 miles per hour.  Soon, drivers will see the speed limit rise from 65 to 70 miles per hour on two stretches of interstate highways in our area. In a statement released by PennDOT Wednesday morning, officials announce Interstate 380 and Interstate 80 will see a speed limit of 70 miles per hour. The head of PennDOT calls it a pilot program, a test to see which other parts […]

  • pottsville parking

    Pottsville to Offer “Courtesy Parking” at Downtown Meters

    POTTSVILLE — Fewer things in life are more annoying than parking tickets, where a brief trip to town for lunch can make your dinner $10-20 more expensive. That’s why the Pottsville Parking Authority is giving parking violators a break. City leaders want more people to come downtown to shop, eat, and do business. The last thing a visitor wants is a $10 ticket for a parking violation. “It`s not a good thing.  It`s not a good thing,” said businesswoman Zoe […]

  • sch gordon crash

    Another Crash On Gordon Mountain, Neighbors Call For Truck Ban

    GORDON — A trucker driving down that steep hill into the borough of Gordon lost control Monday morning and turned over, injuring the driver, according to police. Neighbors say crashes like this happen yearly, and once again they’re asking that trucks be forced to take another way. Police have not identified the driver and have impounded the truck to see if its brakes failed. The wreck left a mess of a Schuylkill County woman’s driveway and she says it’s not […]

  • camping

    July Fourth: Chilly for Camping

    LOCUST LAKE STATE PARK — Few people at the Locust Lake State Park near Barnesville actually spent time in the lake. People wore long pants and long sleeves; usually a rarity on the fourth of July. But an overnight storm kept this day from being a scorcher at Locust lake. “Jeez, i`ve never seen anyone on the lake on the Fourth of July with a coat on before,” said Todd Reismiller of Ashland.  “I`ve never seen anything like it.” Reismiller […]

  • electric_rates

    AG Kane Seeks Rebates, Punitive Action in Wake of Winter Electric Price Spikes

    LAFLIN – If you were one of those people who saw your electric rates increase drastically over the winter after you switched companies, you may be in for some money. The State Attorney General has filed complaints against five alternative electric suppliers. Part of the penalty could be restitution and refunds for some of the thousands who feel they got ripped off. Kurt Kienle locked up his home in Laflin, turned the thermostat down, and headed to Florida for a […]

  • McGrath1

    Fired Scranton School Solicitor McGrath Gets $27,000 in Health Insurance Without Paying for Two Years

    SCRANTON — According to personnel records obtained by Newswatch 16, former Special Education Supervisor Lee Carr got $12,000 worth of health insurance that she didn’t immediately pay for after she retired in 2012. Records show former School District Solicitor Harry McGrath received more than $27,000 worth of health insurance after he was fired in 2011. “I had no idea it was that much,”  said Scranton School Board Chairwoman Kathleen McGuigan. Both workers were on the COBRA insurance plan, which is […]


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