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Newswatch 16 Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman joined the staff in January, 2010, and has already made his market in the region for his work. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences recognized Dave’s work with a prestigious 2011 Emmy Award for his report on the dangers of the once popular drink Four Loko and a teenager who was placed in a medically induced coma as a result of drinking too much. It was Dave’s fourth Emmy, his first at WNEP.

Dave has worked at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico. His career highlights include nine years in Tampa, where his journalistic tenacity made viewers take notice, as he won more than 30 local, and national awards. During his time at WTSP-TV Dave was the lead reporter for the disputed Presidential Election in Florida in 2000, the "right-to-die" saga of Terri Schiavo, and several hurricanes, where he often did live shots in 60 and 70 mile per hour winds.

Dave's excited to be part of the Newswatch 16 team because of the station's reputation for excellence, and where investigative reporting is his primary job. "My passion is to put together quality, in-depth news stories that connect with viewers, and in some cases, bring out stories that might otherwise never be told," he says. Dave believes his job includes the responsibility to hold those in power accountable, and to give voice to the voiceless.

Dave is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and was an all-state shortstop at the Governor's Academy, before attending Syracuse University, graduating in 1979 with a major in Broadcast Journalism. After living in New Mexico for two years, Dave is thrilled to be back in the northeast, with his wife and two daughters. When he is not on the job, you might find Dave exploring his other passions that include gourmet cooking and golfing. He is also a dedicated fan of Tampa Bay Rays baseball, and Syracuse University sports.

Recent Articles

    Police Logs Show Moosic Motel Cluster Hotspot for Crime

    MOOSIC – Moosic Police say despite stepped up patrols, this cluster of motels on Birney Avenue has a more serious crime problem than similar motels in larger communities. We reviewed police records and found officers were called to two Moosic motels, 94 times in just the past two years. Some of the men and women arrested in the past two years at motels, include people charged with rape and prostitution. And in February 2013, There was an armed standoff with […]

  • Memorial Day: Schuylkill County Borough Honors WWII Vet

    GORDON — Jack Stitzer, 90, hopped on board an antique fire engine in his hometown of Gordon and prepared for the ride of his life as the Grand Marshal of the borough’s Memorial Day Parade. “These people in town really do appreciate us.  I’m sure of that,” said Stitzer, a World War II veteran “World War II veterans are getting rarer and rarer,” said Gordon volunteer firefighter Dan Hepler, who helped organized the parade. “We really want to show our […]

  • President Addresses VA Health Care

    WASHINTON, D.C. — Over two dozen Veterans Affairs hospitals under investigation for allegedly delaying care to veterans and now the president is responding. President Obama met Wednesday morning with the secretary of veteran affairs and the deputy chief of staff to talk about the controversy at 26 VA hospitals across the country. The president says he’s committed to better care for veterans and their families and promises to get to the bottom of charges of misconduct at VA hospitals. The […]

  • wolf jeep

    Wolf Projected As Winner For Democratic Nomination

    YORK — Newswatch 16 is projecting Tom Wolf as the winner of the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania governor. Wolf, a businessman from York, beat out Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, and Allyson Schwartz for the Democratic nomination. He will face incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett in the general election in November. Wolf became the early favorite in the race after a series of TV ads that included the candidate driving a Jeep. The Jeep made an appearance at Wolf’s campaign event […]

  • deadly_case_neglect gensiak

    Family Members Charged With Deadly Neglect Plead Guilty

    SCRANTON — Three women charged with neglecting a family member who died entered guilty pleas Thursday in Lackawanna County. The district attorney’s office said that Susan Gensiak, Joan Gensiak, and Rebekah Gensiak, all from Taylor, entered guilty pleas in the case involving the death of Robert Gensiak, 32, a care-dependent man with Down syndrome. Susan Gensiak, mother of Robert Gensiak, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. Joan Gensiak, sister of Robert Gensiak pleaded guilty to neglect of a care-dependent person. Rebekah […]

  • hugo selenski

    $211,257: Cost to Defend Accused Killer Hugo Selenski to Date

    KINGSTON – Newswatch 16 received a copy of the checks to Hugo Selenski legal defense team who spent two years preparing for a death penalty murder trial. Checks to lawyer Shelley Centini for defending Selenski came to $121,425. During that same two-year period, Luzerne County Paid Private Investigator James Sulima $29,790, to help in Selenski’s defense. A third member of the defense team, attorney Ed Rymsza of Williamsport was paid a little more than $60,000. Add it up, and Luzerne […]

  • freerides

    2,000 Area Federal Workers Get Taxpayer-Funded Commutes

    TOBYHANNA — The Tobyhanna Army Depot, at the crack of dawn, is when many of the depot’s 4,000 employees report for work. Almost half of them arrive in vans. And their trip to work is free, paid for by the U.S. government. “It is one more benefit that is provided to federal employees, just as we are provided vacation time or health benefits,” says James Antonelli, the CFO of the Army Depot. The van that carries the federal workers looks […]

  • mericle 4 25

    Mericle Sentenced to Federal Prison

    SCRANTON — A federal judge has sentenced Robert Mericle to one year in federal prison. The sentence was handed down in federal court in Scranton around 11 a.m. Developer Robert Mericle said nothing as he left the federal courthouse in Scranton after learning his punishment: $250,000 in fines, 100 hours of community service, and one year in federal prison, a term that surprised a well-known figure in the kids for cash scandal. “I had my doubts because of the power […]

  • Grand Jury Hears Testimony in LCTA Investigation for Fourth Time

    HARRISBURG — There was more testimony Monday in the investigation into the Luzerne County Transit Authority buses. Investigators want to know more about the “ghost riders,” the alleged inflation of ridership numbers. LCTA operations manager Robb Henderson testified before a state grand jury in Harrisburg on Monday. He is the highest ranking authority official known to have been called. The state attorney general is investigating claims the LCTA collected more than $3 million through inflated ridership numbers. This is the […]

  • damenti

    Community Helps Family who lost Damenti’s Restaurant and Home in Fire

    DRUMS — One of the area’s landmark restaurants was destroyed by fire in Luzerne County one month ago. Helen and Kevin McDonald lost their restaurant, Damenti’s and their home on the upstairs floor. Friday night, friends and longtime customers are helping the McDonald get back on their feet with a pasta benefit at the Sand Springs Country Club in Drums. The McDonalds talked with their friends and customers, both said they’d like to get back in the restaurant business. “We’re […]

  • parking garage

    Investigation Into Parking Authority Connections

    WILKES-BARRE — We know more about why federal prosecutors are looking into the failed efforts to lease the Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority’s garages and meters to a private firm. This comes one day after the parking authority’s executive director confirmed he received a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury  and we know the feds have also subpoenaed some of the authority’s records. The story of why the feds are looking into the city’s parking authority might be revealed by […]

  • Casualty of Coal: One of Two Major Coal-Fired Electric Plants to Close

    SHAMOKIN DAN — The plant in Shamokin Dam once produced enough electricity to power a city three times the size of Scranton. It is 65 years old, but few here thought the facility known as the Sunbury Steam Plant would be forced into retirement. “It’s sad to see it close down,” said Robert Hoffman of Sunbury.  “The plant`s been there since I can remember.  As a matter of fact when i was in high school we toured that plant.” “Since […]


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