Emmy award-winning Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman focuses on breaking major stories, uncovering government corruption and waste, holding public officials accountable and telling the kind of in-depth investigative stories that help make Newswatch 16 one of the highest-rated television news operations in the US.

Dave’s stories hold public figures accountable, expose the depths of the region’s drug crisis, and act as a watchdog of state and local government. Here are just some of his major stories:
• He exposed a local car dealer who sold a new car to a woman but did not tell her that the salesman wrecked the car and had it rebuilt.
• He showed how the federal government cut off more than a million dollars in funding to a domestic violence program in Schuylkill County just because it used an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and” in its application.
• He showed how a local lawmaker got free luxury box tickets to a Penn State football game for this family trip, and how the lawmaker billed taxpayers for gas and mileage to and from the game.
• His investigative report, “The Faces of Meth” used two decades’ worth of mug shots to show how methamphetamine addicts aged drastically from drug use.

Before making Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania his home, Dave was on the “ Discover America” program, working as a reporter, anchor, and news manager at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, and Florida.
In nearly four decades of television news, Dave has won more than 40 broadcast awards, including six Emmys, and a national award for reporting on religious issues.

Dave also does a lot of work for community organizations, and uses his time to promote healthy activities, which is why you will likely find him golfing in tournaments, or running in road races that benefit local non-profits. His hobbies include cooking and reading, and this former high school shortstop follows his hometown Boston Red Sox, Celtics, and New England Patriots.

Dave is a graduate of Syracuse University after majoring in Broadcast Journalism He now lives in Drums with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

You can reach Dave at dave.bohman@wnep.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBohmanWNEP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DBohmanWNEP/

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    SCRANTON — Jury selection is underway for an inmate accused of killing a federal correctional officer in Wayne County. Convicted murderer Jessie Con-ui was serving time at a federal prison in Wayne County when he allegedly attacked and killed correctional officer Eric Williams in 2013. Con-ui is now on trial at the federal courthouse in Scranton. On Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys spent the morning interviewing potential jurors for the trial of Jessie Con-ui. Con-ui was an inmate at the […]

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    MOSCOW — A woman who survived an attempted murder is sharing her story. Leslie Bacinelli lived through her ex-boyfriend slashing her throat in Lackawanna County two years ago. She shares her story Thursday afternoon on “Crime Watch Daily” airing on WNEP. At the time of the attack in 2015, police say Leslie Bacinelli’s thick scarf blunted her exboyfriend’s knife attack and may have saved her life. That ex-boyfriend Timothy McGoff is now serving a prison term of up to 51 […]

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    WILKES-BARRE — Some people in Wilkes-Barre are finding a way around paying their trash pickup fees. Instead of paying for the weekly disposal, they’re getting rid of their household garbage by tossing it in dumpsters at schools throughout the district. Wilkes-Barre police announced they are investigating to see who is getting free trash disposal at school dumpsters. People in Wilkes-Barre can only get their household garbage picked up by city haulers if they set it on the curb in specially […]

  • Home Smells Like Oil after Accidental Delivery

    COAL TOWNSHIP — A mistaken delivery of home heating oil left a home in Northumberland County soaked with fuel. The woman who lives there says it’s also threatening her health. She is a disabled veteran and may have no choice but to pay for other people’s mistakes, especially the one made when she converted from oil heat to electric. At Danielle Stoud’s home near Shamokin, every window in the house is open. “All you can smell is oil,” she said. […]

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    EXETER — American Airlines is now telling its side of the story after a man with a disability claims the airline removed him from a flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia without giving him a reason. We first talked with that man from Luzerne County a couple weeks ago. Now he calls American’s explanation full of holes. Mark Smith’s experience with American Airlines last month got national attention when Smith claimed the airline forced him off his flight. The man […]

  • Communities Scramble to Pay for Blizzard Snow Removal

    SCRANTON — Communities across northeastern and central Pennsylvania will need to find new ways to plug major holes in their budgets. The federal government will not pay reimbursements for snow removal after last month’s historic blizzard. State and local governments in nine counties in our area spent $11.5 million in the two days after the March blizzard. That wasn’t nearly enough to qualify for federal aid that so many communities were counting on. The cost of digging out from the […]

  • No Snow Removal Money from Federal Government 

    Newswatch 16 has learned from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency that the amount of money spent in nine counties on snow removal during last month’s blizzard fell far short of its threshold needed to be eligible for reimbursement. Communities, school districts, and universities in nine counties were eligible to collect up to 75 percent of what they spent on snow removal in the two days following the blizzard, but the numbers did not work. Those nine counties and state agencies […]

  • Friends Stunned at Death of Woman at Scranton Race

    SCRANTON — Friends of Lindsay Doherty still cannot believe what happened to the athletic and energetic mother of three. The 36-year-old woman died after running Sunday’s Scranton Half Marathon. The Lackawanna County coroner tells Newswatch 16 Doherty died of abdominal bleeding caused by a ruptured vein. Coroner Tim Rowland says the condition is rare. He also says that since Doherty collapsed at the finish line, emergency medical technicians were able to attend to her right away. But even that could […]

  • Totalling Snow Removal Costs

    SCRANTON — We’re learning just how much communities in nine area counties spent on snow removal following the Blizzard of 2017. Local leaders hope they spent enough so communities, school districts, universities, and hospitals can be reimbursed for much of the cleanup cost. The nine eligible counties spent a total of about $6.6 million in snow removal. That’s a lot of money but it may not be enough for the federal government to reimburse them for their efforts. Leaders in […]

  • Was Passenger from Luzerne County Taken off Flight Due to Disability?

    EXETER — A business executive in Luzerne County claims he was removed from an American Airlines flight because of his disability. He’s speaking out, claiming the experience humiliated him in front of other passengers. Mark Smith is Pride Mobility’s consumer research manager. He also has cerebral palsy. Just after he boarded a flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia Monday night, he claims he was ordered off the flight and was never told why. “How is it in 2017, that an airline […]

  • Some Counties Getting No Help for Blizzard Cleanup

    CARBON COUNTY — Emergency management officials in some area communities feel cheated. Even though the Blizzard of 2017 battered their boroughs and townships, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) says under rules set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),  these communities are in counties that did not get quite enough snow to qualify for state help. Several boroughs and townships busted their municipal budgets on snow removal in the days after the blizzard, and now, they’re crying foul, claiming […]

  • Elite Motors: Is It Still In Business?

    SCRANTON — The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office continues to prosecute a used car dealership in our area accused of ripping off at least 30 buyers. The question now, however, is simple: Will those who claimed they were cheated by Elite Motors ever have a chance to get their money back? The Attorney General’s lawsuit claims that Elite Motors cheated customers and sold defective cars, SUV’s, and pickup trucks to more than 30 people. While Elite Motors operated two dealerships in […]