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Emmy award-winning Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman focuses on breaking major stories, uncovering government corruption and waste, holding public officials accountable and telling the kind of in-depth investigative stories that help make Newswatch 16 one of the highest-rated television news operations in the US.

Dave’s stories hold public figures accountable, expose the depths of the region’s drug crisis, and act as a watchdog of state and local government. Here are just some of his major stories:
• He exposed a local car dealer who sold a new car to a woman but did not tell her that the salesman wrecked the car and had it rebuilt.
• He showed how the federal government cut off more than a million dollars in funding to a domestic violence program in Schuylkill County just because it used an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and” in its application.
• He showed how a local lawmaker got free luxury box tickets to a Penn State football game for this family trip, and how the lawmaker billed taxpayers for gas and mileage to and from the game.
• His investigative report, “The Faces of Meth” used two decades’ worth of mug shots to show how methamphetamine addicts aged drastically from drug use.

Before making Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania his home, Dave was on the “ Discover America” program, working as a reporter, anchor, and news manager at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, and Florida.
In nearly four decades of television news, Dave has won more than 40 broadcast awards, including six Emmys, and a national award for reporting on religious issues.

Dave also does a lot of work for community organizations, and uses his time to promote healthy activities, which is why you will likely find him golfing in tournaments, or running in road races that benefit local non-profits. His hobbies include cooking and reading, and this former high school shortstop follows his hometown Boston Red Sox, Celtics, and New England Patriots.

Dave is a graduate of Syracuse University after majoring in Broadcast Journalism He now lives in Drums with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

You can reach Dave at

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  • Wilkes-Barre Mayor’s Campaign Promise

    Update: Wednesday evening, Wilkes-Barre Health Department, Wilkes-Barre Code Enforcement, Wilkes-Barre Police Department, and PA Liquor Control Enforcement (LCE) conducted a joint inspection at Locals bar. After finding numerous violations, they temporarily shut down the bar and an apartment on the second floor of the building until violations are corrected. WILKES-BARRE — When two women were shot outside a bar in Wilkes-Barre this weekend, neighbors wanted to hold the new mayor to his campaign promise to shut down nuisance bars. Tony George […]

  • New Wilkes-Barre Mayor’s Hirings Criticized

    WILKES-BARRE — The new mayor of Wilkes-Barre has barely been in office and already he is drawing criticism over hiring an administrator who, right now, doesn’t even live in the city. Joyce Zaykowski starts work as a city administrator Monday. She lives in Shavertown, though the Wilkes-Barre city charter states that all city employees, “shall be residents of the city.” Three months after being elected mayor of Wilkes-Barre by a landslide, the cheering has stopped and the criticism has started. […]

  • FBI: Video Shows Serial Bank Robber

    DUNMORE — Authorities released images from three banks in our area that were held up and the robber is still on the loose. Police are confident these videos could lead to the bank robber’s arrest, even though he appears to take great effort to hide his face December 1: A man walks into an NBT Bank branch in Elmhurst, Lackawanna County, robs it and walks away. December 22: Police say surveillance shows it was the same man, holding up the […]

  • Charity Criticized: Wounded Warrior Project

    MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — From road races to fundraising dinners, many organizations in our area have raised thousands of dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project. Now that nationwide veterans’ charity is taking fire, accused of wasting millions of dollars intended for combat victims. The Wounded Warrior Project ranks as one of the largest and fastest growing veterans charities in the U.S. But after critical news reports, one group in our area that helped raise money for the charity is now […]

  • Can Dueling Democratic Commissioners Govern?

    SCRANTON — One of the commissioners in Lackawanna County is threatening to sue the county and called the first full meeting Wednesday morning illegal. Jerry Notarriani even referred to himself as the minority commissioner even though he was elected in November as a Democrat on the majority side. Fellow Democratic Commissioners Jerry Notarianni and Pat O’Malley are not on speaking terms and one expert says it could cause voters to wonder if commissioners are working on their behalf. His silence […]

  • Tax Season: Beware of IRS Scammers

    SCOTT TOWNSHIP — Many of you are getting your W-2 forms in the mail, so you can file your federal income tax returns. You might also receive a call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent saying you owe back taxes. The head enforcement officer for the IRS calls this scam an epidemic. According to the agency, scammers stole almost $27 million from victims in the last two years, using a combination of technology and fear. Marie Sonnenberg calls […]

  • State Budget Impasse Threatens Rural Hospitals

    SUSQUEHANNA — Six rural hospitals in northeastern and central Pennsylvania are losing millions of dollars because the state cannot pass a budget. The budget impasse in Harrisburg has already forced some of these rural hospitals in our area to cut pay and staffing levels. Hospital administrators are afraid the recent line item veto by the governor will end up leaving them without the money they need to keep their facilities running. Charlie Aliano was born at Barnes-Kasson Hospital near the […]

  • Legal Challenge to Jessup Power Plant Ends

    JESSUP — The group fighting plans for a natural gas power plant in Jessup announced it is giving up its legal battle. That appears to clear the way for the plant to be built sometime in 2018. Activists filed suit to challenge last year’s zoning change that would allow the plant to be built in Jessup. On Wednesday, the group Citizens for a Healthy Jessup reversed course, claiming the reality of taking on a multimillion dollar corporation was just too […]

  • Still No State Budget

    HARRISBURG — It’s now seven months and Pennsylvania still has no state budget. Newswatch 16 Investigates traveled to Harrisburg to find out what lawmakers are doing to address the situation. Lawmakers say they are working just as hard as ever, but they just haven’t come up a budget that the governor will agree to. And they are aware, voters who sent them to Harrisburg increasingly feel like they are not doing their jobs. It’s mid-morning in Harrisburg and state Senator […]

  • Commissioner Calls Meeting ‘Illegal’

    SCRANTON — One of Lackawanna County’s new commissioners is refusing to take part in any votes and he’s threatening to sue the county, and he got the most votes in last November’s election. The new commissioners held their first meeting Wednesday morning. Commissioner Jerry Notarianni called the meeting at the commissioners’ office on Adams Avenue illegal. He claims it was illegal because he was not invited to take part in the hiring of county solicitors and other staffers. Notarianni even […]

  • Low Rating May Help Improve Care at Merli Center

    SCRANTON — The Pennsylvania Department of Health has once again downgraded the license of the Gino Merli Veterans Center in Scranton, raising more questions about the quality of patient care. The Department of Health lowered the Merli Center’s license to a provisional four level. There is no lower grade and there are no other operating nursing homes in Pennsylvania with such a low mark. “First, I was upset with the whole thing.” Brigadier General Jerry Beck worried how workers and […]

  • Pocono Couple Involved in Military Recruiting Scam

    MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — Federal agents arrested a couple from the Poconos Wednesday in connection with a nationwide military recruiting scandal that has led to arrests of more than 100 soldiers and cost taxpayers an estimated $30 million. The couple live near Marshalls Creek in Monroe County, but commute to New York City and work for the New York State Army National Guard. They were the first two soldiers from Pennsylvania to be charged in what army officials call a […]