Emmy award-winning Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman focuses on breaking major stories, uncovering government corruption and waste, holding public officials accountable and telling the kind of in-depth investigative stories that help make Newswatch 16 one of the highest-rated television news operations in the US.

Dave’s stories hold public figures accountable, expose the depths of the region’s drug crisis, and act as a watchdog of state and local government. Here are just some of his major stories:
• He exposed a local car dealer who sold a new car to a woman but did not tell her that the salesman wrecked the car and had it rebuilt.
• He showed how the federal government cut off more than a million dollars in funding to a domestic violence program in Schuylkill County just because it used an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and” in its application.
• He showed how a local lawmaker got free luxury box tickets to a Penn State football game for this family trip, and how the lawmaker billed taxpayers for gas and mileage to and from the game.
• His investigative report, “The Faces of Meth” used two decades’ worth of mug shots to show how methamphetamine addicts aged drastically from drug use.

Before making Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania his home, Dave was on the “ Discover America” program, working as a reporter, anchor, and news manager at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, and Florida.
In nearly four decades of television news, Dave has won more than 40 broadcast awards, including six Emmys, and a national award for reporting on religious issues.

Dave also does a lot of work for community organizations, and uses his time to promote healthy activities, which is why you will likely find him golfing in tournaments, or running in road races that benefit local non-profits. His hobbies include cooking and reading, and this former high school shortstop follows his hometown Boston Red Sox, Celtics, and New England Patriots.

Dave is a graduate of Syracuse University after majoring in Broadcast Journalism He now lives in Drums with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

You can reach Dave at dave.bohman@wnep.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBohmanWNEP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DBohmanWNEP/

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    HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Department of Health has announced medical marijuana dispensary permits in 27 locations, including six in our area. The list of dispensary permits was posted Thursday afternoon. There will be 52 medical marijuana dispensaries in PA. 27 permittees will have 6 months to become operational. Info→ https://t.co/0sHJpRPhE5 pic.twitter.com/ZnHZ1DYZ8T — Pennsylvania DOH (@PAHealthDept) June 29, 2017 The state says there will be six facilities in Northeastern and Central permitted to dispense the medical marijuana. Columbia Care Pennsylvania, LLC […]

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  • State Announces Four Medical Marijuana Permits in Our Area

    HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced Tuesday the companies that will grow and process marijuana for medical use. More than 400 companies applied for permits, the state awarded just 12. Statewide, those 12 permits will be awarded to companies that will both grow marijuana and process the plant into pill and oil forms for medicine. DOH has released the 12 medical marijuana grower/processor permittees and locations ↓ pic.twitter.com/3gUfQClHLl — Pennsylvania DOH (@PAHealthDept) June 20, 2017 Today, DOH is […]

  • Rep. Haggerty Fails to List Loan on Campaign Finance Report

    DUNMORE — Newswatch 16 has learned the state attorney general’s office has been asked to review State Representative Kevin Haggerty’s campaign finance reports. In 2014, Kevin Haggerty of Dunmore was pitted against fellow Democrat and State Representative Frank Farina when the state combined their two districts into one. An area businessman loaned Haggerty $5,000 for the campaign, but documents show that Haggerty did not report the loan for more than three years. His critics do not believe this was an […]