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Newswatch 16 Investigative Reporter Dave Bohman joined the staff in January, 2010, and has already made his market in the region for his work. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences recognized Dave’s work with a prestigious 2011 Emmy Award for his report on the dangers of the once popular drink Four Loko and a teenager who was placed in a medically induced coma as a result of drinking too much. It was Dave’s fourth Emmy, his first at WNEP.

Dave has worked at television stations in Vermont, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico. His career highlights include nine years in Tampa, where his journalistic tenacity made viewers take notice, as he won more than 30 local, and national awards. During his time at WTSP-TV Dave was the lead reporter for the disputed Presidential Election in Florida in 2000, the "right-to-die" saga of Terri Schiavo, and several hurricanes, where he often did live shots in 60 and 70 mile per hour winds.

Dave's excited to be part of the Newswatch 16 team because of the station's reputation for excellence, and where investigative reporting is his primary job. "My passion is to put together quality, in-depth news stories that connect with viewers, and in some cases, bring out stories that might otherwise never be told," he says. Dave believes his job includes the responsibility to hold those in power accountable, and to give voice to the voiceless.

Dave is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and was an all-state shortstop at the Governor's Academy, before attending Syracuse University, graduating in 1979 with a major in Broadcast Journalism. After living in New Mexico for two years, Dave is thrilled to be back in the northeast, with his wife and two daughters. When he is not on the job, you might find Dave exploring his other passions that include gourmet cooking and golfing. He is also a dedicated fan of Tampa Bay Rays baseball, and Syracuse University sports.

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    wb hit and run truck 8-17
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