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Clay LePard joined Newswatch 16 in October 2014 after spending several years reporting for WHBF in Rock Island, Illinois.

While in the Quad Cities, Clay brought viewers along to witness everything from a rare look inside the nation’s largest weapons manufacturer to following the largest case of municipal fraud in U.S. history.

Like many other proud alums at the station, Clay is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

Clay also worked as a reporter for ABC News’ On Campus program, where he covered stories in upstate New York for a national audience. He also interned with NBC for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and with ABC News Nightline in New York City.

When he isn’t working, you can probably find Clay at the closest golf course or watching any of his favorite sports teams like the Syracuse Orange or New England Patriots.

Raised in Wenham, Mass., Clay currently lives in Dunmore and if you see him around, please say hello.

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  • Photo by Kevin Raymond of Stevensville, PA
Snowy owl in Bradford County

    Rare Snowy Owl Draws Crowds in Bradford County

    PIKE TOWNSHIP — For the past week, Davisland Farms near LeRaysville in Bradford County has been packed with onlookers trying to get a glimpse of a rare snowy owl. “It didn’t seem like a big deal, but then the beginning of the week I found out bird people were coming. I thought maybe it is a big deal,” said Brennan Coates. “From 6 a.m. until the sun goes down, there’s cars out here.” Kevin Raymond of Stevensville is the one […]

  • promo308805238

    Five Generations Show Up for WWII Veteran’s 100th Birthday

    FAIRMOUNT TOWNSHIP — All Russell Halchak of Nanticoke wanted for his birthday were some scratch-off tickets. When you’re 100 years old, you’ve got all the gifts you really want. “I never drank and I never smoked,” said Halchak when asked what his secret to being 100 was. In the Sweet Valley area, it’s a celebration with all of Halchak’s family including a son, a grandson, a great-grandson, and even a great-great-granddaughter. “It means a lot,” said son Eugene Halchak. “And you […]

  • promo308704948

    ‘Trump Truck’ Denied at Presidential Inauguration

    THROOP — At just about every major campaign event in our area during this last election, there stood one of Scranton businessman Bob Bolus’ “Trump trucks.” The truck was a popular spot at rallies for people to take photos, and even made wave when it was vandalized twice, and also hit a bridge.  Bolus had three trucks made, with different slogans on each one geared toward Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and even Hillary Clinton. But now, Bolus tells Newswatch 16 the […]

  • my_reality_hiddenamerica_wall

    Luzerne County To Be Featured In ABC 20/20 Special With Diane Sawyer

    WYOMING — ABC’s 20/20 special report entitled “My Reality: A Hidden America” features several people and businesses in Luzerne County. Inside The Avenue Diner in Wyoming, there’s a bit of excitement leading up to the special broadcast. “We can’t really wait to see what happens with it,” said Dave Krappa, the owner of the diner. A little more than a month ago, ABC’s Diane Sawyer interviewed employees and customers as a part of several stops in Luzerne County. It’s all part […]

  • sci-retreat

    Possible Prison Closure Impact on Schools

    NANTICOKE — The state recently announced plans to close two state prisons as part of budget cuts. On the list of possibilities are three prisons in our area. The Greater Nanticoke Area High School sits a mere seven and a half miles away from SCI Retreat. The prison is the second-largest employer in the school district, and area lawmakers and school officials know a potential closure could lead to devastating effects inside and outside the classroom. “We have a childhood […]

  • promo308546566

    New Art Exhibit in Schuylkill County Showcases Muhammad Ali

    SCHUYLKILL HAVEN — Dozens gathered at the Walk In Art Center  to share stories about Muhammad Ali at an  open mic event. A new art exhibit at the center showcases a variety of artifacts from the legend’s life, who passed away in June at the age of 74. “He was a very community man,” said Lisa Robinson, executive director. “What he did on camera was for camera. It was for show but the true Ali was a very generous man […]

  • bar

    Heil’s Bar Packed For Closing Night

    SCRANTON — Dozens filled inside the walls of Heil’s Place on Wheeler Avenue in Scranton, as the bar closed after 43 years in business. When the popular spot opened at 4 p.m. for the last time, Annie Boniello had a spot at the bar, before it was packed just a few hours later. “It means a lot,” said Annie Boniello. ” We’ve been coming here for a very long time. A lot of my closest and dearest friends are here […]

  • scr-coat-drive

    Students Host Coat Drive To Benefit Classmates

    SCRANTON — This isn’t the first time Scranton High school has hosted a coat drive. But it is the first time student council has hosted a coat drive to help benefit students inside its own walls. “Throughout the year, we always see a lot of kids not having a lot of coats and stuff, “said senior Tim Cleveland. “We don’t want them to be cold.” Council members noticed kids walking to school out in the cold and got inspired to host […]

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    Wayne County Residents Concerned as SCI Waymart Slated for Possible Closure

    CANAAN TOWNSHIP — In Wayne County, news spread fast that SCI Waymart in Canaan Township may be closed as part of state budget cuts. “There’s a lot of people in this area that work there,” said Gary Waters of Waymart. “Any closing that involves that amount of jobs will have an effect on the area.” Waters retired from SCI Waymart. Currently, about 700 people work at the state prison which holds about 1,300 inmates. The prison, originally called Farview State […]

  • xmas-perfume

    Power To Save: Turning Christmas Tree into Perfume

    SCRANTON — Inside Note Fragrances on Spruce Street in Scranton, it smells like a blue spruce Christmas tree, but you won’t find a tree towering over any fragrances. Owner Danielle Fleming converted her family Christmas tree from 2015 into a perfume. “I said we can do something better,” Fleming said. “I love that aroma of the fresh Christmas tree in our house and I said let’s do something.” An expert in fragrances, Fleming tinkered with the recipe over several months […]

  • promo307881413

    Fire Guts Apartment Building in Old Forge

    OLD FORGE — More than a dozen people were out in the cold after a big fire in Lackawanna County. Flames ripped through an apartment building on Oak Street in Old Forge just after 2 a.m. on Thursday. The Old Forge fire chief tells Newswatch 16 the fire started in a third-floor apartment. About a dozen people lived inside this apartment building. Two people who lived there were removed from the burning building by Old Forge police and taken to a […]

  • wings

    Businesses Busy for Rose Bowl

    LACKAWANNA COUNTY — College football bowl games almost always bring a boost to business at the Windsor Inn in Jermyn, but this year’s slate of games, all leading up to the Nittany Lions taking on the USC Trojans, has kept the crew here extra busy. The general manager, Gary Urnoski, who is also a Penn State alum, knows it’s all hands on deck leading up to game time. “People are ordering wings at 100 a clip, and people want to […]