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  • Students Learn About Everything from Owls to Solar Cars at Earth Day Event

    WILKES-BARRE— Students from all over the Wyoming Valley crowded Nesbitt Park to learn about Mother Nature on Friday. On the day before Earth Day, they learned how the sun fuels fun. Youngsters put solar-powered race cars to the test. “I’ve never seen anything like that before and it’s actually amazing how it moves,” Julianna Stull, a fourth-grader at State Street Elementary School, said. “If you can make a little car run, what else can you make run with the sun? […]

  • Illegal Dumping Causing Stinky Situation

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP– Public workers are at their wits end over illegal dumping on the stretch of South Main Street connecting Wilkes-Barre to Plains Township known as the “Oakies” section. Officials said they have tried everything from security cameras to hefty fines, but the dumping doesn’t stop. Department of Public Works Employees spend about half a day once a week cleaning up the illegally dumped trash. “Anything from grass clippings, to household garbage, to couches, mattresses, you name it. It’s here,” […]

  • Police: Teen Driver in Deadly Wreck Did Not Have Valid License

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — The teenage driver involved in a deadly crash in Luzerne County could end up facing criminal charges. The crash over the weekend killed a 16-year-old girl from Plymouth. That deadly crash happened Saturday night in Hanover Township and police say the 17-year-old girl who was behind the wheel did not have a valid driver’s license. It was on South Main Street just outside Wilkes-Barre where Jasmine Cardona, 16, of Plymouth, lost her life She was one of […]

  • Helpline Gets Grant Money to Redesign Website

    WILKES-BARRE — An organization specializing in helping others is finally getting a little help of its own. The place known as “Helpline” is getting grant money to help update its website in an effort to reach more people. Officials with the 2-1-1 Helpline say it is no secret that the current website is “a bit clunky” for users to navigate, but now with an influx of $25,000 from a private grant, they hope that will be changed shortly. The Helpline is […]

  • Video of Woman Allegedly Beating Dog Leads to Charges

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Video of a woman allegedly punching, screaming, and cursing at a German Shepherd has led to criminal charges by the SPCA in Luzerne County. “I was disgusted. That’s the best way to put it,” Plains Township resident John Mattei said. In court papers, neighbors told Humane Society officers this was not the only time Karissa Donahue, 31, beat her pet named Olivia, it was just the first time it was caught on camera. Mattei saw the video […]

  • Dog Taken Away from Owner After Alleged Animal Abuse Video

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — The SPCA of Luzerne County is trying to find out why a dog was punched in the face after a video of the alleged beating was posted on Facebook. People who have seen the video said they were disgusted. It shows a woman repeatedly punching a dog in the face and stomach while it cried for help. SPCA officers showed up to the home in Plains Township to take away the German Shepherd at the center of […]

  • Teenage Girl Dies in Saturday Night Crash

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Loved ones have made a memorial for the 16-year-old girl who died in a car crash Saturday night on South Main Street in Hanover Township near Wilkes-Barre. The Luzerne County coroner said Jasmine Cardona of Plymouth was a passenger in the SUV that crashed into a utility pole near St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. The groundskeeper for the church, Dave Jones, said he has seen tire marks on the property before, but he never thought he’d see a […]

  • Bakery Famous for its Tasty Treats Gets Celebrity Visit on Good Friday

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Customers said just about no one can resist the gratifying and glorious gluten at Bakery Delite, especially before the holiday weekend. “This is what happens when you can’t make it yourself. This tastes very much like my grandmother’s,” Collen Bowman of West Pittston said. But just like we have all been told before, good things come to those who wait. “I don’t mind waiting for a half an hour, 45 minutes, it doesn’t matter. It’s just so […]

  • Holiday Traffic Starting to Pile Up in Luzerne County

    INTERSTATE 81, LUZERNE COUNTY — Drivers all across the region are getting ready to make their trek back home for the Easter holiday — and often times, that means traffic troubles for those on the roads. Newswatch 16 has had crews along major thoroughfares in the Luzerne County corridor, and it’s looking like this Easter commute may not be as bad as some are expecting. PennDOT decided to suspend most roadwork projects for the weekend, cutting travelers a break. “It’s […]

  • Restaurant Abruptly Shuts its Doors with Wedding, Easter Reservations on the Books

    DRUMS — A restaurant abruptly shut its doors this week with wedding and Easter reservations still on the books. Employees at Theodora’s Restaurant said it all happened so suddenly and they were not told why it was being closed. Jack Evans, who has been working with Theodora’s Chef Drew Wandishin for the past two years, snuck in a last look at the closed sign on Thursday to help the reality sink in. “It’s just a shame,” Evans said. “Never would […]

  • Councilman Charged After Strange String of Events

    FREELAND — After a strange string of events Sunday, a Freeland councilman who is also running for mayor is facing a slew of charges. Police said there had been ongoing issues with John Budda and it all came to a head over the weekend. It all started when police say Budda went up to a couple walking their dog. He allegedly asked if the pet would bite a postal worker. Police said although Budda has been a retired postal worker […]

  • Two Charged in Luzerne County with Drug Delivery Resulting in Death

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Two people now face charges for supplying the heroin that led to an overdose death. It’s a first for this kind of charge in Luzerne County; a new tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic. The first two people to be charged with drug delivery resulting in death in Luzerne County were arrested Wednesday. Investigators say they provided the drugs that killed a young father in January of this year. Eric Malia, 32, hid his face […]