Carolyn Blackburne is a proud New Jersey native who is even prouder to serve northeastern and central Pennsylvania! She joined the Newswatch 16 team in March of 2017 as the Luzerne County reporter.

Before reporting at WNEP, Carolyn worked as a weekend evening anchor and multimedia journalist for a year and a half at WHAG-TV in Hagerstown, Md. While there, Carolyn was responsible for shooting, writing, and editing all of her stories. She produced and anchored four hours of news every weekend.

Carolyn is also an ecstatic Orange Woman! She graduated cum laude from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in May of 2015 with minors in information management and technology and political science. She is one of many Syracuse University graduates at Newswatch 16. As such, she had dreams of working with WNEP since she was just a sophomore in college.

This journey all began when Carolyn was 16-years-old with a blaring 5 a.m. alarm, a supportive 6 a.m. drive by mom, and a state-of-the-art high school T.V. program. Carolyn went to Mount Olive High School and anchored the morning announcements there every day. By the time she was a senior, she had been bitten by the T.V. bug so badly, she spent close to ten hours a day shooting, writing, and editing various projects before, during, and after school. She still visits the school to mentor other students and pay it forward.

When she’s off camera, Carolyn is usually concocting the next best grilled cheese recipe, blasting Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, or water skiing with friends and family. She loves to stay positive, meditate, and drink lots of iced coffee (even in the dead of winter)!

Feel free to e-mail Carolyn with any story ideas:
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Recent Articles
  • Police Investigating Murder-Suicide in Lackawanna County

    FELL TOWNSHIP — Police in Lackawanna County are investigating an apparent murder-suicide involving an elderly couple. Neighbors say the husband and wife involved in this murder-suicide were friendly, family-oriented people. They were shocked to wake up and see patrol cars here. Police were sent to the home on 44th Street in Fell Township around 7:30 a.m. for a murder-suicide of a couple in their 80s. Officers say the two were suffering from debilitating illnesses. Police have not released the names […]

  • Smile Day: Spreading Positivity, Happiness and Joy in Luzerne County

    WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — If there’s one thing Wilkes-Barre Township native Chris Bohinski knows for sure, it’s that a smile is contagious. Now, he wants to see the goofy grins of people in Luzerne County at Smile Day in Wilkes-Barre Township! For the past three years, Bohinski has been asking a simple question to some big names: What makes you smile? In an interview with actor Morgan Freeman, Bohinski said, “I would love to know what makes you smile.” Freeman replied, […]

  • Wilkes-Barre Mayor Fires Police Union Vice President Over ‘Threatening’ Email

    WILKES-BARRE — A Wilkes-Barre police officer is off the job after sending what the mayor felt was a threatening email regarding the performance of another commander. According to that Facebook post, Wilkes-Barre Police Union Vice President Dan Duffy is out of the job as a Wilkes-Barre police officer. Mayor Tony George fired the former Scranton police chief Wednesday night after receiving what he calls a “threatening” email from Duffy. This isn’t the first time the city’s administration and police force have […]

  • Officers, Workers Testify about Walmart Parking Lot Shooting

    WILKES-BARRE — Police officers took the stand Wednesday in a trial of a man accused of opening fire on law enforcement in a Wilkes-Barre Township Walmart parking lot. In court, witnesses who testified say they haven’t been the same since Scott Sargent started shooting two years ago in that Walmart parking lot. Prosecutors say Sargent started firing at police officers two years ago with a semi-automatic rifle in a Wilkes-Barre Township Walmart parking lot. Zachary McNeill was an employee and […]

  • Trial Begins for Man Accused of Shooting at Police in Walmart Parking Lot

    WILKES-BARRE — The trial of a man accused of shooting at police officers in a Walmart parking lot in Wilkes-Barre Township began Tuesday. Police officers testified they feared for their lives on that day two years ago because they didn’t know what was going to happen from one moment to the next. Scott Sargent walked into the Luzerne County Courthouse for the start of his attempted murder trial holding court papers with a picture of the pope on the front […]

  • Neighborhoods Clean up After City Hands out Tickets for Messy Properties

    WILKES-BARRE — For the past few weeks, code and health inspectors have been knocking on doors around Wilkes-Barre and handing out tickets to people with blighted properties. In the Rolling Mill Hill section, people said they have already started to see a change because of the Taking it to the Streets operation. “From what I’m hearing, people are paying attention because they know they’re coming and they are trying to take care of their properties before they get ticketed,” President […]

  • New Obstacle Course to Help Students, Officers React at a Moment’s Notice

    PRINGLE — When making an arrest, officers need to be ready to react at a moment’s notice. A new agility course soon to be built at a Luzerne County school hopes to better prepare officers in the making and officers in uniform for that reality. Law enforcement instructor Daniel Hunsinger walked with his students at West Side Career and Technical Center on Friday where a new 12-station agility training course will be placed. With 34 years police experience under his […]

  • No Property Tax Hike in Proposed Wilkes-Barre Budget, Higher User Fees

    WILKES-BARRE— Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tony George presented the city’s proposed budget for 2018 on Thursday. Homeowners won’t have to pay more in property taxes, but they might have to pay more at the meter and when throwing out trash. Some people Newswatch 16 spoke to said higher parking fees would free up spots on Public Square, others said it could push customers elsewhere. Christian Switzer set up shop on the square about a year ago. He said customers at City Market and […]

  • Inmate Who Murdered Correctional Officer Formally Given Life Sentence

    WILKES-BARRE — An inmate convicted of killing a correctional officer in Wayne County has been formally sentenced to life in prison. Jessie Con-ui was formally sentenced to life in prison without parole Thursday morning in federal court in Wilkes-Barre. Con-ui appeared via a video conference call from Colorado. A jury convicted Con-ui in June of killing Officer Eric Williams at the federal prison near Waymart in 2013, where Con-ui was already serving a life sentence. Con-ui’s attack on Williams lasted about […]

  • Money to Repave Long Overdue Road in Proposed Luzerne County Budget

    JACKSON TOWNSHIP — There’s money to repave a long overdue road in Luzerne County’s proposed 2018 budget. Saying people in Jackson Township are ecstatic there are potential plans to repave Chase Road might not be strong enough. Residents said the road has caused problems for years, and now there might be a fix. Plenty of people take the bumpy ride on Chase Road in the Back Mountain to get to work or go home. Soon, it could be smooth sailing. […]

  • Veterans Go for the Gold at Wheelchair Games

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Veterans were going for the gold Wednesday afternoon at the Wheelchair Games at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center. It wouldn’t be the start of the games without the sound of the National Anthem. Army veteran Bill Harrison said he is moved by it every time. “We value what we did and we value our comrades in arms. That’s why we do it,” Harrison said. After that, they were off to the races! Veterans went head-to-head in golfing, […]

  • Luzerne County Man Killed in Backhoe Crash

    FANNETT TOWNSHIP — A terrible wreck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Franklin County took the life of a road worker from Luzerne County. State police said Robert Marchetti, 63, of Drums was thrown from his backhoe and later died. Video shot by Fox 43 near Harrisburg showed the aftermath of Tuesday morning’s early wreck just outside of Shippensburg. State police investigators said Marchetti was hit by a Volkswagen driving in the eastbound lanes. The driver of the car and his […]