Brittany Boyer joined WNEP in July 2013. You can catch her doing the weather on the weekends and reporting news during the week.

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Brittany always knew she wanted to work at a local news station. She made her first stint at the green screen and the anchor desk in high school being involved in her school’s morning show.

Brittany graduated from Penn State University with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and English.

From there she landed a job at Accuweather. While there she presented weather forecasts across North America.

After getting a taste in the weather field, Brittany moved to her next job in DuBois, Pa. She worked for WJAC-TV for two years as the stations northern tier reporter and fill-in weather anchor.

Brittany is happy to be back closer to home and at WNEP. When she is not working in the newsroom or weather center, she is working toward receiving her Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

During her free time she enjoys working out, skiing and trying new recipes in the kitchen. When time allows she enjoys traveling to Canada to visit her family in Montreal.

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    CVS to Offer Overdose Reversal Drug in Pennsylvania Without Prescription

    SCRANTON — One of the largest drug store chains in the country is hoping to save lives. CVS Pharmacy announced that Pennsylvania and 11 other states will now have access to Naloxone which is also known as Narcan. The prescription drug is used to reverse overdoses from drugs such as heroin. “We think that’s a wonderful resource for individuals and family members to have because again it is a very safe and effective antidote,” Bo Hoban of Lackawanna/Susquehanna Office of […]

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    NASA: Flowing Water Found on Mars

    BENTON TOWNSHIP — It’s a day NASA researchers and scientists won’t soon forget. Monday they confirmed to the world that water is flowing on Mars. New evidence from one of NASA’s orbiters was able to detect dark streaks on Mars. Scientists believe the streaks are proof salty water is flowing on the red planet. “I’d like to know how they discovered it and what science pointed toward liquid water and if there is life on Mars,” Michael Chermak said. We […]

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    Meeting a Pope: Experience of a Lifetime

    DUNMORE — Some would say getting to see the pope is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thousands of people are getting the chance to see Pope Francis this week. Newswatch 16 spoke with two people who saw Pope John Paul II in person — and they both call the experience, indescribable. Not everyone is lucky enough to see a pope in their lifetime, but Joe D’Andrea of Dunmore has been able to meet one. “It was a feeling that […]

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    Shooting Investigation in Luzerne County

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    Businesses Suffering During Bridge Project

    OLD FORGE — Some businesses in one part of Lackawanna County are struggling to stay open and they say it’s because of a long detour around a bridge that is closed. It’s starting to feel and look like fall here in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania and at Bloomin’ Idiots Floral & Garden Center in Old Forge, you’ll find a lot of fall items. The problem is, they’re having trouble getting people there to buy things because the bridge connecting Old […]

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    Report: Pennsylvania Temperatures to Increase Through 2050

    UNIVERSITY PARK — It may only be early September, but temperatures are already off to a warmer than normal start this month. According to the Pennsylvania Climate Impacts Assessment Update, it’s something we should get used to seeing. A group of professors, lecturers, and graduate students among others at Penn State University say climate change is happening here in Pennsylvania. The report states that it is going to continue to get warmer over the next several decades. Pat Meixsell of […]

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    Enjoying the Warmer Than Normal Temperatures

    RYAN TOWNSHIP — On a warm summer day on the last day of August you won’t find many people at Locust Lake State Park. George Matalavage of New Philadelphia is fine with that. He brought his kayak to the lake in Schuylkill County to take a few laps and of course soak in the sunshine. “We don’t have too much weather like this remaining, so I thought I’d get out and enjoy it,” Matalavage said. Little did he know he […]

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    BLOOMSBURG — It’s back to the books this week for students at Bloomsburg University. While the first week of classes isn’t usually too stressful, students like Saige Gabrielli are thinking about financial aid. “It hasn’t kicked in quite yet so right now me and my family are paying completely out of pocket for everything,” Gabrielli said. That’s because in Harrisburg lawmakers still haven’t agreed on a state budget. It’s preventing the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency or PHEAA from releasing […]

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    What Wall Street’s Plunge Means

    DUNMORE — It was a rough morning on Wall Street for the Dow Jones Industrial as it dropped more than 1,000 points making it the largest point drop at the beginning of the trading day. “All I thought of this morning when I first heard that was I’m glad we took out our IRA money earlier this year before everything fell down,” Eunice Malatin of Weatherly said. But Sean McAndrew, a partner at Ingargiola Wealth Management Group in Dunmore, says […]


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