Brittany Boyer

Weather Anchor/Reporter

Brittany Boyer joined WNEP in July 2013. You can catch her doing the weather on the weekends and reporting news during the week.

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Brittany always knew she wanted to work at a local news station. She made her first stint at the green screen and the anchor desk in high school being involved in her school’s morning show.

After graduating, she took her passion for news and weather to Penn State University. She received degrees in Broadcast Journalism and English.

From there she landed a job at Accuweather. Brittany says this paved the way and opened the door to start her career in weather. While there she presented weather forecasts across North America.

After getting a taste in the weather field, Brittany moved west to her next job in DuBois, Pa. She worked for WJAC-TV for two years as the stations northern tier reporter and fill-in weather anchor.

Brittany is happy to be back closer to home and at WNEP. When she is not working in the newsroom or weather center, she is working toward receiving her Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

During her free time she also enjoys working out and trying new recipes in the kitchen. When time allows she enjoys traveling to Canada to visit her family in Montreal.

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