Bob Reynolds


Bob Reynolds joined the Newswatch 16 staff in September of 1980. At that time, Bob worked weekends, including staffing the assignment desk. Since then Bob has worked every Newswatch 16 beat including a year of specialized reporting for Environmentwatch 16 in the middle 1990s.

Bob has won several Associated Press awards, including first place for investigative journalism. Bob says he enjoys investigative work because he always wants to "make a difference." His recent efforts included several years of reporting on the 1976 death of a Susquehanna County attorney, Martin Dillon. In 1976 authorities said Dillon was the victim of an accidental shooting. Bob's reports showed the father of two children was murdered. Shortly after the reports aired, the state police reopened the investigation. Dr. Stephen Scher was arrested, tried and convicted.

Bob attended Pittston Area High School, graduated from Brick Township High School in Brick, New Jersey, and attended the American School of Broadcasting in Philadelphia. He began his broadcast career at WCNR radio in Bloomsburg spinning records, producing commercials and reading news. Bob says he knew right away that he had a future in the broadcast news business. He worked in radio at stations in Williamsport, Honesdale, Wilkes-Barre and New Jersey before making the switch to TV. Bob worked for a year at WDAU-TV in Scranton before joining the Newswatch 16 team.

Bob's hobbies are working his home computer and amateur radio.

Bob is married to Paula Deignan. He has four children and nine grandchildren.

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