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  • St. Joseph's Center Festival 2016

    St. Joseph’s Center Festival Telethon 2016

    WNEP-TV is proud to present the St. Joseph’s Festival Telethon 2016. Hosted by Mindi Ramsey, Jon Meyer and Don Jacobs  from the St. Joseph’s Center Festival on the campus of Marywood University.  Our field reporters are Mike Stevens and Jackie Lewandoski! The telethon will feature some of the great kids and young adults who are served by the Center and its many programs. From center residents, to adult programs to medically-critical day care.  Click Here to view the 2016 Featured Stories. See […]

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    Power To Save: Lackawanna State Park

    There are many fun and educational things you can do at Pennsylvania’s many State Parks.  We stopped by the Lackawanna State Park and checked in on some of the free offerings.  There is a State Park within 25 miles of every resident of Pennsylvania.

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    Power To Save: Riverfest 2016 & PEC nominations

    Get the information you need to enjoy Riverfest 2016 as well as information on nominating groups or individuals for the Northeast Environmental Partner Awards.

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    Power To Save: Lehman Sanctuary

    It started as one family and is now growing – people who want to protect our environment and provide a place for others to learn about it.  Don Jacobs visits the new Lehman Sanctuary.

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    Power To Save: Cabot’s EITC Helps Area Students

    Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation is spreading education money around Northeast and Central Pennsylvania Career and Technical Centers.

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    Power To Save – Summer 2016

    Power To Save Special June 23, 2016 7:30pm – 8:00pm   WNEP-TV’s Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski host this quarter’s Power To Save Special.  It’s a perfect time to celebrate the Susquehanna River, as Riverfest begins the day after this special.  Find out what you can do to enjoy the river and its many offerings.  Take a trip to our State Parks and see what they have to offer all summer-long!  Find out how protecting your land for future generations […]

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    2016 Ray of Light Awards: St. John Neumann Regional Academy

    Peter Pan lands at St. John Neumann Regional Academy.

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    2016 Ray of Light: Shikellamy

    Go down the river with Huck Finn!

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    2016 Ray of Light Awards: Mike Stevens Essay

    Enjoy a unique look at the Ray of Light Awards through the eyes of our own Mike Stevens!

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    2016 Ray of Light Awards: Muncy

    Meet Fred -she’s amazing!  Muncy HS presents Once Upon a Mattress.

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    2016 Ray of Light Awards: Loyalsock Twp.

    Loyalsock Twp. takes the Yellow Brick Road to Oz.

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    2016 Ray of Light Awards: Jersey Shore Area

    Sing in time with The Wedding Singer and Jersey Shore Area High School.