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    Coaches’ Corner: Week #5

    Coaches Corner Week #5 –from the Bloomsburg Fair   WNEP-TV took Coaches’ Corner to the Bloomsburg Fair to pull apart the regular season as we near the half-way point.  Derek Hicks, Selinsgrove Area Head Coach, and ESPN Radio’s Todd Bartley joined Jimmy Coles, Coach Steve Armillay, and Coach Dave “Whitey” Williams on the midway. Week #4 Review Selinsgrove Head Coach Hicks District 4 Week #5 Preview and Picks

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    Bloomsburg Fair Special 2015

    Bloomsburg Fair Special Tuesday, September 29, 2015 7:30pm on WNEP-TV     Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski host a day at the Bloomsburg Fair.  Come along to see the animals, taste a treat, be entertained and get a history lesson.  It’s all part of the 160th Annual Bloomsburg Fair.   BARTON HOUSE BEGINNINGS ANIMALS HERE, ANIMALS THERE BOY, I’M HUNGRY CAROUSEL OF MEMORIES

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    Power To Save September 2015

    Power To Save Special September 24, 2015 7:30pm – 8:00pm WNEP-TV’s Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski host this quarter’s Power To Save Special. We’ll find out how we can help save the Monarch butterfly. See how a clay shoot can help provide for a college in our area. See the fruits of the labors of those who dedicate their lives to protecting the environment. And get a sneak peak of the newest Rails to Trails. MONARCHS SAVING MONARCHS – Jackie […]

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    Power to Save: Monarchs Saving Monarchs

      King’s College science students do their part to save the Monarch Butterfly.

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    Power To Save: 25 Years of Caring for the Environment

      The Northeastern Pennsylvania Environmental Partnership celebrates 25 years of recognizing groups and individuals who dedicate their talents to protecting the environment.

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    Power To Save: Clay Shoot for Education

      Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation coordinates a clay shoot in Susquehanna County that brings together partners in the natural gas industry.  Here, they network with students while raising money and providing equipment to the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

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    Power To Save: North Branch Canal Trail

    Montour Area Recreation Commission announced the opening of a new rails to trails near Danville.

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    Coaches Corner: Week #4

    Newswatch 16 Sports’ Jim Coles and Coaches Steve Armillay and Dave “Whitey” Williams are joined by ESPN Radio’s Todd Bartley to hit the gridiron hard in this week’s Coaches Corner. Here’s a look back at Week #3 in northeastern and central Pennsylvania High School Football! Two big teams from the West talk with Todd Bartley. What do you mean: 6 classifications? Picks and featured games this weekend.

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    Coaches Corner: Week #3

    Coaches Corner Thursday Nights 9:00pm WNEP2 Jimmy Coles, Steve Armillay and Dave “Whitey” Williams take a look back at Week #2’s Top Performers – the players and the teams.  Any surprises here, watch and find out. Making those onfield timing decisions to best strategize the end of a game – whether by the player or the coach – in tonight’s Hot Topic. The first graduating class of Misericordia University’s Football Program takes to the gridiron this season.  We’ll talk to […]

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    Coaches’ Corner 2015: Week #2

    Welcome to Week #2 of high school football in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.  We’ll look at the upsets, the injuries and the rivalries of the first week of games.  Plus, find out what the Coaches think about the games this weekend. Segment 1:  Top Performers from Week #1:  Top Players and Top Teams. Segment 2:  Loyalsock Twp.’s QB goes on the injured list and a preview of the much anticipated Montoursville/Lewisburg game this weekend. Segment 3:  There is a Junior […]

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    Coaches’ Corner Preview: Segment 1

    Welcome to the 2015 High School football season.  Get an early, analytical look at the teams, players and coaches from our own coaches.  We’ll start at District 4 and their strength, the running back.  Todd Barley talks with Levi Lorson, Jersey Shore Area; Blake Marks, Southern Columbia Area; and Keith Batkowski, Montoursville Area. Click HERE to watch more Coaches’ Corner.

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    Coaches’ Corner Preview: Segment 2

    Steve Armillay talks with 3 of District 2 (Wyoming Valley Conference) Running Backs before Game #1.


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