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  • Photolink Library 9/28/12

    Mike Stevens has been hard at work, as he sometimes is. So much so, Mike says, that the Photolink Library is filled with some new images of a brand new season.

  • Bloomsburg Fair

    Mike Stevens has spent some time at the Bloomsburg Fair this week and found some interesting things to read. As you might expect, they all point to good things and good times.

  • Photolink Library 9/14/12

    It seems summer came and went faster than anyone thought and while the official start of autumn is still a few days away, Mike Stevens tells us there are plenty of signs along the Pennsylvania road that it’s already here.

  • End of Summer

    It seems like summer came and went faster than anyone thought. While the official start of autumn is still a few days away, Mike Stevens tells us there are plenty of signs along the Pennsylvania road that it’s already here.

  • Antique Equipment

    It is often hard to see how far things have come unless you step back and take a good long look. Mike Stevens traveled the Pennsylvania road to Columbia County to visit a place full of antiques.

  • Glass Negatives

    There are any number of ways to learn about history. One way is to see it first-hand. Mike Stevens is on the Pennsylvania road in Wayne County.

  • Fracking OK’d to Resume in Parts of Dimock

    DIMOCK TOWNSHIP — The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has given a natural gas drilling company permission to resume hydrolic fracturing operations at seven wells. DEP ordered Cabot Oil and Gas to stop drilling near Dimock in 2010 when residents complained about methane seeping into their water wells. State officials say Cabot still cannot drill any new wells in the Dimock area.

  • The Case Against Terry Chamberlain (1994)

    Back to 1994 where the case against Terry Chamberlain was not exactly a slam dunk. Not everyone was convinced he was guilty.

  • Photolink Library 8/17/12

    Mike Stevens closes our week with a visit to the Photolink Library. It may only be mid-August but there are already signs that summer is fading.

  • Newswatch 16 in Wilkes-Barre’s Public Square

    Newswatch 16 will officially open our Wyoming Valley Newsroom on Thursday, August 16. We’ll be in the Bicentennial Building on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. And for you long-time Newswatch 16 viewers, many years ago we had a newsroom in another part of that building. Mike Stevens says if you are willing to walk inside, you can still learn about what else was once there.       

  • Hit-and-Run Crash Results in Power Outage

    JESSUP — Police are investigating a crash in Lackawanna County after authorities say a driver hit at least two vehicles and then took off. According to police, the crash happened along Constitution Avenue in Jessup Sunday afternoon. After hitting the vehicles, the driver allegedly left the scene and hit a utility pole which resulted in power lines coming down. Several homes in the area were without power for several hours. The car got tangled up in those power lines and […]

  • Carbon County Fair

    The Carbon County Fair runs from Tuesday, August 7 through Saturday, August 11.