Recent Articles
  • Winter Beauty

    We travel back down the Pennsylvania road to the year 2003. Back then, Mike Stevens was experiencing winter in Schuylkill County and noticed a few of the season’s rare highlights.

  • Hottest Christmas Toys (1981)

    Back to 1981 where Newswatch 16 previewed the hot toys of the holiday season.

  • Gloomy Days

    It was back in 2004 when Mike Stevens was getting sick and tired of winter and was longing for warm, sunny days. It is our trip this time, as we travel back down the Pennsylvania road.

  • Old Christmas Ornaments

    We are now into the Christmas season and the holiday spirit has been alive and well in Lewisburg already. Mike Stevens travels the Pennsylvania road to Union County for a look at some very special Christmas tree ornaments.

  • Thanksgiving Workers (1994)

    Back to 1994, when some people were preparing for just another day at the office on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Santa Parade

    It seems like only yesterday that the holiday parade kicked off for the first time in Scranton. This Saturday, it is celebrating its 20th year. Mike Stevens looks back at the tradition as he travels the Pennsylvania road to Scranton.

  • Photolink Library 11/9/12

    Mike Stevens is getting ready to open the doors to the Photolink Library as is his custom at week’s end. Mike shows us that even though it’s been a long week for many, as generally happens, we find that life goes on.

  • Photolink Library: Wrath of Sandy

    Mike Stevens is taking a break from the Pennsylvania road and instead, is giving us another edition of Photolink Library. The photos show how many of us survived the wrath of Sandy. But others were not so lucky.

  • Trail of Treats

    WNEP-TV continued a Halloween tradition by allowing special needs children to enjoy trick-or-treating the safe way. The event is called “Trail of Treats” and Mike Stevens traveled the Pennsylvania road to Union County, near Lewisburg, to check it out.

  • Autumn on the Pennsylvania Road

    We stick with an autumn theme for our stop along the Pennsylvania Road. Mike Stevens says the sites of autumn pass so quickly that it would be a shame not to take at least a quick look.

  • IndyCar Race Tickets

    You can get tickets for the IndyCar race at the Pocono Raceway website.

  • Mountain Springs Lake

    We’ve recently told you how there are plans to drain Luzerne County’s Mountain Springs Lake because the dam has cracks. The lake is our visit back down the Pennsylvania road. Mike Stevens stopped by for a look back in the winter of 2000.