Watch Live: ‘We Are Getting There’ as April the Giraffe Nears Giving Birth

Allen Vickers, is a Newswatch 16 reporter. Allen is a South Jersey native.
Allen is currently enjoying the north east Pennsylvania area.
Allen is an award winning photographer at 47ABC-WMDT in Salisbury Maryland, including an Emmy nomination for Tiny Tick Big Controversy, where he worked for two years.
Allen graduated from Penn State University
with a bachelors degree in Journalism.
During his time at Pennsylvania State University, he interned at In the Paint, a Penn State Men’s Basketball program.
When not working Allen enjoys listening to music and watching the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Sixers and Phillies fan.

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    SCRANTON — A family in part of Scranton gave the city a helping hand shoveling during the snowstorm earlier this month and on Monday, they were commended by the city for their efforts. Solana and Diora Franklin received good citizen awards from Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright at Scranton Northeast Intermediate School. When the blizzard dumped two feet of snow on the city two weeks ago, the girls and their brother Demetrius, a fifth-grader at John Adams, shoveled snow from places […]

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    CARBONDALE — It’s been six years since fire destroyed a house in Carbondale. The city is now working to buy the property and turn a profit. People who lived next to the house are skeptical but hope something happens soon. “There are rodents and there are lots of cats around and the smell is something I am not looking forward to come summer,” said Scott Bottle. Bottle lives next to the burned-out house on Jeffery Street in Carbondale. The house […]

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    PITTSTON TOWNSHIP — A tractor trailer driving on a closed road became stuck and caused a headache for neighbors in Luzerne County. It’s not the first time this has happened, and residents are fed up. Residents tell Newswatch 16 trucks have been coming up Suscon Road even though signs say the road is closed. A tow truck had to come free the truck after the driver tried to make a turn and got stuck along Suscon Road in Pittston Township. […]

  • Celebration Continues Despite Girardville Postponing St Patrick’s Day Parade

    GIRARDVILLE —  On a day when the streets in Girardville were expected to be full of green and festivities for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, instead they were empty. Organizers officially postponed the parade until April 8 due to all the leftover snow. People who already made travel arrangements, however, still came to Girardville to celebrate. “It seemed to be getting bigger every year, and people came from all over and had a grand time. And we are disappointed […]

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  • Heavy Snow Causes Barn Roof to Collapse, Trapping Farmer

    CLEVELAND TOWNSHIP — Joel Knoebel counts himself as one of the lucky ones. The farmer from Columbia County was able to watch his son’s wrestling tournament in Williamsport just days after being trapped in his barn. He tells Newswatch 16 he was moving his pigs to safety from an already collapsing part of a barn during the snow storm.  That’s when more of the roof collapsed right on top of him, trapping him and his pigs. “I don’t know if I […]

  • Yuengling Brewery Gets Back on Track After Storm

    POTTSVILLE — Even America’s oldest brewing company fell victim to the snow storm earlier this week. Yuengling had to shut down operations for the day and is now getting back on track for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Trucks were in and out of the Yuengling Brewery based out of Pottsville. Tuesday’s storm delayed production for at least a day. “We ended up not bottling and canning, no packaging or brewing on those days, so the way we are making up […]

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    UPDATE: The rest area on Interstate 80 near Berwick is clear and back open to trucks and cars. INTERSTATE 80, COLUMBIA COUNTY — PennDOT spent most of the day plowing out a rest area in Columbia County. Dozens of trucks were stranded in the snow and some were stuck sitting in the parking lot for more than a day. A usually bustling rest stop for truckers on Interstate 80 turned into a complete standstill in Columbia County. More than 20 […]