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  • Halloween Sales Up

    SCRANTON — Shoppers are expected to spend more than ever on Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Shoppers are expected to spend around $77 dollars each this year on candy, costumes, and decorations. Drive around places like Scranton and you’re sure to find Halloween decorations scattered all over. “I love Halloween.” “It’s nice, it’s cool, I wouldn’t trade Halloween for nothing.” While the National Retail Federation reports shopping hasn’t increased on all the other holidays like Christmas […]

  • stun_gun

    Senior Suspended With Stun Gun At School

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A senior at Hanover Area High School is suspended and could be expelled for bringing a stun gun to school late last week. Right now, the 17 year old is on a 10-day suspension while school authorities decide what will happen to her. According to the superintendent in the Hanover Area School District, the girl claims she accidentally brought the stun gun to school, where it fell out of her purse. “Her contention was that whenever outside […]

  • antares explosion

    WATCH: Antares Rocket Explodes Shortly After Launch

    (CNN) — An unmanned NASA rocket exploded early Tuesday evening along the eastern Virginia coast, causing a huge fireball but no apparent deaths. According to NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft were set to launch at 6:22 p.m. ET from the Wallops Flight Facility along the Atlantic Ocean. It was set to carry some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. “There was failure on launch,” NASA spokesman Jay Bolden said. […]

  • carb electrocution

    Electrocution Victim Identified

    BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP — Authorities identified the worker electrocuted on Monday in Carbon County. Police say it was Pete Balliet, 42, of Briar Creek Township who was electrocuted on a high tension power line. It all happened just north of Route 209 near Lehighton. PPL says Balliet was working on power lines as a contractor. Investigators were on scene Tuesday trying to figure out exactly how it all happened. We’ve learned that Balliet was on a bucket truck when he […]

  • vote2014_web_icon

    Find Your Polling Place

    Find your polling place and get important voting information by entering your address below.

  • wipescollage

    Baby Wipes Recalled Due to Possible Bacteria

    Parents, check your baby wipes. A Pennsylvania company has started a nationwide recall of 10 different brands of its baby wipes after finding bacteria in some lots of the products and numerous customer complaints, according to a news release. The brands include Cuties, Diapers.com, Femtex, Fred’s, Kidgets, Member’s Mark, Simply Right, Sunny Smiles, Tender Touch, and Well Beginnings. The wipes were distributed by Nutek prior to October 21, 2014 to Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Family Dollar, Fred’s and Diapers.com. Complaints of […]

  • Courtesy: Brittany Maynard

    Terminally Ill 29-year-old Talks About Giving Up on Dreams as ‘Time Draws Closer’

    Brittany Maynard, the woman who has chosen Nov. 1 as the day she will die, recently spoke to People and wrote a blog post expressing appreciation for the support she has received over the past few weeks. After her wedding in 2013, the 29-year-old began experiencing debilitating headaches. While vacationing with her husband in January, Brittany was diagnosed with grade II Astrocytoma, a severe brain tumor. After the diagnosis, doctors said her cancer had progressed to Glioblastoma multiforme, the deadliest […]

  • MetroVision_Example

    Have Your Photo Featured in our Stormtracker 16 Forecast

    The Stormtracker 16 team is looking for some great day/night shots of your town or landmarks near you! We are looking for the same shot during the day and night in your community.  However, we may accept individual day/night photos. Basic Image Requirements: Photos need to be taken in landscape.  Portrait photos cannot be used. Images should be in 16×9 (widescreen) format. HD quality photos are best (at least 1280×720). Below are some examples of the type of images we […]

  • rare_twins

    Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth to Rare Twins

    ANKENY, Iowa — An Iowa woman walked into a clinic complaining of stomach pains. She walked out with twins. “I had really sharp pain in my left side and went into the doctor, and they said we think you might be pregnant,” new mom Shelby Magnani told WHOTV. “They told me I was six months and told me to get down to the ER. They did an ultrasound and told me it was twins.” Doctors said the twins were monoamniotic […]

  • news conf 2 shot

    Liveblog: State Police News Conference On Search For Eric Frein

  • Courtesy: Brittany Maynard

    Woman, 29, Chooses to Die Two Days after Husband’s Birthday

    PORTLAND, Ore. — A terminally ill 29-year-old woman has chosen November 1 as the day she will die. Shortly after her wedding in 2013, Brittany Maynard began experiencing debilitating headaches. While on vacation with her husband in January, Brittany was diagnosed with grade II Astrocytoma, a severe brain tumor. Doctors told her she had 10 years left to live. “I have to tell you,” she says in the video, “when you’re 29 years old, being told you have that kind […]

  • Bear Swimming in Pool

    A Bear in a Swimming Pool? A Bear in a Swimming Pool!

    HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A man in Luzerne County has an unusual visitor in his backyard pool. Dominic Lombardi tells us a bear has broken his fence and swims in his pool in Hanover Township, near Nanticoke. And the bear must enjoy his visit here because the homeowner tell us this the bear went swimming three times during his visit Thurday.


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