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  • My Yorkie Cooper is Even Cuter than a Couple of Stuffed Monkeys!!!

    Pet Slideshow: April 2015

    Check out some great pet pics and submit your own!

  • Spring has sprung...ha!!

    Spring Snow Slideshow

    Check out some great spring snow photos and submit your own!

  • pacman

    Google Maps Turns Your Neighborhood Into Pac-Man Game

    MOOSIC – Google may have started their April Fool’s Day tricks a day early.  The popular mapping service now has the option to turn your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game. Search your address on Google Maps and you’ll find an option at the bottom left of the page to turn the roads into a Pac-Man game. Press the button and turn the real world road map into the classic arcade game. Warning: Like the popular 30th Anniversary Pac-Man Google Doodle from 2010, […]

  • truck_near_crash

    Close Call: Truck Nearly Overturns During Live Report

    AVOCA — A close call for one truck driver as he approached the scene of a crash on Interstate 81 near the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport. In the video, you can see the rig nearly overturn in the background during one of Andy Palumbo’s live reports.

  • sale_approved

    Valley Crest To Be Sold for $2 Million

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP — It appears the old Valley Crest Nursing Home near Wilkes-Barre is one step closer to being sold. Luzerne County Council is entering into a sales agreement with a private developer who will likely turn the property into some sort of retail complex. The developer is keeping quiet about what he has planned for Valley Crest, but county council says they hope the sale of the property will bring more jobs to the area. The rundown and abandoned […]

  • luz fatal fire

    Investigation into Deadly Luzerne County Fire

    EDWARDSVILLE — A fire took the life of a man from Luzerne County over the weekend and now crews are looking for what caused the fire. It happened Sunday morning in Edwardsville. Fire broke out in the basement of the home in the 100 block of Meyers Street in Edwardsville and while the flames were mostly contained downstairs, smoke from the fire ultimately killed Richard Suda. Neighbors continued grieving Monday for the loss of their friend and neighbor, Richard Suda, […]

  • Powerful sunset,
Pittston Township,
Tammy Urbanski

    Fall Sunset Photos Slideshow

  • luz post office

    Some Luzerne County Residents Missing Mail

    WILKES-BARRE — Folks showed up at the post office in Wilkes-Barre Friday asking about missing mail. Managers at the post office wouldn’t say much, but they did tell Newswatch 16 employees there are not involved. Newswatch 16 learned some residents in Luzerne County have been missing mail for weeks, some even longer. One man from Union Township says he hasn’t received bills for two months. “I get a late payment notice from the credit card,” explained Bill Perillo who said […]

  • cheating_system

    Loophole in Luzerne County Public Housing?

    WILKES-BARRE — There may be a major loophole in Luzerne County’s public housing. Newswatch 16 found dozens of people who live in public housing but who make enough money to afford their own place, and some can even buy their own house. There were almost three dozen households reporting hefty incomes, but still living in public housing. That’s while the Luzerne County Housing Authority says it has a waiting list of one to two years. Karen Weltman said she waited […]

  • School’s Spotlights Causing Problems

    KINGSTON — A school in Luzerne County put up new spotlights that may have to be taken down after some neighbors complained. Just last week, four spotlights were put up near Wyoming Seminary’s stadium in Kingston for student safety, but just as quickly as they went up they could be coming back down after some folks who live near that area complained that they were too bright. “We’re always looking to improve student security on our campus and we have […]

  • Proposed Recovery Plan for Scranton

    SCRANTON — The city of Scranton has been in financial dire straits for years and now we’re beginning to see what a recovery plan for the city might look like. The agency handling the recovery says if nothing’s done, the city’s deficit could skyrocket in the next five years. The idea behind the plan is to help build back Scranton financially and avoid bankruptcy. This latest plan includes some new proposals and while members of city council believe it could […]

  • spock

    Area Sci-Fi Fans Remember Leonard Nimoy

    SCRANTON — It was a sad day for the Hollywood community and sci-fi lovers all around who admired Leonard Nimoy. The news of his passing upset many people in our area. Nimoy was not only a star on television and movies, you can find his beloved “Mr. Spock ” in the comics books like those we found at “Comics on the Green” in Scranton. “He’s a legend. I mean when you think of science fiction or even famous stars associated […]


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