Some Schools in the Poconos Closed Wednesday Due to Safety Concerns
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256
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  • Emma has a new sparkly collar!

    Pet Slideshow: September 2014

    Check out some great pet pics and submit your own!

  • Noah_Freshpet

    “Apparently Kid” Makes Commercial Debut

    “Apparently Kid” Noah Ritter is now appearing in his first commercial. The folks at Freshpet thought Noah, and his huge personality, would be the perfect fit for their commercial. “We teamed up with superstar Noah Ritter to hear his thoughts about Dogs, Dinosaurs, and everything in-between.” The folks at Freshpet has some other great news to share. “To further pursue his bright future as a paleontologist, we’ve set up a college fund for Noah so that he can continue his […]

  • The huge white spot near the center of this picture taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows an X1.6 class solar flare on sun on September 10, 2014. The image shows light in the 131 Angstrom wavelength.

    Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth, What We Can Expect

    (CNN) — This is not your usual weather forecast. Big storms are brewing. Your umbrella won’t help, but you might want to keep a flashlight handy. These storms are coming from the sun. It’s raining down a huge amount of radiation. We’re safe, but it could affect power grids, radios and satellites. Experts say the combined energy from two recent solar events will arrive at Earth on September 13, prompting the Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a strong Geomagnetic […]

  • fb_nfl_fandom

    Facebook Has Spoken, This Is Steelers Country

    A map released by Facebook seems to confirm that there are more Steelers fans in Northeast PA than Eagles fans. Rather than the Keystone State being evenly divided as some might think, a majority of the state seems to lean the Steelers way while the Eagles fans seem to be concentrated in the counties closest to Philadelphia. Maybe less surprising is that Pike and Monroe counties appear to have a pretty solid Giants fan base. Facebook’s map shows interactions among […]

  • Restored_Church_Billboard

    Church Billboard About Sex Catching Attention

    WILKES-BARRE — A billboard that says God loves sex was put up Wednesday and it didn’t take long for people to take notice. A non-denominational church in Wilkes-Barre put up the billboard and it is already doing what it was intended to do: attract attention, mainly because it says that God loves sex. Some pastors had a plan when they ordered the design for this billboard along Route 309. Restored Church is trying to bring in new visitors but some […]

  • ScoreStream

    Using ScoreStream

    First you are going to need to get the ScoreStream App. The App is only available to iOS and Android users, so if you have another operating system outside of the two major ones, we apologize. STEP 1 – Download The App If you haven’t downloaded the app, GO GET IT! The ScoreStream App is available in both iOS and Android app stores. STEP 2 – Open The App Open the app where ever you might have it on your […]

  • back-to-school-viral

    Family’s “Baby Got Class” Back-to-School Parody Video Goes Viral

    If this family looks familiar, you have probably seen their previous “viral” hit, “Christmas Jammies.” Well, they’re back and this time the Holderness family is all about big buses and they cannot lie.

  • Tennis Elbow

    That nagging pain in your elbow may not be from picking up a racket. Many people get tennis elbow off the court. You don’t have to be a tennis player to get tennis elbow.  Melanie Wade got it from a weekend of too much yard work. “It started off as more of a burning pain, more of a fatigue,” said Wade. The condition is really an injury caused by overusing the wrist.  There is pain in the elbow because a […]

  • robin williams death

    Robin Williams Suffered From Parkinson’s Disease, Wife Reveals in Statement

    Robin Williams was struggling with early stages of Parkinson’s Disease when he died, his wife Susan Schneider reveled in a statement Thursday. “Robin spent so much of his life helping others. Whether he was entertaining millions on stage, film or television, our troops on the frontlines, or comforting a sick child — Robin wanted us to laugh and to feel less afraid. Since his passing, all of us who loved Robin have found some solace in the tremendous outpouring of […]

  • icebucketchallenge

    Uplifting: Father With ALS Joins Daughter in Ice Bucket Challenge

    Ice bucket challenges have been popping up all over social media this summer in support of ALS, including this one by our very own Jon Meyer and Julie Sidoni. But this video may be one of the most inspirational, because a man that has ALS joined his daughter in the challenge. According to, Kreg Palko has been fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease for more than two years according to his daughter’s Facebook page. He used to be an active man, […]

  • Grand_Slam_Parade

    Watch Live: Little League World Series Grand Slam Parade

    Don't miss the 2014 Little League World Series Grand Slam Parade. Watch the live stream at home or on-the-go.

  • GrandSlamParade_2014

    Little League World Series Grand Slam Parade

    10th Annual Grand Slam Parade LIVE! Wednesday at 6:30pm on WNEP2 & WNEP-TV is proud to present the 10th Annual Grand Slam Parade. The Lycoming Visitors Bureau welcomes the world to Williamsport in grand style! Get your first look at the 8 USA teams, and the 8 international teams – ushered through downtown by music, floats, and a huge array of well-wishers! The telecast is hosted by Newswatch 16 Sports’ Sharla McBride along with Gary Chrisman. Newswatch 16 Sports’ […]


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