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    Coaches Help College Basketball Player Battling Terminal Cancer Check Item off Bucket List

    PROVO, Utah — Former BYU basketball player Melanie Day went from scoring buckets to making a bucket list after she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer a year and a half ago. “I was given about two to three years to live,” Day said. After the deadly diagnosis, Day started living every day like it’s her last. “One of my items on my bucket list was to attend the North Carolina at Duke Men’s basketball game,” Day told Fox13. […]

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    Missing Newborn Abducted from Florida Hospital Found 18 years later

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An infant kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998 has been found alive and well over 18 years later, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced during a news conference on Friday. Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped from University Medical Center shortly after her birth on July 10, 1998. Grainy surveillance video captured photos of a woman leaving the hospital with the infant. Sheriff Mike Williams said the child was found “alive and well” in Walterboro, South Carolina. Officials said DNA testing […]

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    Flight 666 Lands Safely in HEL on Friday the 13th

    HELSINKI — Finnair Flight 666 arrived safely at its destination on Friday. But Friday’s flight was extra spooky. Besides having the unlucky number — 666 is widely regarded as the number of the devil — the plane flew on Friday the 13th nonstop from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Helsinki. Or as ticket holder would have seen it written: CPH->HEL. Oh, and the aircraft was 13 years old. ✈️️ Finnair flight 666, at 13 o'clock on Friday the 13th with a 13 year old […]

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    Boy, 12, Points Gun at Classmate’s Head then Demands Chicken Nugget

    NEW YORK – A 12-year-old New York City boy allegedly pulled a gun on a classmate and demanded she give him a chicken nugget earlier this week, said NYPD officials. It was his second attempt to get a chicken nugget from the girl, police said. The boy noticed the girl buy Chicken McNuggets at a McDonald’s on Lexington Avenue and East 103rd Street in Manhattan Tuesday. When he asked her for a McNugget, she refused. The boy allegedly followed the […]

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    Dog Fur Sweaters? Yes, It’s a Thing – Here’s Why People Love Them

    EVANSTON, Ill. —  Jeannie Sanke takes her three dogs to Kindred Spirits Healing Arts in Evanston, Illinois, to keep them healthy – but it’s their fur that’s her business. Sanke started making custom pieces out of dog fur about two years ago, according to WGN-TV.  She knits everything from sweaters, gloves, ponchos, scarves, hats, even a teddy bear, all made from the beloved fur of dogs. “People are always afraid that it’s going to smell like dog, and it doesn’t,” Sanke […]

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    Netflix Users Targeted by Email Scam Seeking Credit Card, Account Information

    Heads up, Netflix users. A cyber security firm says Netflix customers should know about an email scam designed to get your private information. According to FireEye Labs, some Netflix customers are receiving emails asking them to “update” their account information. A link redirects customers to a page that looks like an official Netflix login page. However, the page is a fake. Scammers are trying to get people to give up personal information, including their name, address, credit card number and […]

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    Where’s Sasha? President Obama’s daughter absent at farewell speech

    CHICAGO — President Obama’s youngest daughter was noticeably absent during her father’s farewell speech in Chicago Tuesday evening. During his speech, the camera turned to first lady Michelle Obama and their daughter Malia. Sasha was not seen sitting with them. Immediately Twitter users began asking where the president’s youngest daughter was. The real questions of the night: #wheressasha?!?!? #FarewellSpeech — Dan Chizzoniti (@danchiz) January 11, 2017 Hey twitter, my mom has a question #WheresSasha ? — Rick Montano (@rickolus) […]

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    School District Hilariously Shuts Down Snow Day Requests on Twitter

    Kids in Georgia hoping the year’s first winter snow would land them a Friday off took to Twitter on Thursday to plead their case, and they found themselves an able sparring partner in the form of the unnamed handler of @CherokeeSchools. That’s the Twitter account for the Cherokee County School District, which claims more than 41,000 metro Atlanta students. The parry began Thursday evening as northern and central counties braced for up to 4 inches of snow, per the Atlanta […]

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    Man Opens Fire After Wife Bites His Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    BALTIMORE — A Maryland man is facing attempted murder charges after an argument over a grilled cheese sandwich sparked an hours-long standoff with police Sunday. Police say Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, fired multiple rounds through his basement floor after he became angry when his wife took a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich. Detectives say the 55-year-old fired his gun at her through the basement floor while she was making dinner. When his wife went to check on him she […]

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    Deputy Saves Cat Trapped in Garage Door

    ASCENSION PARISH, La. – A Louisiana deputy saved a cat trapped in a garage door earlier this week. Deputy Mike Scott was responding to a call for assistance of an animal being stuck in a residence. “A cat had been stuck between a garage door of a residence and the wall,” said Deputy Scott. “Never in all of my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival,” he added. The deputy said upon his arrival he […]

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    Storm Topples Iconic Tunnel Tree in Northern California

    CALAVERAS COUNTY, Calif. — A giant sequoia tree well-known for the huge tunnel carved through it has toppled during California’s weekend storms. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the historic Pioneer Cabin in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in Calaveras County came down during heavy rains on Sunday. The tree was hollowed out in the 1880s to allow tourists to pass through it. Cars later used the massive tunnel, but more recently it has hosted only hikers. Park volunteer Jim […]

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    Rare Ice Circle Forms in Washington State River

    NORTH BEND, Wash. — Hikers in Washington State were treated to an unusual natural phenomenon Saturday morning — an ice circle spinning in the Snoqualmie River. The thin circular slab of ice is sometimes referred to as an ice disc and it forms on the outer bends in rivers where accelerating water creates a rotation. As the ice spins, it grinds against other surrounding ice smoothing it into a circle. “Calm winds this week combined with 6 mornings in a row in […]