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  • Cop Apologizes to Firefighter With ‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake

    MAINEVILLE, Ohio – A police officer in Ohio who accidentally shocked a firefighter with a Taser has made amends with cake. The Hamilton Township Police Department in Maineville, Ohio, outside Cincinnati, posted the story on its Facebook page on Saturday. “Ofc. Workman was assisting our FD on an EMS call. When they arrived at the hospital an altercation ensued with the patient in the life squad,” the post read. The police department said Workman used her Taser to subdue the person […]

  • 13 Semis Join Forces to Help Save Suicidal Man on Detroit Freeway

    OAK PARK, Mich. – A line of truckers along with the Michigan State Police helped a man who was considering suicide on a highway overpass. Police received a call about a man on a bridge over I-696 early Tuesday morning around 1 a.m., according to WJBK, This photo does show the work troopers and local officers do to serve the public. But also in that photo is a man struggling with the decision to take his own life. Please remember help […]

  • Deaf and Nearly Blind Dog Stays With 3-Year-Old Girl Overnight, Leads Rescuers to Her

    QUEENSLAND, Australia – Good boy, Max! A 17-year-old blue heeler in Queensland, Australia is being hailed a hero after staying by the side of a 3-year-old girl who had been missing for more than 15 hours in the wilderness, according to Aurora went missing around 3 p.m. Friday. After several hours without luck, the search party decided to stop for the night. “It was really disheartening when everybody left,” said Leisa Bennett, Aurora’s grandmother. “We were standing in the darkness […]

  • 12-year-old Steals Credit Card, Flies to Bali After Fight With Mom

    PERTH, Australia – A 12-year-old Australian boy has pulled off a bold feat that is drawing international headlines: He stole his mom’s credit card and managed to fly to Bali, Indonesia, for a posh, four-day vacation before getting caught, reports 9 News. As recounted in the Australian program A Current Affair, the boy did some research online and figured out he could fly alone without needing a letter from a parent on Jetstar Airways. He nabbed his mom’s credit card, […]

  • Man Gets 50 Year Sentence for $1.2M Fajita Theft

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A former county employee in Texas was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing more than $1.2 million worth of fajita meat. Gilberto Escaramilla plead guilty Friday to theft by a public servant. “I feel horrible. I wish I could take this back. It was selfish,” 53-year-old Gilberto Escamilla said during his sentencing, reports the The Brownsville Herald. Escaramilla was fired from his Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department job in August. He was arrested for felony theft after […]

  • Boys Halt Basketball Game to Kneel as Funeral Procession Passes; Touching Photo Lights Up Social Media

    FRANKLINGTON, La. – A photo of a group of teens playing basketball is going viral – not because of the game, but of what they did as a funeral procession passed by. It stopped sisters Johannah Stroud and Lynn Bickham Bienvenu in their tracks. It was a procession for their cousin, Velma Kay Crowe, WAFB reports. The group of kids put down their basketball and took a knee as the procession passed by. They hurried to take a photo. “It was […]

  • Former NFL Kicker Apologizes After Prom Photo With Daughter, Handgun Goes Viral

    Prom season is officially in full swing, with photos of dresses and tuxes being posted all over social media. But one young man got to go to both a prom and a gun show over the weekend, and the photo of his experience has gone viral. Former NFL player Jay Feely took to his Twitter account to wish his daughter and her date a great time at prom. It looks like a simple enough photo until you look closely at […]

  • Shark Attack Victim Also Survived Bites From Bear and a Rattlesnake

    HONOLULU – A Colorado man attacked by a shark in Hawaii last week also survived earlier encounters with a bear and a rattlesnake, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported. Dylan McWilliams, 20 of Grand Junction, was bitten by a shark Thursday while swimming off the island of Kauai. He suffered several cuts to his leg that can be seen in one of his recent Facebook posts. McWilliams said he believes a tiger shark bit him. “That was the scariest part. I didn’t […]

  • Teen Raises Over $10K to Pay Off Other Students’ Debt, Combat ‘Lunch Shaming’

    SUMMIT, N.J. — A New Jersey high school student has raised thousands of dollars to pay off the lunch debts of students at other schools after she says she was disturbed by the so-called “lunch shaming” she saw at her previous school, according to the Jersey Journal. “Students are put to work. So they have to clean tables and mop the floors to pay for their lunch,” 16-year-old Keertana Talla, who now attends Kent Place School in New Jersey, told […]

  • Body Camera Captures Wild Turkey Leading Police on Chase

    CLEVELAND — Police body camera video shows an unusual standoff and chase last month in the parking lot of a Cleveland shopping center. Police got a call about a wild turkey at the center and were told kids had thrown rocks at it and tried to run over it with bikes, according to WJW. But the video shows officers had trouble taking this wanted subject into custody. They call the turkey, walk up to it, run after it, and watch […]

  • Police Advertise 4/20 Contest to Find Person With ‘The Most Marijuana’

    YOUNGSVILLE, LA – It’s not every day that a small town police department asks people to show off their weed stash, but 4/20 is not an ordinary day. The 20th of April has become an annual international holiday for fans of marijuana, despite the fact that the drug is still illegal in most of America and at the Federal level. This year, the Youngsville Police Department wants in on the party. “Since today is 4/20, we are giving away prizes to […]

  • How Earth Day Evolved From an Idea to a Global Holiday

    Earth Day started in the United States in 1970 and has been embraced by many countries in the world over nearly 50 years. Earth Day events happen all over the globe and this year’s theme is to end plastic pollution. It’s hard to imagine now, but fifty years ago, environmental issues weren’t really considered “issues,” smokestacks were a sign of economic prosperity. In 1969, a massive oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California started to make the public […]