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  • Cooper my Yorkie beside a barrel of Pansies.

    Pet Slideshow: August 2014

    Check out these great summer pet pics and submit your own!

  • moon august 10th 2014

    Supermoon Slideshow

    Check out some great supermoon/perseid meteor shower pics and submit your own!


    Pet Slideshow: July 2014

  • Go Joe XVII Route Map

    Go Joe 17: “Big City Blitz” Information

    This will be the 17th Go Joe Ride for St. Joseph’s Center in Scranton. Coming off of last year’s 16th “special” ride through the viewing area, we are now going to be off to another distant location.

  • We just rescued Homer a few days ago and he is adjusting nicely to his new home and enjoying all the attention and playing!

    Pet Slideshow: June 2014

    See some great pet photos and share your own!

  • Charger

    Pet Slideshow: May 2014

    Check out these great pet photos and submit your own!

  • Ford Avenue, Kingston.  Tree falls on parked car.

    PHOTOS: May Storm Slideshow

    Heavy rain and high winds sweeping through the area. Check out these viewer-submitted photos and upload your own!

  • rock_climbing_bears

    VIDEO: Baby Bear’s Nail-biting Rock Climb

    Santa Elena, TX — According to Stephanie Latimer (who filmed the footage), the two Mexican Black Bears climbed Santa Elena Canyon wall at Big Bend National Park, Texas. According to the National Park Service, the Santa Elena Canyon walls reach heights up to 1,500 feet. Both mama bear and cub finished their climb safely.

  • baltimore_landslide

    AMAZING VIDEO: Cars Vanish in Baltimore Landslide

    Baltimore, Md. — A YouTube video posted by user ToddTesla shows a road collapsed in Baltimore as it happens, sending cars onto a CSX railroad track according to a Baltimore Sun report.

  • Our setter taking a time out last summer. Jake wants that nice weather back. What do you say Joe?????

    Pet Slideshow: April 2014

  • baby_monitors

    800,000 Baby Monitor Batteries Recalled

    Summer Infant has received 22 reports of overheated and ruptured batteries, including incidents of smoke and minor property damage. Consumers should remove the battery and contact Summer Infant for a replacement battery. The monitor can continue to be used on AC power with the power cord. Mass merchants, including Babies “R” Us, online retailers and independent juvenile specialty stores, from about February 2010 through 2012 for between $150 to $350. Battery numbers are: S/N: JNN-S150A S/N:JNS150-BA S/N:JNS150A S/N: JNN-S150B S/N:JNS150-BB […]

  • global_selfie_logo

    Celebrate Earth Day with NASA’s “Global Selfie” Event

    NASA invites you, and everyone else on the planet, to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day this year with the agency’s #GlobalSelfie event. Here’s how it works. To participate, take ‘selfie’ outside and show your location on the planet. You can download a printable sign for your photo here. Share your selfie on social media using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr can all be used), or post it to the #GlobalSelfie event page […]


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