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  • Electoral Map 2016

    National Electoral Map, Balance of Power

    View the national electoral map HERE.

  • Election Results

    Election Results

    Get the latest election results from Newswatch 16.

  • october-2016-pet-slideshow

    Pet Slideshow: October 2016

    Have a cute Fall, or scary pet costume pic to share? Submit it to our Pet Slideshow today!

  • Our buddy loves to go to the lake for walks. This was taken at Nesopeck State Park.

    Pet Slideshow: September 2016

    See some adorable pets and submit a photo of your own to our Pet Slideshow!

  • Tom Clark drums at the Bloomsburg Fair

    Chief ‘Beat-eorolgist’ Tom Clark Plays Drums, Wows Crowd at the Bloomsburg Fair

    BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — Stormtracker 16 Chief Meteorologist, or should we say ‘Beat-eorologist’, Tom Clark wowed the crowd at the Bloomsburg Fair yesterday. Tom’s been bringing you the forecast for decades, but on Wednesday, he brought the beat to an amazed crowd. During our Newswatch 16 live show from the Bloomsburg Fair yesterday, Tom dusted off his skills from when he was on the drumline in college and sat in with the group called “Junk rock” from the Philadelphia Area.

  • Bloomsburg Fair

    Bloomsburg Fair: ‘WNEP Free Stage’ Schedule

    There are lots of things to see and do at the Bloomsburg Fair, especially at the WNEP Free Stage! So before you head out, check the schedule below to make sure you don’t miss any of the great, free music and entertainment. *This information is subject to change, check back for the latest updates. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 Vespers Service, 7:00 PM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 Midlife Cowboys, 1:00 PM Sapphire, 3:00 PM Midlife Cowboys, 5:00 PM Stanky and the Coal Miners, 7:00 PM […]

  • Maggie and Scout, our rescues from Mount Carmel,Pa

    ‘National Dog Day’ Photo Gallery

    August 26 is National Dog Day! Share a pic of your favorite pup/pups!

  • Lilly

    Pet Slideshow: August 2016

    Check out these adorable pet photos and submit your own to our August Pet Slideshow!

  • Joe Snedeker eats Devil Tongue pepper live.

    Watch: Joe Snedeker Continues August Tradition, Eats ‘Devil’s Tongue’ Pepper Live

    Morning meteoroligist Joe Snedeker kept his August tradition alive, eating a Devil Tongue pepper live during Newswatch 16 This Morning on Wednesday. Devil’s Tongue peppers register between 125,000 – 325,000 Scoville Units or SHU, the standard measure for pepper heat. To put it in perspective, a Trinidad Scorpion pepper (one of the hottest) registers between 800,000 – 1,000,000 SHU, while a Jalepeno registers between 2,500 – 8,000 SHU. Joe was forced to pause a few times during his forecast, presumably […]

  • Courtesy: WAFB

    Dramatic Video Shows Woman, Dog Pulled From Sinking Car During Louisiana Flood

    BATON ROUGE — Dramatic footage captured by WAFB in Louisiana shows the moment a woman and her dog were saved from a car sinking in flood waters. The local television station was with rescue crews near Baton Rouge on Saturday when they came across a sinking car. One of the men on the boat, identified as David Phung by the BBC, jumps in the water to help. Phung can be seen pulling the woman to safety from her completely submerged vehicle. […]

  • Courtesy: Flickr / Marijuana Possession

    Marijuana Possession Moved From Misdemeanor to Summary Offense in State College

    STATE COLLEGE – Possession of a small amount of marijuana within State College Borough will now be a summary offense, rather than a misdemeanor. Borough Council passed a rule Monday, voting 5-2 for the ordinance, allowing police to treat some marijuana offenses as a summary offense rather than filing criminal charges. The idea was proposed by Penn State senior Luis Rolfo at a council meeting in March. Rolfo asked council to consider allowing police to enact a civil penalty similar […]

  • God Bless America

    Pet Slideshow: July 2016

    Check out these great viewer pet photos!  Have a pet pic you’d like to share?  Submit it below!