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  • woman-buys-nutribullet-from-woman-with-cancer-gets-surprise

    Woman Attempting to Buy Used Nutribullet for Mom With Cancer Gets Heartwarming Surprise

    BELFAST — A woman who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently shared the heartwarming story of an awesome stranger and his incredibly generous act of kindness. Cara Grace Duggan was shopping on, a classifieds website in the U.K., when she found someone selling a used 900w Nutribullet. She sent a text message to the seller: “Hi there. I was wondering if you still have your Nutribullet for sale and if so would you consider posting it? I could pay via PayPal so we’re […]

  • Credit: Kristen Prosser

    Beautiful Photos Capture the Moment a Couple Meets Their Adopted Newborn

    A Minnesota couple, who already has two biological children, recently traveled to Florida to meet their newly adopted child — and their photographer captured the moment they first met their baby. David and Sarah Olson said they chose to adopt when they realized they were unable to have any more children. Doctors told Sarah it was not in her best interest to get pregnant. “We knew that our family wasn’t complete yet. We knew that we wanted three… we always wanted three. […]

  • Patriotic Pets

    Pet Slideshow: July 2015

    Have a patriotic pet photo you would like to share? Submit it to our Pet Slideshow!

  • Fireworks Schedule

    2015 Fireworks Schedule; Find a Display Near You

    Find the latest schedule of fireworks displays near you and check back as updates are made available.

  • Knoebels-collage

    Knoebels Tops List of ‘Underrated’ Amusement Parks

    In a recent article on Buzzfeed, Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg was voted the number-one “most underrated amusement park” to visit before you die.  Sure, you might not feel that Knoebels is “underrated” at all, but that’s a debate for another day. Buzzfeed asked members of their community to make suggestions, and the most chose Knoebels, including juliav4fac42221 who said, “It’s free admission and you pay per ride in tickets. They have great wooden roller coasters, and the park is perfect […]

  • pet photo

    Pet Slideshow: June 2015

      Check out some adorable pet photos and submit your own!

  • rockne newell ross township

    Liveblog: Special Hearing in Rockne Newell Shooting Case

    Check back for the latest from Newswatch 16’s Amanda Kelley (@wnepamandak)

  • pizzahut_slice

    You Won’t Believe What You Have Been Eating; Restaurants Now Going ‘All-Natural’

    NEW YORK — A number of major fast-food chains and food companies have recently announced healthier practices, moving to all-natural ingredients and ending the use of downright strange and sometimes hard-to-pronounce additives — a trend that experts say is having meaningful impact on our food supply. The ever-lengthening list includes: 1. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell: Announced on Tuesday they were going all natural, removing all artificial colors and flavors. Among other things, Taco Bell said it will switch from […]

  • delta_viral

    Delta’s New Safety Video Really ‘Takes Off’ on the Internet

    If you have flown, you have witnessed the standard ‘safety speech’. It’s probably safe to assume that you have also tuned it out (come on, you know you have). Delta Air Lines hopes to change that with a new safety video starring some of the biggest viral video stars on the internet. As expected, the viral star filled video is, well, going viral itself. Passengers still get all the important information you have come to expect from the safety speech, […]

  • Our new Golden Retriever Puppy, Abby, 8 weeks old.

    Pet Slideshow: May 2015

    Check out some adorable pet photos and submit your own!

  • sharon_budd_hearing

    Liveblog: Hearing in Sharon Budd Rock Throwing Case

    Check back for the latest updates from the courtroom with Newswatch 16’s Nikki Krize and Kristina Papa.

  • New Laser Spine Treatment Offers Hope to Pain Sufferers

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)– Back or neck pain can be a debilitating problem. In fact, research shows Americans spend more than $50 billion-a-year on healthcare related to these specific issues. But there’s a treatment offering hope to sufferers without major surgery. This treatment can be done in about an hour and the patient can then walk out of the clinic that very day, in most cases, pain-free. Joe Berry has spent much of his life helping others in Yukon and the […]


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