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  • bottled-water-recall

    14 Brands of Bottled Water Recalled Due to Possible E. Coli

    ONTARIO, Calif. — An E. coli scare has prompted a California-based bottled water producer to recall some of its products. Niagara Bottling LLC said the recall is purely out of an abundance of caution. There have been no signs of its product being contaminated or reports of consumers falling sick, it said. The family-owned company said the operator of a spring that supplies two of its plants failed to report evidence of E. coli at the source. The bottler said […]

  • chef scheib I

    Body of Missing White House Chef Found

    (CNN) — The body of former White House executive chef Walter Scheib was found Sunday in the mountains of New Mexico where he had gone hiking, officials said. Scheib, who served under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, has been absent since June 13 when he left to go for a hike alone on a mountain trail in Taos, New Mexico. He was later reported missing by a family member. On Thursday, investigators tracked Scheib’s cell phone signal to […]

  • dyslexia

    New Typeface Simulates Reading with Dyslexia

    CNN — Not until he was a 22-year-old university student did Daniel Britton finish reading a book. He is not lazy or a slow learner, as prior teachers had believed. He is dyslexic. The labels placed on Britton as a child are not uncommon. Language-based learning disabilities affect 1 in 5 students, and dyslexia is the most prevalent. Yet the disorder is widely misunderstood. “People who’ve never been dyslexic don’t understand what it’s like,” said Britton, who lives in Hartley, […]

  • dylann-storm-roof

    Dylann Storm Roof Arrested in North Carolina, According to Report

    CHARLESTON, S.C. — A senior law enforcement official confirmed to CNN that the suspect, Dylann Storm Roof, has been taken into custody in Shelby, N.C. Dylan Storm Roof, the 21-year-old man who police say walked into a South Carolina, church and fatally shot nine people as they attended Bible study class, was arrested in Shelby, North Carolina on Thursday. According to WLTX, Roof was arrested in Shelby on Thursday. Multiple sources are also reporting Roof has been arrested. #BREAKING: Dylann Storm Roof […]

  • The City of Charleston, South Carolina, provided this surveillance still image showing the person they believe to be a suspect in the shooting death of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night, June 17, 2015.

    Woman Says Charleston Shooter Spared Her to ‘Tell Everyone’ What Happened

    CHARLESTON, S.C. — Dylann Roof, 21, is the suspect in Wednesday’s deadly shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina that left 9 people dead. Police say he walked into the church and fatally shot nine people as they attended Bible study class. Witnesses told officials Roof — who is now at the center of a major manhunt, reportedly said he was at the church to shoot black people, a source told CNN. A female survivor told family members […]

  • dylann-storm-roof

    Dylann Storm Roof: Police Name Suspect in Charleston Church Shooting

    CHARLESTON, S.C. — He’s white, slightly built and in his early 20s — and police say he walked into a Charleston, South Carolina, church and fatally shot nine people as they attended Bible study class. Dylann Storm Roof, 21, is now at the center of a major manhunt. Police released a flier Thursday morning with details of the suspect in the attack on the historic African-American church as they appealed for help to track him down as quickly as possible. […]

  • 150618063642-01-charleston-shooting-suspect-exlarge-169

    Officials: Suspect in Church Shooting Sat With Victims for an Hour Before Massacre

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina (CNN) — [Latest developments] • Dylan Storm Roof named as suspect in church shooting. • The person who shot and killed nine people at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was there for about an hour, attending a meeting with the eventual victims, before he began shooting, Charleston police Chief Greg Mullen said Thursday morning. • There were three survivors in Wednesday evening’s shooting, Mullen said without elaborating. • “This is a situation that is unacceptable in […]

  • hobbes-tiger-airport-tour

    Airport Staff Gives Lost Stuffed Tiger the Adventure of a Lifetime

    TAMPA BAY — It’s not much fun being stuck at an airport — unless you happen to be a stuffed tiger. When a 6-year-old boy recently left his beloved toy at Tampa International Airport, a member of the staff had a better idea than just to leave it languishing in the lost and found department. Operations manager Tony D’Auito whisked Hobbes the tiger off on a grand tour of the airport, snapping photos as they went. Hobbes’ adventures took in […]

  • cardinals-hack

    FBI Investigating Whether Cardinals Hacked Astros

    NEW YORK — The FBI is investigating whether the St. Louis Cardinals hacked into the computer systems belonging to a rival team: the Houston Astros. The hacked Astros databases include team secrets and operational information, according to Major League Baseball. Signs point to espionage. The New York Times was the first to report this on Tuesday. The newspaper said federal prosecutors are already issuing subpoenas on the Cardinals team and MLB to get a hold of electronic communications. Federal investigators […]

  • It's not you. Web pages really are loading slower. The average site is now 2.1 MB in size -- two times larger than the average site from three years ago, according to data tracked by HTTP Archive.

    It’s Not Just You — Here’s Why the Web Is Getting Slower

    The spinning wheel of death never seems to stop turning these days. It’s not you. Web pages really are loading slower. The average site is now 2.1 MB in size — two times larger than the average site from three years ago, according to data tracked by HTTP Archive. There are a few reasons for this added weight. Websites are adding more attention-attracting videos, images, interactivity plug-ins (comments and feeds) and other code and script-heavy features that clog up broadband […]

  • Tater tots from restaurant Five Napkin Burger in New York, NY. 

Keywords: Junk food, unhealthy food, fried food, fatty foods.

    FDA Orders Food Manufacturers to Stop Using Trans Fat Within Three Years

    Artificial trans fat will have to disappear from the American diet, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA on Tuesday ruled that trans fat is not “generally recognized as safe” for human food. Eating a diet rich in trans fat is also linked to higher body weight, heart disease and memory loss. It has been shown to raise the “bad,” or LDL, cholesterol in the blood which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading […]

  • Workers scaled the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri in October, 2014 performing a corrosion investigation. While atop the Arch, the workers mounted cameras to their helmets and recorded the journey... including some looks over the edge.

    New Videos Show Dizzying St. Louis Arch Corrosion Investigation

    St. Louis, MO — New video of the WJE Corrosion Team’s investigation into corrosion on the Gateway Arch has been uploaded to YouTube. The dizzying views offer a unique view of the stainless steel structure. It also shows how hard it is to work 630 feet above downtown St. Louis. KTVI reports that last October a team of investigators rappelled down the Gateway Arch to check for structural issues. Visible stains on the structure raised worries about corrosion and stability […]


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