Watch Live: April the Giraffe Showing ‘Continued Increase in Belly Movement’

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    Celebrate National Margarita Day With These Tasty Recipes

    Salt or no salt? Frozen or on the rocks? That is the question. Today is National Margarita Day! A margarita consists of tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice. They can be served on the rocks, which is shaken with ice… or frozen, blended with ice. Some substitute salt on the rim for sugar. Check out some great margarita recipes below and see more on WNEP’s National Margarita Day Pinterest Board. DIY Margarita Mix: Some Tasty Twists on the Traditional […]

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    Watch: Doctor Followed Into Clinic By Coyote, Makes A Run For It

    Imagine showing up to work and having what you think is a coyote follow you inside! That’s what happened to a doctor last week in South Carolina and it was all caught on camera. This is the moment Dr. Steve Poletti says a coyote followed him inside the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mount Pleasant. “I was just walking into work minding my own business,” says Dr. Poletti. He had no idea it was right on his heels. At first glance he […]

  • David Cassidy, the 66-year-old singer and actor, says he is battling dementia. The former teenage heartthrob told People magazine that dementia runs in his family, affecting both his grandfather and his mother.

    ‘Part of me always knew this was coming;’ David Cassidy Announces He Has Dementia

    David Cassidy, the 66-year-old singer and actor, says he is battling dementia. The former teenage heartthrob told People magazine that dementia runs in his family, affecting both his grandfather and his mother. “I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” he said to People, regarding the disease. Cassidy said he would step back from touring. “I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions. I […]

  • Embargoed to St. Louis, MO

Police confirmed Monday that vandals toppled and damaged about 100 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Society cemetery in St. Louis.

    Police: Vandals Damage 100 Headstones at Jewish Cemetery

    ST. LOUIS, MO — Tensions remain high in Jewish communities across the United States as police in Missouri are investigating vandalism over the past week at a historic Jewish cemetery. Police confirmed Monday that vandals toppled and damaged about 100 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Society cemetery in St. Louis. Officers responded to a report of vandalism around 8:30 a.m., the University City Police Department said in a statement. The report of the break-in came on the same day […]

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    Oops: Michelin Star Mixup Makes Working-Class French Bistro Famous

    BOURGES, France — Many chefs strive their entire careers to earn a star in the Michelin Guide, but a bistro and bar in France received the coveted award by mistake. Michelin released its 2017 French guide earlier this month and one of the newest entries was Le Bouche à Oreille in Bourges, about three hours south of Paris. The cheery restaurant has red plastic polka-dotted tablecloths and was crowded with workers in their uniforms when CNN affiliate M6 visited. It […]

  • On November 29, 2016, Spencer Kolman received a heart-lung transplant at St. Louis Children's Hospital's Heart Center -- the only surgery of its kind performed in the United States that year.

Credit: Koman Family/St. Louis Children's Hospital

    “I want to do more stuff” – Teen Undergoes Rare Heart-Lung Transplant

    CHICAGO — “I want to do more stuff,” Spencer Kolman said. His voice was a whisper, a painful-to-hear rasp across the telephone line. “I’m a Boy Scout, so I want to go back and get my Eagle Scout and do … the more physical activities that I had to basically stop doing because I couldn’t keep up,” the 15-year-old said. “I want to join the school band. I want to get back into playing the trumpet. … I did trumpet […]

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    More Refugees Flee US for Canada

    MANITOBA, CANADA — Twenty-two people were found illegally crossing the border into the Canadian province of Manitoba this weekend, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. A stream of people in increasing numbers have recently fled for Canada, crossing through snow and dangerous, freezing conditions. Many of them say they are concerned about their lives and safety following President Donald Trump’s executive order barring refugees and travelers from seven countries entry into the US. Although Trump’s executive order has been […]

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    Elderly woman found molded to chair; rescuers forced to wear hazmat suits

    TOLEDO, Ohio — Residents in a Springfield Township neighborhood had no idea one of their neighbors was living in squalor until emergency vehicles lit up their typically quiet street, the Toledo Blade reported. The smell of human excrement reached the sidewalk as emergency responders worked to remove a 550-pound elderly woman from her living room chair Thursday evening. Barbara Foster, 75, had been sitting in the same place since July 2016 — long enough for her body to weaken and […]

  • Reigning NL MVP Kris Bryant thought he was shooting a baseball workout video earlier this week in Las Vegas for Little did he know that the "Sound Guy" on set was none other than Hall of Fame pitcher and four-time Cy Young Award winner Greg Maddux in disguise.

    Watch Hall of Famer Greg Maddux Prank Kris Bryant

    LAS VEGAS — Greg Maddux is one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Turns out the Hall of Famer is a pretty good prankster, too. On Monday, Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant was in Las Vegas for a Red Bull shoot, and the reigning National League MVP thought the promotional media company only was going to film batting practice. But throughout the shoot, Bryant kept getting pestered by the “sound guy.” Unbeknownst to the World Series champion, it […]

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    Recycling Worker Finds $100K In Old TV Set, Tracks Down Owner

    Ontario, B.C. — Wires and tubes and lots of glass and plastic, that’s what TV recyclers usually find inside old sets. But for one worker in Canada, the discovery of a secret box helped jar the memory of a forgotten inheritance. More than $100,000 in cash was found inside a television that was being processed at an Ontario recycling plant in January, CNN partner CTV Network reported this week. The money was found inside a cash box, stashed into the […]

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    Trump Targets Media at Press Conference to Announce Labor Secretary

    NEW YORK — President Donald Trump made his most extensive attack on the media since taking office Thursday while seeking to defend his administration from critical coverage. In a press conference that lasted more than an hour, Trump repeatedly accused journalists of being hostile and dishonest in their reporting on his first month in office. “The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people. Tremendous disservice,” Trump […]

  • President Trump announces Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labor pick.

    Trump Announces Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary Pick

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump announced Thursday his plan to nominate Alexander Acosta to be labor secretary, telling assembled reporters on Thursday that Acosta is going to be “a tremendous secretary of labor.” The nomination comes one day after Andy Puzder, Trump’s first pick to lead the department, withdrew his nomination. Trump said that Acosta “has been through Senate confirmation three times, confirmed.” The comment was an apparent reference to his administration’s struggle to get all of their nominees through […]