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  • Credit: CNN

    Everything We Know (And Don’t Know) About the Possible MH370 Debris

    SAINT-DENIS, Reunion Island — The discovery of debris on a remote island in the Indian Ocean is “a very significant development” in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but it’s too soon to say whether the part is from the missing aircraft, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said Thursday. Authorities are treating it as “a major lead,” Truss told reporters. MH370 is the only Boeing 777 that disappeared over water and is unaccounted for, according to the Aviation […]

  • Yahoo Livetext

    Yahoo’s Livetext App Combines Texting and Live Video

    NEW YORK  — Yahoo has taken all of the viral features of the most popular messaging apps and combined it into one monster of a service called Livetext. Livetext lets users text each other while conducting a video call — with a catch: there’s no audio. The thought is that audio inhibits “in the moment” video chats, but people still want to see one another while texting. It’s a risky bet and Yahoo is targeting young users who may want […]

  • cop-shooting-body-cam

    Body Cam Video Shows Cop Fatally Shooting Man During Traffic Stop

    CINCINNATI, Ohio — University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge for shooting Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop this month. If convicted, Tensing could go to prison for life, said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters in a press conference. Deters played body camera footage of the shooting that appeared to contradict Tensing’s version of the incident. “I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a […]

  • airplane-debris-found-indian-ocean-island-mh370-investigation

    ‘Aircraft Debris’ Checked for Ties to MH370

    Apparent airplane debris found off the coast of Reunion island, a French department in the western Indian Ocean, is being examined to see if it is connected to the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a member of the French Air Force in Reunion said Wednesday. The debris was found off the coast of St. Andre, a community on the island, according to Adjutant Christian Retournat. “It is way too soon to say whether or not it is MH370. […]

  • A treasure hunting company said Monday, July 27, 2015, they have recovered more than $1 million in booty from a group of Spanish galleons known as The 1714 Fleet that sunk off the Florida coast in 1715.

    Gold Worth More Than $1 Million Found Off Florida Coast

    SEBASTIAN, Fla. — Jackpot! A treasure hunting company said Monday they’ve recovered more than $1 million in booty from a group of Spanish galleons that sunk off the Florida coast in 1715. The 1715 Fleet sank 300 years ago this week and was first discovered two years ago off Fort Pierce, according to WPTV. Queens Jewels, LLC, a historic shipwreck salvage operation, announced that it has recovered 60 gold artifacts from the shipwrecks. The company said they have recovered 51 […]

  • 150512212242-exp-erin-dnt-carroll-deflategate-tom-brady-investigator-speaks-out-00002001-exlarge-169

    Brady Slams ‘Deflategate’ Suspension, Defends Breaking His Cell Phone

    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Wednesday morning blasted the National Football League for suspending him four games in the “Deflategate” scandal and defended the breaking of his cell phone — a key piece of evidence in the investigation. “I did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either,” Brady said in a post made to his verified Facebook page. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in affirming the suspension he handed down in May, said Tuesday that […]

  • 150729120832-cecil-lion-hunter-palmer-split-exlarge-tease

    American Dentist Says He Regrets Role in Death of Cecil the Lion

    Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, says he thought everything was above board with the lion hunt he paid to go on in Zimbabwe earlier this month. But the lion that he and his local guides hunted down and killed wasn’t just any big cat, according to Zimbabwean officials. It was Cecil, one of Africa’s best known lions and a major tourist draw for Zimbabwe. The 13-year-old black mane lion suffered a slow and painful death, according to the Zimbabwe […]

  • iphone cell phone

    Cell Phones and Risk of Brain Tumors — What’s the Real Science?

    BERKELEY, Calif. — The city of Berkeley, California, passed a law that goes into effect next month requiring cell phone stores to inform customers about safety recommendations. The move reopened a decades-old debate about whether mobile phones cause brain tumors. The ordinance, called the Right to Know law, will start to require retailers to give customers a handout, or display a sign in the store, telling them about federal guidelines on the amount of radiation that cell phones can emit […]

  • Official portrait of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.

    Smithsonian Uses Kickstarter to Raise $550,000 Needed to Preserve Neil Armstrong Space Suit

    WASHINGTON — The 46 years since Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon have not lessened the sense of wonder of that that moment. But the decades have deteriorated Armstrong’s iconic space suit, which for years has been locked away in climate-controlled storage. Now, a Kickstarter campaign will ensure that this piece of history goes back on display at the National Air and Space Museum to inspire generations. Donors have pledged more than $550,000 to preserve the suit Armstrong wore on […]

  • escalator-death-china

    Chinese Mother Saves Son Seconds Before Falling to Death Inside Escalator

    Security camera footage has emerged of a mother saving her young son’s life seconds before losing her own on an escalator in China. The 30-second video begins innocently enough: As the escalator in a shopping mall almost reaches the top, a woman in a white shirt and black skirt lifts up her young son to get ready to step off. But as she does, a metal panel suddenly collapses under her feet and she falls into the gap. Struggling with […]

  • Coast Guard search-and-rescue crews continue the search for two boys reported overdue after not returning from their fishing trip in the vicinity of Jupiter, Florida, Saturday, July 25, 2015. Austin Stephanos (left) 14, and Perry Cohen (right), 14, are missing. The pair was last seen in the Jupiter area.

    Search Continues for Two 14-Year-Old Boys Who Mysteriously Disappeared While Fishing Off Florida Coast

    JACKSONVILLE — The search for two 14-year-old boys who went missing on a Friday fishing trip has moved north and is focused off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, the U.S. Coast Guard said Monday. Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos were last seen around Jupiter, Florida, reportedly heading to the Bahamas to fish. The Coast Guard found their 19-foot boat Sunday, capsized 67 nautical miles (about 77 miles, or 124 kilometers) off Florida’s Ponce de Leon Inlet There was no sign of […]

  • A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee on Tuesday recommended approval of a new type of experimental cholesterol-fighting drug that could be more potent and carry fewer side effects than statins, which are among the most prescribed drugs in the United States.

    FDA Approves New Cholesterol Lowering Drug

    ATLANTA — The FDA approved the new cholesterol lowering drug alirocumab, brand name Praluent, on Friday. The injectable drug, from Regeneron and Sanofi, is the first in a new class of drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors. The drug works by making the liver more efficient at getting rid of LDL, or bad cholesterol. Praluent is approved for patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, or HeFh, which is an inherited condition that causes high LDL cholesterol levels. It is also approved for patients who […]


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