• biden

    Scranton Business Owners Agree With Biden’s Vision Of Hope

    SCRANTON — Tuesday’s vice presidential visit from Scranton native Joe Biden left behind a message of hope and opportunity, both for our country and for the city he once called home. Biden made that impassioned speech to the crowd at the annual Friendly Sons of St. Patrick dinner Tuesday night. Biden acknowledged the hard financial […]

  • scr snow businesses

    Snow Piles Bog Down Business

    SCRANTON — When you pay taxes or maintenance fees to have snow removed, you want it done. But Scranton taxpayers are dealing with piles of snow that many feel should have been gone soon after the last snowstorm. Downtown Scranton is home to some pretty big snow piles which are now a few days old. […]

  • Does It Really Work? Portable Auto Heater and Defroster

    Kurt Aaron tests out the Portable Auto Heater and Defroster to find out, “Does It Really Work?” The maker claims it will quickly defrost your windows and heat up your car.  It can defrost windows from the inside or out.  Just simply plug it into your vehicles 12v power port and turn it on.  You […]

  • armed robbery

    Hazleton Police Investigating Armed Robbery at a Barber Shop

    HAZLETON — Police are looking for a man who they say was involved in an armed robbery in Hazleton. Officials said the man walked into a barber shop on the 500 block of Alter Street just before midnight. According to police, he showed a gun and took off with cash. Authorities said no one was […]

  • susq snow day

    Susquehanna County Snow Day

    MONTROSE — Another part of the northern tier that saw some snow overnight was Susquehanna County. Even some students in the Montrose area are describing the nuisance storm as a mess that just won’t leave. Just like Santa hanging onto a house, this recent storm just won’t seem to let go in Susquehanna County. In […]

  • nanti fire 11-8

    Fire Damages Five Buildings, Displaces Three Families

    NANTICOKE– Even experienced firefighters said it was one of the most intimidating fires they ever faced in Nanticoke. Friday night flames damaged five buildings at the corner of South Hanover and West Green Streets. Officials say one woman was taken to the hospital after breathing in too much smoke and her cats were reported missing. […]

  • District Court Moved and Updated

    RENOVO — A building that used to be a district magistrate’s office in Clinton County has been sold. The magistrate in Renovo moved into a different building in September. Newswatch 16 got a look at that place Thursday to find out why it’s such an improvement over the old office. The old third district court […]

  • Wayne County Archery Hunt

    Join Tim Barber, President of Winchester Archery, for an evening archery hunt in Wayne County.

  • Maloney's Pub and Restaurant in Hallstead

    Wrecked Bar Back Open In Susquehanna County

    HALLSTEAD — A bar and restaurant in Susquehanna County is back open, only six weeks after a car plowed into the place, destroying much of the bar area. We were in Hallstead on Wednesday where the owner was proud to show off all the repairs and thank all those who helped after the crash. It […]

  • Sequence 2

    Winchester Archery Moves to Northeastern Pennsylvania

    CHERRY RIDGE TOWNSHIP — A name well-known for its rifles and ammo is making bows and crossbows and just relocated to Wayne County. Winchester Archery is making the bows at its new location near Honesdale. The company’s president, Tim Barber, went through the process of turning a piece of aluminum into a compound bow at […]

  • Still Snipping Hair at 100 Years Old

    Here at Newswatch 16, we’ve shown you a lot of stories about people in our area who turn one hundred years old. But most of them aren’t still working. One barber from Nanticoke is still clipping hair, even today, on his 100th birthday. Every buzz, every snip, every comb through the hair is another reminder […]

  • Image submitted to PhotoLink

    Home Ruined By Fire

    PITTSTON—Fire crews from were called to the house on Tedrick Street in Pittston to fight the flames just after 2:30 p.m. Monday. “What I really noticed was the ground was on fire with that tree there and then I really looked up and I could see that the house was kind of engulfed also,” said […]