• luz-vet-shopping

    Area Mall Treats Military Families to Discounted Holiday Shopping, Free Dinner

    WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — Members of the military, both retired and active, were treated to a special night of holiday shopping and a dinner at the Wyoming Valley Mall. It was a way for the mall to say thank you to those who serve, perfectly timed for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. As a barber shop quartet got the room in the holiday spirit, members of the military, both active and retired, and their families got the royal treatment inside a private […]

  • union-biz

    Businesses Booming in Mifflinburg

    MIFFLINBURG — Folks in one part of Union County are enjoying a boom in the economy as several new businesses recently opened. A group of ladies enjoyed some goodies inside one of Mifflinburg’s newest businesses, Gable House Bakery. The bakery and coffee house on Chestnut Street is owned by Nikki Walter. It opened last month. “It’s been incredibly overwhelming,” said Walter. “Almost everybody who walks in here seems to say we needed something like this.” Gable House Bakery is not […]

  • luz-late-voters

    Voters in Luzerne County Spent Hours in Line to Cast Ballots

    SHAVERTOWN — Hundreds of people were still standing in line to cast their votes  after the polls closed. Folks at the Trucksville United Methodist Church in Shavertown were determined to have their voice heard. A higher than normal turnout led to long lines and some people had to make multiple trips to their polling locations. “Fourth time today, I came at 7:25, came back after work couldn’t wait had to get kids from the bus, so now this is the […]

  • voting_bankruptcy_wall

    Asking the Voters: Bankruptcy for Scranton?

    SCRANTON — A petition is circulating in Scranton asking citizens if they think the city should file for bankruptcy and it could end up on the ballot in a future election. Scranton City Council looked into bankruptcy for the city several years ago. The idea is now being revived by a petition. It needs a few thousand signatures and then could become a question on an upcoming ballot. If voters say yes, would Scranton then be forced into bankruptcy? A […]

  • A barbershop in Michigan is offering its younger clients a discount for a haircut -- as long as they read out loud.  From $10 a haircut, kids can get back two bucks if they read to their barbers.

    Michigan barbershop gives kids a discount for reading out loud

    YPSILANTI, Mich. — A barbershop in Michigan is offering its younger clients a discount for a haircut — as long as they read out loud. From $10 a haircut, kids can get back two bucks if they read to their barbers. But, wait! There’s more. Kids also get quizzed on what they read. “It’s not just about reading, but also about comprehension,” said Ryan Griffin, the barber who created the program at The Fuller Cut barbershop in Ypsilanti. Griffin, 44, […]

  • shawnee-arnold-palmer

    Arnold Palmer Remembered for Visits at Shawnee

    SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has been around for more than a century. It has had its fair share of visitors over the years. Among its most famous visitors is legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. Inside the Pocono resort, you’ll find pictures of Palmer. There’s one picture of Palmer getting his hair cut back when Shawnee used to have a barber shop. There’s also the well-known picture of him golfing with actor Jackie Gleason in 1960. Of all […]

  • scr barber school

    Bringing Back Barbering in Scranton

    SCRANTON — An old profession is seeing a resurgence in Scranton. A barber school relocated to the city this year and has seen a lot of growth. Michael Caporali has been a barber for 55 years. His new Scranton storefront is his favorite so far. “Really, really, doubled my business since I came down here,” he said. In all that time, Caporali has seen styles come and go. He’s starting to see trends he saw when his career started. “That […]


    Active Shooter Seminar Held to Educate Residents if Faced with a Gunman

    WYOMING — From San Bernardino, California to Orlando, Florida, to a sniper in Dallas, Texas opening fire and targeting police just this month; the mass shootings in our country are becoming a regular occurrence. “Columbine really changed the way law enforcement responded to active shooter situations,” said Wyoming Police Chief Michael Flanagan In light of those shooting, Flanagan decided to take action. He held his first active shooter seminar at the Wyoming Hose Company to educate residents on what to […]

  • bptax

    Businesses Sign Petition to Boycott Scranton Taxes

    SCRANTON — Dozens of business owners in Scranton have signed a petition to boycott two controversial taxes. Gary St. Fleur is not a Scranton business owner. He’s an activist who runs a blog called Save Scranton, and he’s angry about a tax that businesses in the city have to pay. “The thing is, that they just go to a bar and talk about it amongst themselves. I said, we need to formalize this. We need to organize, and bring people […]

  • noon trump preps

    Trump Supporters Lined Up for Event at Arena

    WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — Donald Trump is the fourth of the five major party presidential candidates to visit our area in less the week.  He is scheduled to hold a rally at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township at 7 p.m. Monday. Doors open at 4 p.m. and the rally is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. People began showing up Monday morning, hoping to get a look at the man they believe will be the next President of the […]


    Tattoo Convention Brings Hundreds To Downtown Scranton

    SCRANTON — Ink was flowing in Scranton, which means a lot of green for the Electric City. The annual Electric City Tattoo Convention kicked off Friday evening at the Hilton on Adams Avenue, and it means big business for downtown shop owners. It’s the seventh year for the ever-growing event that brings in veteran tattoo-lovers to those just getting started. “I’ve just been really into tattoos for like a really long time, and my first one was actually just three months ago so […]

  • Capture

    ‘Bob the Barber’ Retiring

    ORANGEVILLE — It seemed like a normal Thursday at Bob Edwards Barber Shop in Columbia County: a room full of customers waiting for haircuts, and Bob by his chair, clippers in hand. But it wasn’t a normal Thursday for “Bob the Barber” as he’s known around Orangeville. The back of his shirt says it all — he’s “Cutting Back.” Friday is his last day on the job after 55 years of being a barber. “I’ve been pretty busy all these […]